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1. Safety – Hearing about the mishandling of firearms is one of those things that make responsible gun owners cringe. The thought of an accidental discharge can be one of nightmares. By following the 4 basic rules of handling a firearm safely, we can help rid the world of this fear. 1. Keep all guns pointed in the safest possible direction. 2. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. 3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on your target. 4. Be sure of your target, what’s around it, and what's beyond. 2. Knowledge – Whether it’s your first time buying a firearm or your thousandth, learn as much as possible about what you will be owning and operating. Having guns is one of the greatest things in the world and you should take every opportunity to learn as much as you can about them. The more you know about what you shoot, why it does what it does, the laws protecting your right to own it, and the forces trying to take it away, the better off you will be. 3. Political – Touched on in the last paragraph, there are a lot of laws that govern the world of firearms. There is constant debate and difference of opinion moving the gun landscape around in America. One thing is for sure, when you start owning and liking guns; a lot of people will disagree with your decision. By being well versed on why you choose to be a gun owner and a responsible one at that, you will be better equipped to speak intelligently with those who oppose or don’t understand your views. 4. Actively Dispelling Misconceptions – Again, there are a LOT of misconceptions out there about firearms. Some people think there is a huge number of fully automatic machine guns are out roaming the streets. Some think you can walk into any gun store and buy a gun without a background check. Some extremists think that all gun owners don’t care about mass shootings and just want to keep their guns regardless the cost. Fortunately for us, we know that wanting to preserve your right to own a gun, whether for protection, recreational shooting, hunting, or otherwise, does not mean you don’t care about the victims of shootings. It’s like saying because you drive to work and own a car; you don’t care about the roughly 38,300 deaths that happened in 2015 from car accidents (Newsweek). Now that you are a part of this firearms conversation you have the chance to show and help others see why it’s you choose to have guns. 5. Love it – Guns are fun. That’s the bottom line. Yes, there is a huge responsibility and great necessity to learn how to manipulate your gun to defend yourself, but your guns are also some of the coolest examples of science ever by teaching lessons on combustion, chain reactions and physics. Also, you can be part of loving and inspirational communities that are all joined together by the love of sport and patriotism. So if I were to give you any advice, I would say jump in. Embrace the supportive side of this culture and have a good time. Try little bit of everything and be that person to include others in this great group we belong to. Check out our website at
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1. Safety – Hearing about the mishandling of firearms is one of those things that make responsible gun owners cringe. The thought of an accidental discharge can be one of nightmares. By following the 4 basic rules of handling a firearm safely, we can help rid the world of this fear. 1. Keep all guns pointed in the safest possible direction. 2. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. 3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on your target. 4. Be sure of your target, what’s around it, and what's beyond. 2. Knowledge – Whether it’s your first time buying a firearm or your thousandth, learn as much as possible about what you will be owning and operating. Having guns is one of the greatest things in the world and you should take every opportunity to learn as much as you can about them. The more you know about what you shoot, why it does what it does, the laws protecting your right to own it, and the forces trying to take it away, the better off you will be. 3. Political – Touched on in the last paragraph, there are a lot of laws that govern the world of firearms. There is constant debate and difference of opinion moving the gun landscape around in America. One thing is for sure, when you start owning and liking guns; a lot of people will disagree with your decision. By being well versed on why you choose to be a gun owner and a responsible one at that, you will be better equipped to speak intelligently with those who oppose or don’t understand your views. 4. Actively Dispelling Misconceptions – Again, there are a LOT of misconceptions out there about firearms. Some people think there is a huge number of fully automatic machine guns are out roaming the streets. Some think you can walk into any gun store and buy a gun without a background check. Some extremists think that all gun owners don’t care about mass shootings and just want to keep their guns regardless the cost. Fortunately for us, we know that wanting to preserve your right to own a gun, whether for protection, recreational shooting, hunting, or otherwise, does not mean you don’t care about the victims of shootings. It’s like saying because you drive to work and own a car; you don’t care about the roughly 38,300 deaths that happened in 2015 from car accidents (Newsweek). Now that you are a part of this firearms conversation you have the chance to show and help others see why it’s you choose to have guns. 5. Love it – Guns are fun. That’s the bottom line. Yes, there is a huge responsibility and great necessity to learn how to manipulate your gun to defend yourself, but your guns are also some of the coolest examples of science ever by teaching lessons on combustion, chain reactions and physics. Also, you can be part of loving and inspirational communities that are all joined together by the love of sport and patriotism. So if I were to give you any advice, I would say jump in. Embrace the supportive side of this culture and have a good time. Try little bit of everything and be that person to include others in this great group we belong to. Check out our website at
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Techna Clip for Conceal Carry

8/18/2016 3:13 PM

Why should you choose Techna Clip for your conceal carry needs? Eliminates the bulk, eliminates printing, quick & easy and comes with a lifetime warranty! Bulky holsters are uncomfortable and constantly pinching, scratching and bothering you all day. Techna Clip eliminates the need for holsters that give away the fact that you are a concealed weapon holder. Eliminating the bulk of a holster allows you to conceal carry without "printing". Most IWB holsters will print, making it obvious that you have a firearm concealed and defeating the purpose of "concealed carry." Techna Clip provides a quick and easy "Just Clip it & Go" method of conceal carry. In a rush to get to work? Just clip it & go! Need to hurry to the grocery store? Just clip it & go! Conceal carry on-the-go is made simple with a Techna Clip! Techna Clip stands by their product and offers a lifetime warranty on all of their gun belt clips. Techna Clips are made of high carbon spring steel, they are heat treated and coated with a Teflon 5100 coating that prevents the clip from rusting over time. If you ever have any issues, let us know and we will replace your clip! Techna Clip has belt clips available for a variety of gun models including: Ruger LCP, Ruger LC9. Ruger LC9S, Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, Smith and Wesson Shield, Smith and Wesson J-Frame Models, Glock, Glock 43, Glock 42, Glock 19, Glock 26, Kel-Tec, Kahr, 1911 and many more models! For more information visit:
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The pawnshop owner of a Brooksville, Florida, small business was beyond shocked to learn that his bank closed his account. Steve Champion, owner of American Gun & Pawn, believes SunTrust Bank purposefully singled him out for selling gun. SunTrust Bank claimed their professional relationship “no longer meets the bank’s corporate business objections.” Champion was given a clear deadline to withdrawal his money and the letter specifically stated that SunTrust’s decision was final and non-reversible.

Originally, Champion was concerned the drastic letter was a hoax and upon contacting customer service was told that the “gun letters,” were being mailed out to gun shops across the country.

Licensed through the federal government and a legitimate small business, Champion being singled out is completely unacceptable. Champion is urging people not to conduct business with SunTrust Bank.

The spokesperson for SunTrust Bank, Michael McCoy, says the company firmly stands behind their decision, but claims it was because guns are sold from the pawnshop. They said in August that they made the decision to stop providing banking services to certain businesses, which just happened to include pawnshops.

The bank released a statement, which explains their new policy.

“SunTrust is pro-small business, and we are proud to serve more than 400,000 small business clients. SunTrust fully supports all of the rights that Americans are granted under the Constitution, and we continue to maintain banking relationships with licensed firearms dealers. It is consistent with long-standing industry practice to review relationships to ensure they satisfy a range of business and risk considerations. We have decided to discontinue banking relationships with three types of businesses – specifically payday lenders, pawn shops [sicc] and dedicated check-cashers – due to compliance requirements. We remain committed to serving the needs of our communities while meeting the standards of our industry.”

Champion has no debt, near perfect credit and claims the bank is discriminating.

In another story, Peggy Craig, owner of Michael’s Pawn and Gun in Fruitland Park, Florida, experienced a similar story.

Unfortunately, SunTrust Bank does not seem to care that their in-house decisions are affecting the livelihood of many small businesses that are operating within the bounds of the law and within the Second Amendment.

According to the law, the Firearms Industry Nondiscrimination Act (FIND) prohibits companies from refusing service “solely because a person ... is engaged in the lawful commerce of firearms or ammunition products.”

Techna Clip supports the Second Amendment and FIND. They sell a variety of gun belt clips. Popular models include the gun clip for LC9 and Sig P238 gun clip.




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The following highlights tips for new concealed carry gun holders. It is important to note, this is not a comprehensive list, but simply offers advice for people that are new to concealed carry.

  • Be Proficient and Know the Law – The first and foremost rule before concealed carrying is to know the law. Even though someone may be authorized to concealed carry, it is vital they know all state rules and regulations. Most states require people carry the concealed carry weapons permit in order to carry a gun. Without this permit, it is illegal to conceal carry. Additionally, being authorized to conceal carry in one state, does not give reciprocity to conceal carry in another state. Have fluent knowledge about state self-defense laws, including what constitutes deadly force in self-defense situations. Understanding the law can help prevent you from being charged with criminal acts.
  • Concealing Your Gun – When armed, it is important to properly conceal carry your weapon. The essential rule is that the weapon must remain concealed until you decide to make it known you are carrying. A LCP 380 holster likely does not require any changes to wardrobe, but a full size 1911 will. It is important to find the right type of gun belt clip, which is personalized for each type of gun.
  • Know Your Role – Just because you conceal carry does not obligate you to act in public situations. You can simply be a witness to a crime, especially if deadly force is not acceptable in a situation. Just because you conceal carry does mean that saving the day would ensure a favorable outcome. It is important to assess each situation thoroughly and accurately. Your response to approach the shooter could result in a deadly shootout, which results in innocent lives being lost. Each situation is different and not necessarily textbook. Just keep in mind that you are not a police officer.
  • Do Not Bluff – When facing a deadly threat, do not bluff a criminal. If you plan to bluff, you have no business concealed carrying. It is simply a recipe for disaster. Do not draw your gun unless you are willing to shoot. If you are bluffing, it is inevitable that you will hesitate, which gives the criminal the upper hand. A hardened criminal has no qualms about shooting you.
  • Be Ready to Take on a Fight – Never assume that because you conceal carry you can not take on an assailant with a good old fashioned fist fight. For example, if a criminal is drunk and waving a gun, it may be better to disable the situation by hand, rather than escalate it with another gun.

If concealed carrying, it is best to be safe than sorry. Being a glory seeker can ultimately lead to innocent people losing their lives. Assess the situation beyond a reasonable doubt and then react.

Techna Clip offers a terrific collection of unique holsters for Berettas, Diamondbacks, Glocks, Kel Tecs, Ruger LC9 clip, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield and 1911’s.


