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    How It Works

    What is Techna Clip's Conceal Carry Clip?

    It's truly a minimalist solution for those who carry concealed. It’s a concealable belt clip that easily affixes to your sidearm to deliver a secure, lightweight and discreet carry option – without a holster. Our belt clips install quickly, with no gunsmithing need to your firearm. Allowing a user to securely stash their pistol in your pocket, waist, or in the small of their back – with confidence! It eliminates bulk while providing a comfortable and versatile way to carry.

    How does it install?

    Techna Clip uses three installation methods depending on what model of gun you have. It’s important to understand that you do not have to drill or modify your gun, we use existing points on the firearm to secure and fasten the Techna Clip to the firearm. All of our clips are specifically designed for each model.

    The first method replaces the rear frame pin on the gun with a post that is drilled and threaded that allows the Techna clip to be fastened to the firearm with a screw.

    The second method replaces the rear slide backplate with a billet backplate that is drilled and tapped. The belt clip is then fastened to the backplate by two screws and ready to use. Our backplates are made from billet aluminum and are stronger than the factory plastic backplates and can be left in the firearm indefinitely.

    The third method requires the removal of the grip plate, the belt clip is then placed on the frame of the gun and the grip plate is then replaced over top of the belt clip.

    Our Conceal Carry Clips are made from high quality tempered spring steel, and plated with a Teflon coating to give a buffer between the Techna Clip and the gun. This layer of coating helps to protect the surface of the gun from any marring. We use case hardened medical grade screws to prevent stripping. All of our Conceal Carry Clips have a Lifetime Warranty that covers against defects in materials and workmanship.


    If you have any questions regarding the installation of any Techna Clip products please feel free to contact us. We take customer service very seriously and pride ourselves in the fact that we have amazing customer service.

    Are you looking for a way to truly conceal and carry?

    Are you tried of bulk cumbersome holsters?

    Are you ready for a comfortable fast way to conceal and carry your firearm?

    Then Techna Clip is the Answer!

    With Techna Clip's’s easy “Clip it and Go Concealment System" it eliminates the problems you hate with your other carry devices.

        • Eliminates Bulk
        • Easy to Conceal
        • Lightweight
        • Quick Install
        • Fast Draw
        • No Gunsmithing Required
        • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Don’t leave your gun at home because of issues with your current carry device.

    Get a Techna Clip for your gun today!