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    FAQs and Disclaimers

    QUESTION #1: What type of steel is the Techna Clip made of?

    Answer: Techna Clips are made from heat-treated high carbon spring steel.

    QUESTION #2: What kind of finish does the Techna Clip have on it?

    Answer: Each Techna Clip is coated with a high-quality back Teflon to give a protective buffer between the gun and the clip.

    QUESTION #3: Will a gunsmith have to alter my gun to install the Techna Clip?

    Answer: No, the Techna Clip comes with small replacement parts. It is easy to install and there is no modification required! Check out our YouTube channel for installation videos.

    QUESTION #4: Is the Techna Clip difficult to install?

    Answer: No, with installation videos on YouTube and the installation instructions with the package, the installation of our belt clip is a breeze!

    QUESTION #5: Will Techna Clip release new models in the future?

    Answer: Yes, Techna Clip releases new models every few months, if you have a request- tell us about it! Visit the “Contact Us” page.

    QUESTION #6: Can I use Loctite on my Techna Clip?

    Answer: We recommend you using locking washers and a light strength Loctite.

    QUESTION #7: Will a right-handed belt clip work on the left side?

    Answer: No.

    QUESTION #8: Can you use a Techna Clip with a holster?

    Answer: Yes, our belt clips are compatible with most holsters.

    QUESTION #9: The screw hole on my Techna Clip does not line up with the screw hole on my gun, is my belt clip defective?

    Answer: No, we design the screw holes on our clips to be off center slightly, to allow the clip to pull tight to the rear of the firearm. This stops the clip from rotating up and down. (This only applies to LCP, LC9, LC9S PRO, LC 380 and Bodyguard models.)

    QUESTION #10: Models: (XDS, SHIELD, GLOCK, GLOCK 43, GLOCK 42, DB9, DB380, XD, M&P) “There aren’t any screw holes in the slide-backplate of my firearm. Do I have to drill screw holes into my gun?”

    Answer: “No, please don’t drill holes into your firearm. Techna Clip provides replacement slide-backplate that is already drilled and tapped for screws. You simply replace the existing backplate with the backplate provided by Techna Clip.”

    QUESTION #11: Models (SHIELD, BODYGUARD, NANO, P3AT, 1911, LC9S, DB9) “Do you have this model available for left-sided installation?”

    Answer: “Regretfully, at this time we do not have these model available for left-sided installation.”

    QUESTION #12: How do I get replacement parts for my Techna Clip?

    Answer: We offer some replacement parts on our website such as screws, and binding posts. We do not carry a replacement part for the slide-backplate.

    QUESTION #13: Can the Techna Clip be used to carry the gun on the outside of the body instead of inside the waistband?

    Answer: Techna Clip is made for IWB carry.

    QUESTION #14: Is this a safe method of carry?

    Answer: With guns that have safeties or long double action triggers, it would be difficult for an accidental discharge to happen. This is assuming that you are carrying a live round in the chamber. With guns that have hair triggers and no external safety an accidental discharge is more prone to happen. If you are uncomfortable with this method of carry, we recommend you using a trigger guard or trigger block that prevents the trigger from accidental discharge.

    QUESTION #15: “Do you offer any type of trigger guard protection? My gun doesn’t have an external safety.”

    Answer: “We do offer two types of trigger guard protection for some of our models. The Saf-T-Blok, this is a popular trigger block that inserts directly behind the trigger for Glock models. Ejects instantly with the tap of your finger when you need your firearm ready to go. We also have custom kydex trigger guards available that have a paracord loop attached to them. Tighten the paracord loop to your belt. As you draw your firearm the kydex trigger guard cover will then slide off as you draw. This is a very popular method of trigger guard protection. If we do not have a trigger guard available for your gun model, please search the web or go to Amazon as there are many companies offering trigger guards.

    QUESTION #16: Models (Smith and Wesson Bodyguard) “I can’t seem to get my replacement pin all the way, it stops partially in. What do I do?”

    Answer: “No need to worry, this is very common with the installation of the Bodyguard .380 belt clip. Please make sure that the hole the binding post goes through is aligned all the way through the different sections of the gun. Most commonly what happens, is that the metal section of the hole is not aligned properly with the polymer outer sections of the hole, and when you slide the post through it gets caught up on the metal section, which if it’s not aligned with the other sections will not allow the binding post to go through. If you are having this issue, you might want to put the factory roll pin back in and use a mallet to tap our binding post through the frame of the gun. The roll pin will act as a guide keeping the different sections of the hole aligned.

    QUESTION #17: I’ve installed my Techna Clip what do I do now?

    Answer: Please check to make sure all functions of the firearm are working correctly and that you can safely handle the weapon before using it. If any part of the firearm is not working properly, please do not use and contact Techna Clip Support for assistance.