*Techna Clip is not providing legal advice and bears no legal responsibility for the information contained in this article/blog.



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A tactical flashlight mounts to a handgun and is ideal for low-light shooting conditions. Smaller than traditional flashlights, these tactical flashlights are designed for maximum durability and are made of weapon-grade aluminum.

Tactical flashlights are among the most underestimated personal defense tool.

  • Tactical flashlights identify threats, especially if attackers are using darkness to their advantage. A bright flashlight helps eliminate attackers stalking shadows and shining one on an attacker can be enough to thwart a potential attack.
  • These types of flashlights can help disorient attackers. When an attacker is momentarily blinded by a bright light, it gives shooters an advantage to defend themselves. Human nature is to cover the eyes, buying you at least three to four seconds to either attack or flee your attacker.

There is a wide variety of tactical flashlights on the market. When shopping for one, consider staying within personal budgets and preferences.

  • Size – Opt for a tactical flashlight that attaches to the gun or if carrying one, consider one that is no bigger than a pocketknife.
  • Disorientation – To disorient attackers, select a flashlight that is a minimum of 120 lumens.
  • Simple – Select a flashlight that has simple features that makes it easy to use during an attack. Many flashlights offer strobe, SOS, brightness functions, etc. These can be difficult to remember how to operate when facing an adrenaline rush during an attack.
  • Waterproof – Always purchase a waterproof flashlight so it will remain working in the rain or other wet conditions.
  • LED or Incandescent – Incandescent bulbs can easily break when dropped, while LEDs can withstand tough, rugged conditions. Additionally, LED bulbs last far longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Rugged Construction – Purchase a flashlight that features anodized aluminum, is light, rough, features an easy to grip base and is ergonomically comfortable.

Whether using a tactical flashlight that is attached to a handgun or a simple handheld model, if you believe an attacker is nearby, experts recommend following this sequence:

  • Light on
  • Scan environment and look for threats
  • Light off
  • Move
  • Repeat

This helps prevent the attacker from knowing where you are at all times. The attacker will likely shoot where he/she last saw the light shining. By turning off the light and continually moving, your chances of survival dramatically increase.

Techna Clip offers an assortment of modern, easy to use gun belt clips. They offer the latest LCP Ruger accessories and Sig Sauer gun clip.


*Techna Clip is not providing legal advice and bears no legal responsibility for the information contained in this article/blog.




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Techna Clip has compiled several gun ownership and gun information statistics from independent websites. This information dates back to 2010. Most data is obtained through surveys. As always, survey information is only as accurate as the respondents’ answers to questions.

General Gun Facts

Firearms generally hold three types of classifications:

  1. Handguns
  2. Rifles
  3. Shotguns

Both rifles and shotguns are “long guns.”

A semi-automatic firearm is defined as a gun that fires one bullet each time the trigger is pulled, ejecting a shell each time. A semi-automatic automatically reloads another bullet each time the trigger is pulled. In contrast, a fully automatic firearm, also known as a machine gun, fires multiple rounds with a single trigger pull.

Gun Ownership in the United States

The following data is based on the U.S. having a population of 307 million people in 2009. In 2010, firearm manufacturers estimated there were 300 million firearms owned by U.S. civilians. From this number, nearly 100 million are handguns.

Gun owners stated the following reasons for owning a gun:

  • Protection Against a Crime – 67%
  • Target Practice and Shooting – 66%
  • Hunting – 58%

Estimates show that in 1993, approximately 162,000 incidents may have led to deaths had a firearm not been used for protection. This figure excludes all government related service and work.

The “Journal of Quantitative Criminology” published a study based on data released in 2000 showing that U.S. civilians use guns to defend themselves from criminal related offenses a minimum of 989,883 per year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study in 1994. The results showed that Americans use guns to help decrease the chances of criminals breaking into their homes by 498,000 times per year.

Americans are vulnerable to violent crimes. The 2013 homicide rate shows that nearly one in 285 Americans will be murdered during their lifetimes. Additionally, in 1997 a survey of approximately 18,000 convicted prison inmates that served time for violent crimes showed that “30% of State offenders and 35% of Federal offenders carried a firearm when committing a crime.”

Techna Clip supports the right of U.S. citizens to conceal carry and own guns. This right is protected under the Second Amendment of the Constitution. As such, Techna Clip offers a wide selection of gun belt clips, including those for popular handgun models, such as the Ruger IC9 clip and Sig P238 belt clip.




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Florida officials announced this July that they will begin expediting concealed weapons permits for active duty military members and veterans in light of the tragic murders in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs plan to issue licenses within thirty days, a mere third of the time allotted by state law.

The Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam said in a statement, “The men and women who serve and have served our country deserve all of the support we can provide ... we are pleased to expedite active military members and veterans’ applications for a concealed weapon license, and our partnership with tax collectors throughout the state will make this process even more convenient.”

A requirement to obtain this express certification is official military identification, complete applications, copy of service members’ current orders and veterans’ DD214 long forms.

This new law allows military members and veterans to carry concealed weapons outside of military installations within the State of Florida. Before this law, the military had very strict rules about who could and could not carry weapons on military installations and bases. Generally, it was restricted to security, those guarding classified information, law enforcement or personnel guarding equipment.

This new law comes amid national debates about how to best protect recruiting stations from armed terrorists and citizens showing up and murdering military personnel in cold blood. While some military personnel believe that openly armed recruiters are not necessarily a good protocol, others support recruiters having the right to defend themselves with concealed weapons.

These military facilities need to be protected so armed military personnel feel safe and those joining the military feel safe entering recruiting centers.

Additional safety protocol options being considered include bulletproof glass at storefront recruiting stations. Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said, “We continue to partner with and rely on first responders for the safety of the communities where our service members live and work.”

However, first responders do not always arrive in time, which is why Florida took matters into their own hands, giving military personnel the right to defend themselves when facing deadly situations.


Techna Clip has developed innovate, light and fast-drawing gun belt clips for a variety of popular gun models, including, but not limited to the Ruger LC9 gun clip and Sig P238 gun clip.  




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Techna Clip is pleased to announce a new line up of gun belt clips.

Diamondback DB380

This micro-compact automatic pistol is made in the U.S.A. With a primary focus on safety, this pistol features a “ZERO-Energy” striker firing system, which includes a mechanical firing pin block. It also features a steel magazine catch to help secure the sheet metal magazine and a real windage with adjustable sights.

The steel trigger features dual connecting bars, which allows for a smooth trigger pull. This pistol also features a Finite Element Analysis slide and barrel that is stronger than most other firearms, which offers less recoil. Featuring no removable tools or pins makes field stripping simple. The barrel, slide and internal parts are coated to help prevent corrosion, which makes this remarkable pistol a lifelong investment.


Caliber: .380 ACP

Length: 5.26”

Height: 3.75”

Width” .750”

Barrel Length” 2.80”

Distance Between Sights: 4”

Weight Unloaded: 8.8 oz.

Trigger Pull: Approximately 5.5 Pounds

Magazine Capacity: 6+1 Rounds

Diamondback DB9

This micro-compact pistol is made in the U.S.A. Featuring the “ZERO-Energy” striker firing system with a primary focus on safety, this pistol features a mechanical firing pin block and a steel magazine catch, which helps to secure a sheet metal magazine. It also includes real windage-adjustable sights. The steel trigger features dual connecting bars to allow for a smooth trigger pull. The Finite Element Analysis slide and barrel is durable, features less recoil and makes field stripping easy. The parts are resistant to corrosion. Bullet weights exceeding 124 grains are not recommended.


Caliber: 9x19MM

Length: 5.6”

Height: 4”

Width: 0.80”

Barrel Length: 3”

Distance Between Sights: 4.25”

Weight Unloaded: 11 oz.

Trigger Pull: Approximately 5.5 Pounds

Magazine Capacity: 6+1 Rounds

Kel-Tac P3AT

This semi-automatic, locked breeched .380 auto cartridge pistol features a double action firing mechanism. The slidetop has been eliminated and the magazine capacity reduced to six rounds to accommodate larger cartridges. This is the lightest .380 pistol in existence and boasts extreme accuracy. This weapon is also light and easy to grip, making it easy for female shooters.


Caliber: .380 Auto

Length: 5.2”

Height: 3.5”

Width: .77”

Barrel Length: 2.7”

Weight Unloaded: 8.3 oz.

Trigger Pull: 5 Pounds

Techna Clip also offers popular gun belt clips, such as the Ruger LC9 clip and the Sig P238 belt clip.




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Republic Governor Paul LePage signed a bill into law that allows Maine gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit. This practice known as “constitutional carry,” allows Maine to join five other states – Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona and Kansas. Montana and Arkansas have limited forms of this law and Vermont has never required concealed carry permits.

The U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment helps to protect citizens’ right to own and bear firearms and has recently helped to further expand gun rights in many states.

Before this law was passed, Maine allowed gun owners to open carry without a permit, but concealed carry required a license fee, background check, “good moral character” judgment and evidence of gun safety handling practices. Groups got together and argued that the aforementioned process detoured many law-abiding citizens from applying for concealed weapons permits.

The new law extends to residents that are over 21 years old and are not prohibited from owning firearms and provides active members of the military, including veterans over the age of 18, with the same privileges.

Opponents of this bill included Maine Chiefs of Police Association, which cited that Maine ranked 21st in overall firearms deaths per 100,000 people in 2013.

However, Techna Clip, is pleased that Maine saw the importance of enacting a concealed weapons law that is open to anyone in the state, age permitting, of course. As a creator, developer and seller of gun belt clips, they have some of the most innovative designs on the market.

Unlike traditional bulky leather holsters that bulge, Techna Clip’s easy-to-conceal design does not add bulk and is virtually weightless. Void of shoulder straps, these easy to draw harnesses are inexpensive, easy to install and can clip anywhere.

Their specialty harnesses include the Beretta Nano, Diamondback DB9 and DB380, Glock 43, Glock 42, Glock, Kel-Tec P3AT, Ruger LC9 belt clip, Sig P238 belt clip, Sig Sauer P938, Smith & Wesson Shield, Smith & Wesson J-Frame Belt Clip, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard Belt Clip, Smith & Wesson M&P, Springfield Armory XDS, Springfield Armory XD, 1911 Full Size Models and 1911 Compact Models.

Their helpful website offers installation videos, questions and answers, replacements parts, such as trigger guards and holster mounts, dealer information, direct orders and much more.




