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    About Us

    Technaclip is a family owned and operated business, based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Being avid firearm enthusiasts and second amendment supporters, we believe that the right to carry and defend oneself is a crucial part of our lives as American Citizens. Too often, firearms owners leave their concealed carry firearm at home because of the discomfort and inconvenience that can be associated with carrying a weapon. Technaclip eliminates these issues by providing the most convenient and readily accessible method of concealing a firearm. Eliminating the bulk of a holster, Technaclip affixes directly to your firearm, ensuring that you are always ready to clip it and go.

    Innovative Design

    Using high strength spring steel, CNC machined parts, and patented designs, Technaclip offers a concealed carry option that will last a lifetime of being ready to protect yourself and your family at any time. The spring steel clips attach in methods unique to each firearm, allowing Technaclip to provide the best fitment and usability on the market. Each clip is designed to ensure maximum conceal-ability, whether you prefer carrying on your waistline, in your pocket, or practically anywhere else that a firearm can fit. You can rest assured that if and when you need your firearm, it will be where you need it because of Technaclip. (Scroll over the images below to see how Technaclip works)

    Constantly Expanding Options

    We place a high priority on our customers ability to be able to conceal comfortably every day. Because of this, we are constantly adding firearms to the list of products that we provide solutions for. We are always looking for ways to make everyday protection more convenient for the everyday American by offering not only convent firearm concealment, but ways to equip you for anything you may encounter. If you are trying to carry a popular firearm or everyday carry essential that we don’t provide a solution for, reach out to us, because chances are that we will be in the near future.

    Lifetime Warranty

    We back every product we manufacture with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that once you start using Technaclip, you know it is something that you will be able to depend on for as long as you own the firearm. We proudly guarantee that we will do everything within our power to put our customers first, and if the need arises for you to use our warranty, we ask that you reach out to us so we can make it right with you. While issues are rare, if you do have need to use our warranty program, please email us at for details about the process.