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In light of the tragic Reserve center shooting in Tennessee, Governor Pat McCrory recently signed a bill that allows some North Carolina National Guard members to carry concealed handguns while on duty.

This new legislation also permits legal action for people injured by terrorists on domestic soil to use the North Carolina court system for further justice.

This concealed weapons provision now allows designated National Guard members the ability to carry weapons with concealed permits in state buildings, including recruiting offices.

Governor McCrory also directed that Guard military police be stationed at high-profile recruiting centers after the tragic Tennessee attack, in hopes that future attacks will be avoided.

Techna Clip hopes that other states will follow suit and North Carolina’s new laws will become the standard among other states in the U.S., helping to protect our service men and women.

Techa Clip is an innovative company that creates comfortable concealed carry gun clips. Their gun clips are specially designed to eliminate excessive bulk, making it easy to draw a gun in seconds. Additionally, their gun belt clips are simple to install, offer maximum comfort and are lightweight. These simple clips do not bulge under clothes and feature durable metal clips that directly mount to the frame of handguns. In fact, the clips install without any additional weight to the handgun. This gun belt clip is completely concealable and can be clipped anywhere – in a waist, belt or pocket. 

Their gun belt clips include those for popular models, such as the Beretta, Diamondback, Glock, Kel Tec, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield and 1911’s. Popular accessories include replacement parts, trigger guards and holster mounts.

Techna Clip also offers easy installation videos on their website, which helps answer any installation questions, as well as highlighting testimonials from satisfied customers. In fact, Techna Clip stands behind their products and if customers are not completely satisfied, they will refund their money without any questions or hassles.

Gun stores also have the option of signing up with Techna Clip to become gun clip dealers, which allows them to carry the complete line of Techna Clip holster products. This also includes carrying the full range of LCP Ruger accessories, Sig Sauer belt clip, LCP 380 holster, just to name a few.



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Before gun owners simply fill out their 2016 ballots, they should take the opportunity to fully research all potential presidential candidates over the next year.

Last month, Hillary Rodham Clinton, following in the footsteps of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, took aim at tighter gun control. Bill Clinton was largely responsible for the Brady Bill, which he believed would eliminate all gun violence.

Typical of most Democrats, Hillary Rodham Clinton is not only beginning to initiate a debate about the importance of further gun control, but is also claiming she will fight the National Rifle Association (NRA). She claims, “I’m going to speak out against the uncontrollable use of guns in our country because I believe we can do better.”

Just days before she made the previous comment, she stated: “We have to take on the gun lobby ... This is a controversial issue. I am well are of that. But I think it is the height of irresponsibility not to talk about it.”

A sure winner for the Democratic nod, Clinton’s comments have outraged politically active gun owners. The former Clinton Administration tried to ban assault weapons in 1995 and as a result, many Democratic lawmakers lost their re-elections after gun-control votes.

As more Republican presidential candidates announce their bids to run in 2016, they are adamantly speaking out against gun control, promoting more lax laws that will help retain the essence and purity of the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

While some people are saying, Hillary Rodham Clinton does not stand a chance in pressing for more gun control, the reality is that “[t]he Clintons pulled off the almost-impossible by giving us the background-check system and banning assault weapons.”

Many Democratic strategists believe that campaigning against guns is a smart political move for Hillary Clinton, which will gain her the Democratic nominee in the general election.

Just days after June’s church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, Hillary Rodham Clinton started talking about gun control, but she has made no detailed effort to unveil her specific plans. Using the suburban mother role, Hillary Rodham Clinton stands to have a powerful female and minority backing, which will give Republicans a run for their money in this presidential race.

In previous elections, politicians stayed silent on gun control issues. This is the first presidential election where gun control has become a main topic. The next year should be an interesting mix of statements and debates.

Techna Clip is a supporter of the Second Amendment. They specialize in developing an array of unique, easy to use gun belt clips. They have a wide selection of concealed carry clips. Among their bestsellers, include the Ruger LC9 clip and the Sig Sauer belt clip.



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Owning firearms is beneficial. Firearms are vital for self-defense, sports, hunting, and an important part of celebrating patriotism.

Self Defense

Crime is a part of civilization and life. Owning a firearm is an important part of self-defense. Instead of falling victim to predators and criminals, Americans can exercise their rights to own firearms for self-defense. There are many products on the market to meet people’s self-defense needs. Techna Clip offers a variety of gun belt clips, which are ideal for concealed carry. They specialize in handheld models, such as Ruger LC9 gun clip and LCP 380 belt clip. They regularly introduce new, advanced models to accommodate other handheld models.

Sports and Hunting

Many hunting and sports rifles are handed down from generation to generation. Gun sports and hunting are a source of enjoyment for many people. Many parents and children go hunting to spend quality time together, enjoying the great outdoors and fresh air. These activities are great for exercise.

Hunting and gun sports are a great way for families to spend time together, allowing them to experience nature. It is an escape from daily routines and city life.


Owning a gun is a sign of patriotism. Gun owners can go to gun ranges or shoot at targets to gain practice and keep their shooting skills up-to-date. To pay homage to the servicemen and women that have defended our country, gun ownership shows appreciation by honoring the Second Amendment.

Gun ownership also exercises independence, freedom and personal security.

Techna Clip offers innovative gun belt clip solutions for concealed carry. They offer solutions for carrying Beretta, Diamondback, Glock, Kel Tec, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield and 1911’s. Their best selling models are the Ruger LC9 clip and the Sig P238 belt clip. They also offer several different types of replacement parts, trigger guards and holster mounts.

As an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, Techna Clip sells their holster clips online and allows gun dealers to apply for distribution rights. Customer testimonials are very positive, praising Techna Clip’s excellent service, high quality products, easy installation, superb design, fast shipping and outstanding prices.



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President Obama’s latest target is an attempt to ban guns from social security recipients that cannot manage their own finances. In his latest crusade against guns, his true attempt lies in classifying more than 4.2 million Social Security recipients – nearly 10-percent – of people age 65 and older as incapable of owning a firearm.

This slippery slope insinuates that this age group is a physical danger to themselves. So, what does this mean? Someone that may not excel at math or drive well will be forced to lose his or her Second Amendment rights.

This leads to further questions. If Obama plans to label millions of baby boomers as “mentally defective,” will they eventually lose their voting rights and other necessary decision making authorities?

This ultimately leaves this age group very vulnerable to intruders, home attacks and violent crimes. Having a gun is the safest way to detour crime and as baby boomers age, Obama plans on leaving them without any methods of self-defense.

The news is full of elderly people that use guns for home protection. In July, a news story reported that a 70-year-old rescued his roommate as an intruder was attacking him. Just before this story hit the news, a retired veteran utilized his concealed handgun to help stop a gas station armed robbery in Georgia, ultimately protecting and saving the lives of others.

For the last several years, Obama has been targeting veterans. If veterans require VA benefits, he has mandated that they be registered with the federal background check system.

Obama has been touting his believes against gun ownership for years. When he was a part-time lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, he stated: “I don’t believe that people should be able to own guns.” He is carrying forth this mentality in his role as president and he has little time left to enforce his full gun ban plan before his presidential role concludes. Whether his regulations are sneaky or simply tacked onto other bills, he will stop at nothing to fulfill his anti-gun agenda.

Having so many veterans register with the system places them in a category of being “mentally defective.” However, because there are so many names that are similar, other people are being turned down for false-positive results, resulting in them not being accepted for gun ownership and concealed carry permits. But why does Obama think it is necessary to turn down our veterans for gun ownership?

To help Obama from further taking away our Second Amendment, we need to remember to contact our Representatives and Senators and most importantly, be very careful when we vote for president in 2016.

Techna Clip offers a wide variety of concealed carry gun belt clips and supports gun rights. They feature LCP Ruger accessories, Ruger LC9 clip and much more.




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There are several concealed gun carry facts that most citizens may not know.


  • When Illinois became the last state in 2013, to enact a concealed carry law, concealed carry handgun regulations became legal in all 50 U.S. states.
  • Forty-two U.S. states have enacted “shall-issue” handgun laws where law enforcement does not have discretion when issuing concealed weapon permits. This is legal if people meet minimum requirements, including age, no recent mental institution commitments and no prior felony convictions. The eight remaining states have “may issue” requirements that require approval from local governments or police departments.
  • Seven states permit concealed carry on university or public college campuses, while 21 states have banned concealed weapons on campuses and 22 have left the decision up to individual universities and colleges.
  • The National Rifle Association gives President Barack Obama an “F” rating based on his record on guns. In 2009, President Obama signed the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act, which included an amendment that banned carrying firearms in national parks.


Additional facts about concealed handguns include the following:


  • Concealed handguns deter crime and states that implemented “shall-issue” laws have seen a reduction in murders by 8.5%, rapes by 5%, robberies by 3% and aggravated assaults by 7%. This information is provided by a 2000 analysis of FBI crime data.
  • Responsible citizens have every right to concealed carry weapons and arm themselves against criminals that carry guns. Rather than being victims, law-abiding citizens can carry guns to help protect themselves. The “Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology” reports that if someone draws a concealed gun in self-defense, the criminal retreats at least 55.5% of the time.
  • Most people that obtain their concealed weapon permits are law-abiding citizens that do not misuse their firearms. The “Christian Science Monitor” reports “the number of incidents in which concealed-gun carriers kill innocent people is a fraction of 1-percent of gun related homicides.”
  • Carrying concealed handguns can help stop public shootings. The CATO Institute determined that concealed carry weapons helped save lives at a massacre at the New Life megachurch in December 2007. A volunteer security guard shot the attacker after he had opened fire on the congregation. 


The bottom line is that most Americans believe in concealed carry. Techna Clip supports concealed carry rights and offers a wide variety of comfortable concealed carry gun belt clips. Some of their popular models include the Ruger LC9 belt clip and the Sig P238 belt clip.



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Chicago has among the strictest gun control laws in the entire U.S. Rahm Emanuel, the 55th Mayor of Chicago and outspoken member of the Democratic Party, repeatedly cites his beliefs that stricter gun control will decrease Chicago’s murder rates. But his outspoken agenda has failed, time after time.

A judge finally forced Chicago and the rest of Illinois to promote concealed carry laws. They are still very strict compared to other states and obtaining a permit is a burdensome prospect, much less trying to even purchase a firearm within the city limits of Chicago. However, this difficulty does not apply to criminals or convicted felons, as they are easily able to get their hands on their weapons of choice, killing more innocent citizens than ever before.

This is where Emanuel completely misses the idealism practicality in the Second Amendment, which gives citizens the right to bear arms. While more criminals are able to easily get their hands on weapons, he is attempting to further restrict law-abiding citizens freedoms, while essentially supporting the rights of criminals. The last time I checked, felons are not even permitted to vote or own guns, yet Emanuel’s agenda somehow misses these vital checkpoints. He somehow does not hold criminals personally accountable.

The felons that are released, caught with guns, are given multiple chances in a court system. Labeled as “redeemable” in society, they simply are released only to go back to the streets to purchase more illegal weapons. Chicago is not missing gun laws. It is actually quite simple. What Chicago is missing is enforcement of these laws.

Syracuse University completed an in-depth study on federal firearm enforcement in 2012. After reviewing 90 jurisdictions, Chicago came in dead last. Under George W. Bush, Chicago saw 11,000 prosecutions, while under President Obama, there have only been 7,700, but Chicago murders have skyrocketed.

Liberal politicians are not simply idealistic; they have quite an advanced agenda. Gun control does not affect the liberals making these rigid gun control laws. These laws affect everyday citizens, preventing them from protecting themselves.

Flashback to Memorial Day weekend 2015: 55 people were shot and 12 were killed in Chicago alone. What was Rahm’s response? That more “community action and stronger gun laws” need to be enforced. The results never change, except that existing enforcement is decreasing.

The way to fix Chicago is simple. A good person is what stops a bad person with a gun. Contradicting all liberal philosophies and thinking, this is why our forefathers had the insight to include the Second Amendment in our constitution. And the reason we can read this article is because our forefathers made Freedom of Speech the First Amendment.

As for Rahm, the message to him is clear: decrease gun laws, make it easier for law abiding citizens to defend themselves and start putting violent criminals in prison.


Techna Clip is a proponent of the Second Amendment and believes in concealed carry. They sell a variety of gun belt clips, including those for popular models, such as the Ruger LC9 clip and Sig P238 belt clip.   

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Instead of simply conceal carrying with a gun belt clip, home dwellers can go one step further and protect their homes from intruders with this helpful guide.

  • Secure Doors – Most intruders use doors to gain entry to homes. Keep all doors locked and replace standard doors with metal-clad or solid wood doors, as these are more effective.
  • Upgrade Locks – To help prevent doors from being kicked in, install Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolts, in addition to heavy-duty brass strike plates.
  • Secure Windows – To prevent intruders from entering through windows, purchase windows that only open six inches or less. Install mounting brackets when purchasing windows so window bars are optional installation choices later.
  • Perimeter of Home – Install motion sensor lights around homes or outdoor buildings. Fences are easy to climb, so keep shrubbery trimmed to limit the number of places intruders can hide.
  • Secure – Secure any breach points both inside and outside the home. This includes doors or windows that are seldom used. Consider installing a two by four barricade on the inside to prevent intruders from entering the home.
  • Neighborhood Watch Group – Join a current neighborhood watch group. If a current watch group does not exist, approach neighbors and create one. Neighbors watching for unusual visitors can be a very effective deterrent against burglaries.
  • Dog – Having a dog can help detour burglars, especially if trained in defense techniques. Dogs can be rewarded with treats to learn to bark at noises they hear outside. Posting a “Beware of Dog” sign in the yard can also be helpful.
  • Out of the House – Never make it obvious when away from home. Keep lights on automatic timers, cancel newspaper deliveries, arrange for mail pickup, keep a car in the driveway and have a neighbor or friend regularly check on the house.
  • Emergency Plan – If an intruder does enter the house when people are at home, it is best to have an emergency plan. Getting out of the home and calling the police is the optimal; however, if that is not possible, designate a safe room in the house, which includes having the following items available for self-defense:
    • Gun – Whether it is a handgun or a shotgun, always aim for the middle of the attacker’s body. This increases the likelihood that the attacker will be hit. Make sure everyone in the home knows how to properly use a handgun. Consider placing the gun in a gun belt clip and stowing it in a safe place so an intruder does not immediately find it.
    • Pepper Spray – Keeping a bottle of pepper spray on hand causes harm to intruders. This burns the intruder’s eyes and skin, which can allow people to escape the house and call police.
    • Taser – Tasers are more effective than stun guns, but can only be used at short distances. Tasers disrupt the body’s motor function of the muscles via an electrical shock. On rare occasions, tasers have resulted in death, so these self-defense items should never be left in the hands of children on a regular basis.

Techna Clip sells a wide variety of gun belt clips, including LCP Ruger accessories. Some of their best selling holsters include the Sig Sauer gun clip, Ruger LC9 gun clip and many more.


Techna Clip does not guarantee any person(s) safety from this article and his hereby held harmless from any liability or liabilities.



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Concealed carry gun belt clips are an optimal way to practice self-defense. Techna Clip also recommends other practical ideas to help limit attacks.

  • Buddy System – Criminals always look for easy targets, so practicing the buddy system generally helps criminals avoid two-to-one scenarios. Traveling with a friend helps decrease attacks by 70% and traveling with two people by 90%.
  • Illuminated Areas – Criminals lurk in bushes, dumpsters and cars waiting for unsuspecting people. Always practice walking under streetlights, checking surroundings and minimize going in areas that are not well lit or shadowy.
  • Populated Areas – Avoid taking shortcuts through darkly lit areas that are not heavily populated, such as alleys or areas without witnesses.
  • Jewelry – Avoid wearing expensive or flashy jewelry. Criminals tend to judge their victims by their appearances. This also includes electronics, expensive purses, name brand clothing, etc.
  • Money – Never pull out cash, as this attracts criminals. Criminals often target high-cash locations, such as casinos, cash stores, banks, ATMs, etc. They will then follow victims to areas where they can isolate and target them, stealing purses or wallets.
  • Cell Phone Charged – Always keep cell phones charged, especially to make emergency phone calls. This includes if a car breaks down or in case of an emergency when walking. It is easier to report a criminal that is trying to commit a crime with a fully charged cell phone.
  • Communication – The law requires that missing person reports take 24 hours to be taken seriously by authorities. People should continually communicate plans to family and friends, as once this 24-hour period passes, police are more likely to take missing persons reports critically. Give family and friends locations, stops, routes and details about when arriving home.
  • Hands Free – If suspicious activity is noticed, keep hands free for personal self-defense and safety. Occupied hands decrease reaction times and allow criminals to easily select targets. Hands are necessary in self-defense scenarios.
  • Distractions – Avoid any distractions, especially on Smartphones. To avoid becoming a target, focus on getting from destination A to B without checking emails, Facebook updates, texts, statuses and other details.
  • Intoxicating Substances – Using intoxicating substances decreases judgment and inhibitions, making people easier targets. At least 50% of victims are under the influence of alcohol, which does not include intoxicating substances.

For concealed carry permit holders, it is best to research state laws before bringing guns on interstate travels. Some states do not honor other state’s concealed carry permits, which makes them invalid and illegal.

Techna Clip offers a wide variety of gun belt clips, including the P238 gun clip, Ruger LC9 clip and the LCP 380 holster, to name a few.

Techna Clip does not guarantee any person(s) safety from this article and his hereby held harmless from any liability or liabilities.



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Concealed carry gun holders often practice in shooting courses or around obstacles, which are known as stages. These are scored based on the number of hits divided by the time, which equals a score called a fire factor. However, in a real life emergency, drawing a gun from a gun belt clip is nothing like practicing an obstacle course.

  1. While the gun is holstered, grip the gun securely by grasping all fingers and the palm of the hand around the handgun. Firmly grip the gun and move the weak, or non-dominant, hand near the gun. Never move the hand in front of the gun. Quickly, yet effectively, adjust the fingers and palm for a firm grip.
  2. Lift the gun from the holster. Remember, the handgun is not clear until it reaches the armpit.
  3. Swiftly lift the gun to eyesight range in a diagonal motion. Placing both hands on the gun, adjust the non-dominant hand and firmly grip both hands, knuckles and fingers, wrapping them securely around the handgun.
  4. When the gun is at eyesight level, aim the gun. The gun should be aligned. If using front and/or rear optics, the red dot in the scope should be visible. If it is not, look for the dot in a vertical manner, meaning up and down.

Additional shooting tips include:

  • When starting to practice drawing a handgun, do so slowly at first and gradually increase speed, making sure both hands are firmly on the weapon.
  • Shooters should attempt to practice stages one through three with their eyes closed and open their eyes only upon reaching stage four. If the body does not immediately react, continually practice.
  • As with any sport, practice and patience is the key to developing superb gun skills.

Most importantly, never draw a gun unless it is self-defense situation and a perpetrator or criminal has already drawn a gun. In some states, concealed carry holders have the right to defend innocent bystanders on their property. It is important that concealed carry holders know their legal rights to carry a weapon and self-defense rules. On a similar note, do not bring a gun to a knife fight. This will definitely be cause for unwarranted self-defense and will likely land a concealed weapon carrier in jail for manslaughter, if not murder.

Additionally, brandishing a weapon, shooting to wound and firing warning shots are not recommended. In fact, these can introduce firearms to a situation before it is warranted and can all lead to serious legal problems.

Techna Clip offers a wide range of gun belt clips and accessories. Popular models include the Sig Sauer gun clip and the Ruger LC9 gun clip, to name a few.


Techna Clip does not promote the use of violence and is hereby held harmless and has no liability for the information presented in this article. This article is simply an opinion and bears no legal advice to gun owners or the public.



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More and more citizens are regularly obtaining their concealed weapons permits. Most people obtain concealed weapons permits purely for self-defense purposes. However, for new gun owners that are not familiar with all the details surrounding gun ownership, this helpful guide provides abundant information.

  • Bullet – A bullet is the projectile that shoots from a gun. These are generally made of lead and may have a thin copper-alloy jacket.
  • Cartridges – This is the individual unit of ammunition. A single cartridge consists of a bullet and powder-filled metal casing. These are typically sold in quantities of 50.
  • Caliber – This consists of the bullet diameter, case shape and case size. Rifles are specifically designed to shoot set calibers, but some handguns are able to shoot several different size calibers.

Handguns are available in two different types.

  • A revolver has a rotating cylinder that holds ammunition. A double-action revolver is ideal for self-defense, as it requires a longer, yet firm trigger to fire. A single pull activates and rotates the cylinder, firing the weapon and placing a new cartridge in the gun. The average revolver holds between five to six cartridges.
  • A pistol holds magazines, which carries ammunition internally. When the trigger is pulled and the gun fires, a new cartridge is automatically placed into position. Some available pistols can hold 18 or more rounds of cartridges.

Revolvers are rugged, easy to maintain and exceptionally simple to operate, especially for concealed carry. They are very forgiving weapons, despite neglect, grime and lack of lubrication. If a revolver fails to fire, the trigger is simple to pull again and a new cartridge will release.

For first-time, untrained gun users, semi-automatic handguns have more operational and mechanical complexity and require regular cleaning, which makes them more difficult for concealed carry.

Purchase a name brand gun instead of putting lives at risk with a little known manufacturer. When purchasing a revolver, look at models that feature barrels that are less than 2-1/2 inches, which are easy to conceal carry. Avoid purchasing models with expensive sights, because most self-defense situations occur within mere feet, not at long distances. Additionally, always use name brand self-defense ammunition. Low-performance bullets can cause problems, including misfires.

Techna Clip offers wide arrays of conceal carry gun belt clips. These fit several popular revolver and pistol models, including the Ruger LC9 gun clip, Sig Sauer gun clip and many more.




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Mistakes with firearms happen, but could have deadly consequences. Instead of simply learning by trial and error, Techna Clip offers helpful tips to avoid concealed carry accidents.

  • Minimum Required Training – A hunter safety course qualifies most people for concealed carry licenses. While these generally focus on rifle safety, they also offer tips for real world gun interaction. Responsible concealed carry holders are constantly learning, both physically and mentally.
  • Printing/Exposing – Printing a gun is defined as the outline of the gun, when it appears against clothing, exposing parts of the gun. Concealed carry permit holders can take extra time to make sure the gun is not exposed. Techna Clip offers a wide range of gun belt clips. This includes several popular models, including LCP Ruger accessories and even a Sig Sauer gun clip. Another tip is not wearing super fitted shirts, as if someone is anti-concealed gun carry, he/she could easily call the authorities and then the concealed gun permit holder spends half the day explaining how he/she has the legal authority to conceal a weapon. In some cases, it is best to just avoid crowds and exercise additional caution.
  • Poorly Made Holsters – Cheap and inexpensive holsters do not retain guns properly. Browse Techna Clip’s extensive site for quality made holsters that are easy to attach to pistols and compact guns, as these are specifically tested to improve concealed carry and are proven for reliability, comfortability and are truly outstanding. Never purchase a cheap holder, especially when concealed carrying.
  • Improper Clothing – Just because someone conceals a weapon does not mean he/she is doomed to a life of baggy shirts and pants. In fact, many conceal carry holders still maintain a personal sense of style, making sure to wear comfortable clothing that accommodates their weapons of choice. This may require slight experimentation, but is well worth the personal protection in the end. Another mistake that many concealed weapon holders make is walking around in militant clothing, which draws more attention from passersby.
  • Fingering or Checking Guns – People that are new to concealed carry often develop a bad habit of routinely checking their weapons. This provides other people with higher chances for viewing weapons, leaving concealed gun holders with greater opportunities for exposure.
  • Not Practicing – Not practicing with SD ammunition for times of emergency leaves concealed carry holders at great risk for not being able to react quickly. Techna Clip recommends that concealed gun owners practice using several different brands of ammunition, finding one that they prefer for their weapons. It may be more expensive, but in the end, safety is far more important.
  • Adjusting Holsters – If any adjustments to holsters need to be made, do so in private areas, such as locked bathrooms, cars, or in dressing rooms. Any areas without security cameras is ideal.



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The US military regularly used the 1911 series gun, but in the 1980s, they began retiring many of their common guns. In 1985, Springfield Armory® began offering new versions of the 1911s to the public. Now, as the leading manufacturer of the 1911, Springfield’s handguns are models for other 1911 manufacturers.

Today, law enforcement, elite military units and shooters rely on the 1911. There are many types of models, including those designed for daily concealed carry. Affordable models area ideal for regular citizens and designs that are more advanced are excellent for gun collectors.

  • Springfield 1911 EMP® Model – This model is compatible with the 9mm and the .40SW. Introduced in 2007, this Enhanced Micro Pistol® is 1/8-inch shorter than the original model and features a shorter grip radius, making this a comfortable weapon for concealed carry. With increased reliability, this compact model features the smallest dimensions of any 1911 in production. Loaded with features, this compact weapon includes low profile three-dot tritium combat sights, a ramped barrel and 9 plus 1 rounds of 9mm ammunition or 8 plus 1 rounds of .40 S&W.

Additional types of 1911 models include the following:

  • Colt® Government 1911 – This model features a threaded muzzle, an all steel lock, rubber grips, fully functioning thumb and safeties and an authentic half-cock mechanism. This weapon shoots .22 ammunition and the magazine capacity is 12 with 10 rounds. The rear sight is drift adjustable and the front sight is removable and includes an adjustable drift.
  • Ruger SR1911® - This Ruger Centerfire Pistol features Drift Adjustable Novak® three-dot sights. With a .45 caliber auto, the slide material features heavy-duty stainless steel and the slide finish is made of low-glare stainless steel. The total width is 1.34 inches and the height is 5.45 inches. Bound to come in handy in any concealed carry emergency, this powerful weapon is not only rugged, but also reliable.

Techna Clip has just released their latest gun belt clip, which is specifically for the 1911 model. This line of gun belt clips is compatible with the following 1911 models: full-size, government, commander and standard frame. It also works with several other 1911 clones that are made by other manufacturers. The grip screw placing is 3-1/16 inches apart so models that work with these dimensions will easily accommodate 1911 models.

While the 1911 model is a hefty concealed weapon, it does pack a significant punch, much more than other concealed carry weapons. As a carrier of exclusive LCP Ruger accessories, Techna Clip can also accommodate the Ruger Commander 1911.





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Recently, the US 7th Circuit Court illegally upheld the ban on semi-automatic guns and high-capacity magazines, stating that it “makes the public feel safer.”

According to the Second Amendment, there is no room for emotional arguments, simply that the people of the US have the right to keep and bear arms. These arms are not stated, described or limited. Neither are guns prohibited nor was this law was intended to help create a “reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia.”

Using an emotional argument for upholding a ruling is immature and simply emasculates the law. Judges take an oath that requires them to uphold the law when serving in office. This oath requires them to withhold the liberties of the people and the Constitution of the United States.

The ban on semi-automatic rifle magazines is essentially magazines that contain more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The court upheld the claim that popular firearms, such as AR-15s, do not have constitutional immunity from the federal government and therefore are not subject to the Second Amendment.

In fact, this is something that is not new to the court system. In 1934, “Judge Ann Claire Williams … noted that the National Firearms Act of 1934 … regulat[ed] fully automatic firearms, something that is also unconstitutional.” This means that our citizen’s rights have slowly been infringed upon, which should cause citizens to be concerned and fearful. Every small right that is taken away is part of a larger constitutional violation.

The Constitution does not give judges the authority to re-write the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment. Once again, this amendment simply gives people the right to “keep and bear arms.” Making emotionally arguments and representing the public’s so-called emotional state is simply ridiculous and a prime example of judges not following their legal judicial duties.

In fact, studies show that mass shooting are indeed rare, but the liberal media actually places so much emphasis on these events that most of the American public believes they are more common than statistics prove.

In this latest gun case, the judge stated “military-grade weapons … [are] dangerous and unusual weapons.” This misinterpretation fails to represent the true intend of the Second Amendment, which does not include any language about dangerous weapons or military-grade devices.

While most politicians that are against guns are liberals, this is not true. In fact, this panel of judges was appointed by Ronald Reagan and the popular politician Ted Cruz. True, the Brady Bill was President Bill Clinton’s product and President Obama rallies for stricter gun regulations. However, when gun owners turn out to vote, they should conduct thorough research about the representatives that they are representing and their Second Amendment gun rights.


Techna Clip is an innovative leader in developing concealed carry gun belt clips. They specialize in a Sig Sauer gun clip, Ruger LC9 clip and other popular handheld guns. They are a leading supporter in concealed carry weapons and gun rights.

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Surviving a Home Invasion

5/25/2015 8:30 AM

Home invasions happen every day, whether people live in low or high crime areas. Techna Clip offers helpful home invasion defense tactics that can help contribute to saving lives in potentially deadly situations.

  • Code Word – Families need to develop code words so families are aware what type of emergency is happening. For example, it is not a medical, fire or other type of emergency. An emergency requires family members to escape and call 9-1-1. It does not need to be a code or anything dramatic, just something to the point.
  • Safe Rooms – A safe room should be stocked with several essential items, such as gun belt clips, easy to use handguns, including a Ruger LC9 clip or a powerful Sig P238 gun clip. It is important that all shooting-age members of the family know how to properly use these handguns. This room should be stocked with a telephone to call the police, a list of survival goods to help survive a possible fight if intruders are armed, etc.
  • Stay – Always stay in the safe room, even if it is tempting to fight intruders single-handedly. If all family members are in the safe room, this is the best scenario. This is not an opportune time to try to be a hero. If everyone is safe, the items in the home are simply objects. Human life is valued above everything else.
  • Fatal Funnel – Choose an area in the safe room that offers the maximum view from the opposite side of the room. If the intruders decide to enter the room, this gives an excellent vantage point, allowing homeowners to make a split-second decision if they should shoot or not. Homeowners also need to take the time to determine if the people entering the room are intruders, concerned neighbors or the police.
  • Never Leave – Never leave the safe room until the police have arrived. This includes even if the intruders have left the home. An intruder can always be lying in wait to take you or your family by force to hold as hostages. Never leave the room until the police have cleared the house and they have professionally determined the home invasion is over.

Gun owners should consider taking a home invasion class, learning how to shoot their weapons in practical situations that require self-defense scenarios. Home invasions are not as simple as tactical shooting, but involve several different scenarios, such as multiple invaders, seeking refuge, adrenaline rushes and much more.

As always, to help promote home protection, homeowners should check all doors, windows and exterior angles to prevent homes from attracting intruders. This also includes installing motion activated exterior lights, starting a neighborhood watch, installing alarm systems, security cameras and checking identification if city or county personnel start asking questions, etc.




Techna Clip is hereby held harmless from any liability of and from all claims, actions, causes of action, and losses, including reasonable attorney fees and court costs, arising out of or in any way related to any matter and/or endeavor undertaken by any readers of this article. 


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Techna Clip highlights the most common reloading mistakes and hazards below.

  • Cracked Cases – Small cracks around the base, shoulder or neck of the cartridge case are barely noticeable. Usually they simply let gasses escape, but sometimes they can crack into the shooter’s face when fired. Before shooters reload, they should carefully look over each casing, examining it carefully for any signs of cracks. Bright rings that appear around the base can also indicate a potential separation or damage.
  • Dented Cases – Sometimes the sizing lube can cause excessive divots in the case, which is most common with bottlenecked rifles. Those with holes have limited efficiency and excess lube can build up in the die or case shoulder area. Firing dented cases can not only decrease capacity, but also it can also boost pressure, which leads to splitting and cracking.
  • Excessive Powder Charge – Handgun cartridges can easily double charges. Before seating bullets, use a flashlight to scan for powder levels that may appear low or high. If loading using a progressive press, consider purchasing a powder level check system. Never install the incorrect powder types.
  • Inadequate Primer Seating – Primers that do not have full seating can lock up actions, which are especially sensitive in semiautomatic firearms. All primer pockets need to remain clean of buildup to help them maintain proper functioning. No loose powder particles or other debris should be loose, as this can affect the weapon’s accuracy.
  • Too Much Primer Seating – Primers should be seated below the surface of the case head. Shooters should develop a feeling for properly seating primers without crushing them, which is dangerous.
  • Untrimmed Cases – Semiautomatics are easily hindered by cases that feature excessive lengths. It is important to always trim cases appropriately and according to specifications.
  • Bullets Seated Too Far – Many long-range rifles may shoot soft, match-type bullets. Unfortunately, when removing these from the chamber, there is a risk that they may be difficult to remove, which can cause powder spillage.
  • Bullets Shaved by Case Mouths – When purchasing a new weapon, always make sure to chamfer the inside of the gun with a low-drag case to help avoid any potential accuracy issues.
  • Crimping – Crimps help secure bullets against unwanted movement, but excessive crimping in handguns can cause failed cartridges in the chamber. Forgo distorting the case neck and never squeeze bullets out of shape.
  • Inadequate Crimping – If bullets are not correctly crimped, they can pop down into the cartridge case, or even protrude out of the chambers’ mouth.


Techna Clip supports several varieties of gun belt clips, including popular models, such as the Sig Sauer gun clip, Ruger LC9 clip and the LCP 380 holster, to name a few.



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Most people that train for handgun self-defense situations focus on the shooting portion. This is only half the real-life equation, because self-defense involves severe body stress and mental anxiety.

Upon an attack, the body’s physical reaction is to create high levels of adrenaline and deposit them into the bloodstream. The body also creates other instinctive “flight or fight” feelings. These natural drugs react in combination and in stressful situations can cause auditory hearing loss and tunnel vision.

After self-defense encounters, it is quite common for victims to involuntarily shake, cry or uncontrollably laugh. This is a perfectly natural response to the body burning off excess adrenaline. The brain also may feel foggy, having a difficult time remembering the specifics and details of events. These reactions are normal and medical doctors and police receive training to effectively deal with these types of traumatic side effects.

While most people that have concealed weapons permits train by dry firing, target shooting, drawing from a holster or preparing for personal-defense situations, they rarely are prepared for the mental and physical affects that these situations may cause.

  • Be Aware – Practice predicting or seeing problems, which will help prevent surprises, should someone have to utilize his/her gun belt clip in a self-defense situation.
  • Plan – If carrying a self-defense gun, practice planned responses, including developing situational plans to help prevent unwanted panic.
  • Practice – Practicing plans helps internalize correct responses, preparing people for automatically pulling their concealed weapon of choice, albeit it a LC9 gun clip, Sig Sauer gun clip or a LCP 380 holster.
  • Training – Consider practicing drawing guns from holsters while hiding behind objects that provide adequate cover. Chances are a self-defense situation will rarely happen in a gun range.
  • Physical Stress Stimulation – Try to work up the heart rate by doing wind sprints, pushups or jumping jacks. This will help mimic real-life adrenaline for a self-defense scenario. Then pick up a gun and start shooting at targets. Adrenaline and an increased heart rate makes it difficult to shoot accurately, but this helps mimic real life situations.
  • Stress Inoculation – Practice various types of stressful situations because no two self-defense situations are predictable. This may include practicing inside a vacant building, with permission from the owner. Competing combat-style at a shooting match put on by the IDPA or USPSA. Additionally, consider contacting local police departments to see if they offer firearm training in low light conditions with loud sirens.




Techna Clip is hereby held harmless from any liability of and from all claims, actions, causes of action, and losses, including reasonable attorney fees and court costs, arising out of or in any way related to any matter and/or endeavor undertaken by any readers of this article. 


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Techna Clip analyzes the most common self-defense shooting myths and mistakes.

  1. Myth: The caliber does not matter. Just aim for the head. This is not true. While aiming for the head will likely cause the perpetrator to drop, there are many organs in the head that help to protect the brain. As studies show the cranial vault, nose and the bone along the side and top of the head, all help protect the brain from injury. This means that realistically the defensive shooter only has a maximum two-inch target between the bottom of the nose and the top of the eyes. While any caliber will likely enter the brain, the chances of hitting this narrow area on a moving target are quite slim. If in a life-threatening situation, remove the gun from the gun belt clip and aim for the largest part of the body – the chest.
  2. Myth: Aim for the heart, not the center of the chest. The heart is a vital organ so it is a common assumption that most people think it makes sense to aim for the heart. However, under an attack of extreme stress, shooting the attacker’s chest will still do significant damage to the lungs, heart and arteries.
  3. Myth: Smaller shot groupings are better for defensive shooting. When shooting an attacker, it is best to spread out the tissue damage, as this causes more destruction. Time is valuable in an attack. The attacker is trying to hurt you, which means that group shots can slow you down. Just shoot fast because eight-inch target distances take time to accurately reposition and aim.
  4. Myth: If the military uses full metal jacket ammunition, it must be good. The military is required to use full metal jacket ammunition. However, hollow points have a special design that allows them to spread and create a wide wound cavity. This destroys even more flesh than the traditional full metal jackets and prevents innocent people from being in the line of shrapnel fire.
  5. Myth: Carrying reloaded ammunition is just as sufficient as factory rounds. While up for great debate, reloaded ammunition is less reliable and sufficient than factory-made rounds. Used casings can have defects in the brass, which can cause cartridges to fail. This can cause a blowout, damage the gun or cause jamming.
  6. Myth: .45 ammunition procedures more single stops than 9mm. When shooting a weapon, the shot placement is vital. An accurate shot and the number of hits are far more important than the caliber.
  7. Myth: Shooters should always train to get two shots on the center mass in self-defense situations. No two self-defense scenarios are ever identical. No one can predict how many shots it will take to halt an intruder. The best advice is to continue shooting until the threat stops, which may be a single shot, five shots, ten shots or more. When shooting, always vary the number of shots, practicing with gun belt clips and seeing what type of pistol is most comfortable. Some people prefer the LCP 380 holster, while others prefer the popular Ruger LC9 clip. There is no wrong weapon of choice, but it is simply a matter of preference based on loaded weight, comfort and price range.



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Civil rights on concealed carry are regulated on the state level, not federally. These laws can not only vary from state to state, but also from city to city.

What is the function of concealed carry?

Concealed carry is an involved process that exposes citizens to detailed background checks. Once they pass these rigorous checks, they receive a concealed carry license, which allows them to carry concealed handguns. Some states require written tests, firearm training and only have minimal limitations.

What is the geography of concealed carry?

This can vary greatly. Strong Democratic states are more restrictive, while Republican-oriented states are less restrictive. The most restrictive states are located in the Northwest, while the states with the most open laws are located in the Midwest and the South. Washington D.C. and Chicago do not permit concealed carry. Alaska does not even require a concealed carry permit.

What type of considerations are required?

Specific states have certain privileges related to approval for carrying concealed handguns. Some states do not differentiate between concealed carry and open carry, while some forbid concealed carry altogether. Other areas do not permitted concealed carry in schools, public parks, colleges, establishments with alcohol and large public gatherings. Sometimes traveling by car can be difficult, so concealed carry holders’ need to research state and city laws before taking any trips.

What are the benefits of concealed carry?

There are some additional rewards for obtaining a concealed carry license. Some states allow permit holders to purchase firearms easier, forgoing further lengthy background checks and obtaining travel permits.

Are there any warnings for concealed carry?

Concealed carry holders are held to a higher standard, because they are responsible for understanding the laws and regulations related to shooting. Self-defense laws may vary, but generally they cannot react unless they have beyond reasonable belief that a life is in danger and there is no other alternative to save a life than without acting with the concealed weapon. A gun should never be drawn to scare off an intruder, but only if the concealed weapon holder full intends on shooting the weapon.

Techna Clip offers advanced concealed gun belt clips, which includes the Sig P238 gun clip, Ruger LC9 gun clip and several other outstanding soon-to-be released gun belt clips.



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When obtaining a concealed weapons permit, it is important to explore the safety benefits and advantages to help ensure fewer mistakes and increase self-education.

  • Plan – Not having a plan is a significant mistake for many new concealed gun holders. A concealed weapon is never to be carried without having an area to check and rearrange gear on a daily basis. This may include a bedroom, secluded office, or bathroom and in public, it could include a store, restaurant or bathroom stall.
  • Printing – This term means that the outline of the firearm is visible through clothing, which can cause people to call the police or make them uncomfortable. To help avoid these types of situations, purchase a gun belt clip that fits snugly and seamlessly through clothing, such as a Techna Clip Ruger LCP clip, Sig P238 belt clip or a LCP 380 holster. Techna Clip is regularly coming up with new holster models to accommodate the latest concealed gun releases.
  • Poor Training – Not receiving enough training can be harmful when having a concealed weapons permit. It is important that shooters not only have basic initial training, but they also regularly refresh their skills with additional training and regularly practice. Consider enrolling in nearby courses that focus on area rules instead of out-of-area rules that can confuse concealed permit holders more about local regulations.
  • Wrong Size – Purchasing the wrong size of pistol can be detrimental to comfort, aim and accuracy. When purchasing a gun, as a professional gunsmith, what type of weapon best suits body shape, size, and comfort level based on fast-concealed weapon drawing. They can provide tips based on loaded weight, right and left hand dominance, etc.
  • Clothing and Attire – When practicing concealed carry, it is important that appropriate attire or clothing is worn. There are many different holster or storage solutions on the market, so it is important to find solutions that fit individual lifestyles. Techna Clip is a unisex solution that works well for both men and women.
  • Incorrectly Carrying – Despite what many concealed carriers may believe, it is impossible to carry a concealed weapon everywhere. State and local laws depend on regulations. Some states do not allow concealed carry near airports, hospitals, schools, or government buildings. If concealed carry holders are not sure if concealed carry is acceptable, it is best to leave their concealed weapons at home.

By following the aforementioned common mistakes that concealed carriers make, it can easily result in fines, damage or even jail time. Multiple offenses can result in concealed carriers forgoing their licenses. Being safe rather is than sorry is the most important rule to follow when leaving the house with guns.



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There are several advantageous reasons people should consider pursing obtaining a concealed carry gun permit.

  • Officers at Ease – Contrary to liberal beliefs, concealed weapon permits actually help put officers at ease. If the officers check and see that the party violating a traffic rule has a concealed weapons permit, this confirms that he/she has undergone several background checks, criminal history reports and is generally a law-abiding citizen. If being pulled over, concealed weapons holders should immediately produce both their drivers’ license and concealed carry permit to put officers at ease.
  • Open Carry – In states that allow open carry, many firearm owners choose to openly carry weapons. While open carry is legal in these areas, it may arouse unwanted suspicion and can cause concerned citizens to call the police. However, if citizens have concealed weapons permits, this acts as additional levels of protection against law enforcement that may ask detailed questions.
  • Prohibited Weapon Zones – Even if citizens have concealed carry licenses, there are still areas that are gun free zones, which prohibit weapons. This can include courthouses, schools, restaurants and national parks. Arizona has a law that prohibits weapons to be within 1,000 feet of schools. However, Arizona permits license holders to conceal carry firearms into restaurants that serve alcohol, provided that the owner of the firearm does not consume any alcohol. Every state’s rules and regulations vary, so it is best to frequently check for any legislation changes.
  • Firearm Licenses Help Educate Firearm Owners – Some states require detailed education to obtain a concealed firearm license. This may include successfully completing an eight-hour self defense and shooting course. These classes are designed to teach self-defense situations and help gun owners understand their state’s individual laws.
  • Licenses Help Simply Gun Buying Laws – While all states are required to complete background checks due to the regulations surrounding Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms requirements, several states, such as Arizona, have decided on a sate level to wave all background check requirements and if the purchaser holds a concealed carry license. Even if someone’s state does not require a concealed license, there are numerous benefits to having a license, which also helps make concealed permit holders more reputable with local police.

Techna Clip offers a wide variety of gun belt clips for minimal concealed carry. These clips are designed to accommodate both male and female profiles, including the Ruger LC9 belt clip, the Sig Sauer belt clip and the LCP 380 gun clip. Techna Clip is looking forward to branching out and creating several new gun clips this upcoming year. Helping keep people armed for self-defense and home safety, these easy to install and use gun belt clips offer the ultimate protection.



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Techna Clip & Safety Options

4/2/2015 11:50 AM

Glock with Techna Clip and Trigger GuardTechna Clip- A belt clip that attaches directly to your handgun for IWB Conceal Carry. Users that have the Techna Clip installed to their firearm eliminate the unnecessary bulk that a holster adds.

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard with Techna Clip & Trigger guard

Safety is ALWAYS priority when it comes to firearms. Techna Clip does not advocate sacrificing safety for comfort- instead we provide multiple trigger guard options that are complimentary to the Techna Clip method of carry. Custom handmade kydex trigger guards that slide over the trigger for a 'zero bulk' perfect slim fit to your firearm. 

Thereis a thin rope that is attached to the trigger guard that you wrap around your belt loop/belt at the length you set. When drawing your firearm the Kydex trigger cover then slides off as your firearm is drawn. Very simple, very safe.

Saf-T-Blok for Glocks

Glock models Techna Clip makes available an extra trigger guard option as well, the "Saf-T-Blok" is a trigger plug insert that slides behind the trigger (Fits all models of 

Trigger Plug

Glocks with it's 'set screw'.)This Saf-T-Blok ejects with just the touch of your finger. It is not a time consuming release of the trigger plug. It ejects very easily!

The Techna Clip with Trigger Guard combo is a safe way to conceal your firearm without the bulk & hassle of having a holster IWB. Sometimes you need to be able to "Just Clip it & Go!"

Always be safe & always be carrying. We need minutemen more than ever.

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Most states require that concealed carry permit holders receive proper gun training before being granted a license to conceal carry a weapon. This type of training is general and often includes basic marksmanship, safe gun handling, and discusses local laws that pertain to self-defense regulations.

These types of classes also explain where concealed guns may or may not be carried and how to safely conceal carry a weapon. However, not all states require that concealed carry applicants demonstrate that they have the abilities to safely carry and fire handguns before receiving a concealed weapon permit.

Popular goals for responsibly armed citizens that wear gun belt clips, include the following:

  • Practice using a human-size target and fire rounds out to a minimum of 25 yards. Practice using one hand, both hands, and the non-dominant hand. This allows shooters to prepare for any event, should he/she become wounded in the dominant hand and not be able to defend his/her family. 
  • Learn laws related to self-defense, which allows shooters to instantly recognize situations where they are legally allowed and entitled to use deadly force.
  • Situational awareness training helps concealed gun holders instinctively recognize situations before they happen. This can include violent crime, confrontations, etc. These types of skills develop from years of studying and practice via firearm self-defense and handgun tactic courses.
  • When paying for gun training, training that is more expensive is generally better and more helpful. Cheaper training can lack in-depth details and extensive gun knowledge.

Choosing a concealed weapon can be an overwhelming choice. Most defensive types of concealed carry handguns are either revolvers or semi-automatic pistols. Semi-automatic gun advantages include larger ammunition capacities, faster reloads and easier concealment. With the absence of bulky cylinders, semi-automatics are significantly easier to conceal under garments, which makes them one of the most popular choices for gun belt clips.

The best type of self-defense ammunition is a hollow point bullet, as this type of bullet expands on impact. It is used by many police forces around the U.S.

The most popular types of concealed carry weapons include the Ruger LC9 clip, Sig P238 belt clip, LCP 380 holster and many more. Techna Clip is regularly releasing new, popular models to concealed carry, which can help broaden the selection for concealed carry experts.




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Gun Review: Ruger LC9

3/23/2015 8:30 AM

Gun enthusiasts generally agree that the Ruger LC9 is an impressive firearm. It also comes with a beautiful set of gear that any gun enthusiast would be pleased to add to his or her gun collection: a finger rest magazine floor plate, a zippered pouch, lock and flush, all which tuck nicely in the infamous Ruger logo box.

This small weapon is designed for concealed carry and Techna Clip, a leader in gun belt clips, offers a convenient Ruger LC9 gun clip. This clip is easy to install, conveniently tucks into front pockets and is lightweight and non-bulky, making it ideal for both men and women.

The Ruger LC9 is an achievement, solidly built with excellent safety features, but also highlights plain looks that make it simple, streamline and impressive. As a subcompact weapon, Ruger specifically took the time to focus on the concealed weapon’s market, designing the LC9 to accommodate civilian concealed carry.

The LC9 is lightweight and the magazine features a flush floor plate and a finger rest, which are easy to interchange depending upon personal preferences. This sleek, sophisticated gun features smooth, rounded and almost futuristic like lines, making it comfortable and non-bulky for concealed carry. Ruger placed the controls in easy to reach places and after several hundred dry fires, the trigger creep smoothes out to a beautiful, worn in finish.

Empty, this handgun only weighs 17.1 ounces, but it has enough weight to easily absorb the recoil of the heavy-duty 9mm bullets. Additionally, it’s lightweight enough to withstand all day concealed carry with a Ruger LCP belt clip.

Taking the gun apart is simple, requiring minimal tools. This can be accomplished by emptying the gun, pushing the takedown plate down, slightly pushing on the muzzle and driving the takedown pin out. Shooters have reported that the only ammunition the LC9 is not compatible with on the gun range RWS 124 grain FMJ ammunition.

Shooters also report that the weapon has excellent accuracy for its small mass and lightweight. Rapid shots continually stay on target, even shooting up to 25 feet. The low profile features three-dot sights, which are superior improvements over previous models. Both rear and front sights are able to drift-adjustment for windage and the rear sight can conveniently lock for additional stability. 

A solid gun for Ruger, this gun is competitively priced with other subcompact guns within its field. Overall, concealed carry holders’ give this durable weapon two thumbs up.




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Techna Clip is a leading producer of gun belt clips for popular models, such as the Sig Sauer gun clip, Ruger LC9 gun clip and the LCP 380 holster to name a few.

With a significant surge in concealed weapons permits, why do so many people feel the need to protect themselves in public? Techna Clip digs deep and explores the answers to this question.

  • Safety – The top reason most people cite for obtaining a concealed gun permit is that they want to stay safe or keep their families safe. Banning guns is an impractical, socialist extreme. Guns will always fall into the hands of criminals so they can terrorize law-abiding citizens. If everyone was armed, the world would be a standstill and likely, most crime would cease to exist. However, because not everyone is armed, criminals attempt to bully people with deadly guns, which are why many people are obtaining concealed weapons permits – to help provide safety and peace of mind.
  • Vigilance – While many leftist extremists believe that gun ownership is paranoia, it is actually a form of vigilance. It is not because gun owners live in fear, it is simply because they believe in taking responsibility for their own safety and protecting innocent lives. In today’s world, we have come to rely on public areas as being “safe,” only to see public shootings shatter images of schools, movie theaters, restaurants and other public vicinities.
  • Using Guns vs. Safety – Most concealed weapons holders hope they never have to use their guns. This is contrary to what most extremists believe gun owners want to do – go on a wild west shooting spree. Gun owners understand the damage that guns inflict and the mental anguish and trauma that are associated with having to injure or kill someone. No one ever wants to pull a trigger in anger, and concealed gun owners understand that using a concealed weapon is only a last resort.
  • Dangerous World – The world is becoming a more dangerous place, which forces concealed gun owners to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • Armed Citizens Make the World Safer – The more people that choose to carry concealed weapons, the more difficult it becomes for criminals to choose their victims. Criminals do not know who is and who is not carrying a concealed weapon, which can give them more time for pause and discomfort when choosing victims on the street. This can also give victims more time to react, as they can pinpoint odd behaviors.
  • Carrying a Gun – While carrying a gun can seem like an inconvenience, Techna Clip has helped solve this problem by creating an innovate design that eliminate bulk, is easy to conceal, provides maximum comfort, provides the convenience of fast installation and makes it easy to withdrawal a weapon. Additionally, these weapons are comfortable for both the male and female figures, easily clipping in pockets or inside belts. These clips are far more comfortable than traditional leather holsters, shoulder straps or bulky, wide holsters. 
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Techna Clip is an innovative creator and designer of gun belt clips, which are specifically designed to accommodate people that conceal carry. Perfecting their gun belt clip, they offer a design that eliminates bulk, is lightweight, easy to conceal, offers maximum comfort, features easy installation within seconds and is designed for quick draw in emergency situations. They carry popular brands, including, but not limited the Ruger LC9 clip.

Below, Techna Clip highlights significant reasons why people should have the right to carry concealed handguns.

  • Deter Crime – Concealed handguns help reduce murders by more than 8.5%, rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults by 7% and robberies by 3%. This information is according to an analysis conducted by the FBI crime data, as analyzed by John R. Lott Jr., PhD. In 2013, a survey among current and retired police officers showed that 91.3% support concealed carry rights by civilians.
  • Staying Armed Against Criminals – There is nothing police can do to eradicate criminals from possessing guns. Instead of innocent people becoming victims, they can arm themselves to help prevent them from becoming crime statistics. People that are armed are less likely to be attacked than those that are unarmed or use other insufficient methods of self-protection.
  • Second Amendment – The most significant argument is that our country’s forefathers gave us the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.
  • Law Abiding Citizens Concealed Carry – Most Americans that have concealed carry permits are law abiding citizens, are less likely to commit violent crimes and are even less likely to drive drunk or break laws.
  • Preventing Shooting Sprees – Unfortunately it takes the police sufficient time to show up to shooting sprees, while SWAT teams require plans to enter and exit buildings. If people are concealed carrying inside an area where a shooting spree or victims are being held hostage, this could greatly reduce the number of fatalities and victims, giving citizens an inside edge on saving people’s lives.
  • Concealed Handguns Protect – Concealed handguns offer the necessary protection when the police are not able to arrive. For example, some cities have an average police response time of 11 minutes, while Detroit’s average response time is 58 minutes. While police cannot prevent crime, they can arrive to investigate the after effects. The Supreme Court has also ruled many times that police officers do not have any legal duties to help protect citizens from violent crime. This leaves protection in the hands of citizens that can legally carry concealed weapons permits.
  • Who supports concealed carry? Ironically, more than 75% of Americans support allowing law-abiding American citizens to obtain concealed weapons permits and to legally carry concealed weapons in public.



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Are you looking for that perfect small pistol or handgun to fit your gun belt clip? Or are you simply looking for several handguns that are designed to accommodate Techna Clips’ array of gun belt clips, including the Ruger IC9 gun clip, Sig P238 belt clip or the LCP 380 holster, to name a few? Look no further because Techna Clip has a comprehensive listing of the nation’s premiere gun shows this month.



7th Annual Holland Kiwanis Club Gun & Knife Show

Huntingburg, IN


Midway Events & Promotions – Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem, NC


Central Indiana Gunshows – Franklin Gun Show

Franklin, IN


Lone Star Gun Show – Fort Worth

Ft. Worth, TX


Lone Star Gun Show – Belton

Belton, TX


Central Indiana Gunshows – Rushville Gun Show

Rushville, IN


The Real Texas Gun Show – Lake Conroe Gun Show

Montgomery, TX


Hometown Gun Shows

Llano, TX


Ft. Lauderdale Gun Show by

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


The Big Gun Show – Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI


Waco – Lone Star Antique Arms Convention

Waco, TX


Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show

Indianapolis, IN


Central Indiana Gunshows – Evansville Gun Show

Evansville, IN


Central Indiana Gunshows – Rushville Gun Show

Rushville, IN


The Real Texas Gun Show – Bodon Port Arthur Gun Show

Port Arthur, TX


Hometown Gun Shows

Llano, TX


Waco – Lone Star Antique Arms Convention

Waco, TX


Midway Events & Promotions – Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem, NC


Waco – Lone Star Antique Arms Convention

Waco, TX


Lone Star Gun Show – Fort Worth

Ft. Worth, TX


Central Indiana Gunshows – Evansville Gun Show

Evansville, IN


The Real Texas Gun Show – Brenham Gun Show

Brenham, TX


The Real Texas Gun Show – Bodon Port Arthur Gun Show

Port Arthur, TX


Central Indiana Gunshows – Crown Point Gun Show

Crown Point, IN


Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show

Indianapolis, IN


Central Indiana Gunshows – Crown Point Gun Show

Crown Point, IN


The Big Gun Show – Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI


Central Indiana Gunshows – Lafayette Gun Show

Lafayette, IN


Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show Indianapolis, IN


Hometown Gun Shows

Granbury, TX


Crawford Co. Sportsman’s Club 1 Day Gun Show – Crestline

Crestline, OH


Central Indiana Gunshows – Lafayette Gun Show

Lafayette, IN



Hometown Gun Shows

Granbury, TX




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Techna Clip is a leading producer of gun belt clips. They strive to keep concealed permit carriers informed about self-defense education, which can make the difference between surviving and not surviving an attack.


Most people think that by practicing with gun targets, they will be prepared for a real-life attack. Unfortunately, the number one killer is denial. The reality is that most attacks occur approximately three feet from attackers, which means that practicing at distances of more than seven yards away is not useful in real-life situations.

This also means that attackers can easily jump on or come into physical contact with victims. People need to listen to their instincts, while focusing on building dependable levels of comfortable. Most people simply go throughout their days on an autopilot mode, which gives them little to no time to react in self-defense situations.

Concealed Carry: Accuracy and Weight

When concealed carry permit owners purchase a gun, they should try holding it unloaded and loaded. The weight difference is substantial and in a self-defense situation, comfort can make a considerable difference. A gun that is too heavy can easily miss the mark and be difficult for concealed carry holders to comfortably grip during an attack.

Ambush Methods

Unfortunately, most people who concealed carry are under the mistaken impression that they will see their attacker coming and have time to respond. More than 67-percent of the time, attackers ambush their victims. This indicates that victims need to constantly be aware of their surroundings, thinking, training and practicing awareness in order to survive an attack.

Studies also show that attacks take less than three seconds, with attackers blindsiding and overwhelming their victims, disorienting them and stunning them so they are not able to defend themselves. Attackers prefer this type of ambush-style violence because the brain’s natural reaction is to choose between fight, flight or freeze. Without self-defense or military training, our brain’s natural response to is to freeze during an attack, which renders any concealed weapon completely useless.

Practicing Defense

To help the brain overcome these types of situations, it is important that people consider the statistical reality of attacks. Approaching situations with clear, level heads can help victims overcome, defeat and survive violence.

Techna Clip offers a wide array of a minimal-style gun belt clip that helps to eliminate bulk, is easy to conceal, is very lightweight, simple for quick draw, offers maximum comfort and is fast to install. These innovative types of clips are available for several models, including the Ruger LC9 belt clip, Beretta, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield, to name a few.


*Techna Clip is not liable and is held harmless from any information presented in this article. This article is purely for informational purposes only and is not intended to offer advice for self-defense situations.

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The latest news story this year highlights a company called PCD – Perceived Carry Decoys. PCD is launching a product line that focuses on selling fake pistols. Their company’s focus surrounds allowing people to pretend to own firearms “without the hassle of owning an actual firearm.”

Is anyone else confused? Upon further examination, their website claims that these items are used for the following reasons and/or benefits:


  • These devices are for those who wish to feel protected but do not want the hassle of owning an actual firearm
  • PCD's require no background check or permit since they are not actual firearms
  • Store doesn't have your favorite ammunition in stock.
  • Want to wear in a parking lot and stow away in purse once you've reached your destination and not fear a discharge? 
  • Don't want the fear of young children finding a loaded weapon by mistake?
  • Give your unarmed security staff a more authoritative presence
  • Shop owners concerned about robbery
  • Know someone who could benefit from carrying a handgun, but aren't safety conscious?
  • Don't want to be approached by a criminal element?
  • As you can see, the uses and possibilities are endless.

“Don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that may not be used? The all in one piece construction of these devices addresses all of these hurdles while still allowing for the benefits of open carry.”

These prop guns are not going to save any lives and in fact, can actually promote lawsuits and legal actions. When a robber sees a gun, he/she may act, but what happens when the open carry weapon happens to be a fake prop gun? The result is far from desirable and the outcome is preventable.

The best way for people to legally arm themselves is by obtaining concealed weapons permits. Every state has different laws and regulations and requirements, including fees and tests that must be passed, paid and completed before concealed weapon permits are granted to applicants.

Techna Clip is an innovative design leader that focuses on creating gun belt clips for real guns. These guns are available for LCP 380 holsters, the Ruger LC9 gun clip and other popular models, such as the Beretta, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield. Unlike movie prop guns, these real life guns actually contribute to saving lives.





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Unlike old school, stuffy gun clubs that once catered to men, today’s sporty new gun clubs are catering to women. Referred to as “Guntry Clubs,” these high-end retreats offer celebrities and affluent females a place to shoot machine guns, private range valets, shooting lanes, upscale handguns and AR-15 rifles.

The average shooter at these upscale clubs is 33 years old and approximately 47-percent dwell in suburban or urban areas. Surprisingly, nearly 37-percent of participants are female. Today, shooters spend nearly $10 billion a year on target shooting, which includes the cost of ammunition, range fees and firearms.

Despite firearm backgrounds, the demographics and economics mentioned above are attracting a wide range of people. Finance, real estate moguls, auto industry and hotel executives are even investing in these new and upcoming sporting ranges.

The surge in the firearms industry has soared over the last several years, especially since the Obama Administration has come under scrutiny for attacking firearms, attempting to restrict gun access to the public.

These shooting ranges employ significant numbers of employees, ranging from staff that work in cigar lounges, WIFI and IT experts, app designers that assist in reserving shooting lanes, shooting instructors, chefs, wait staff and much more.

Mixing entertainment with upscale country club ambiance, movie theaters and nightclubs, these high-end entertainment venues even offer machine gun packages, allowing participants to feel as though they are Special Force task members for a day. These ranges are also family friendly, offering children’s events that are age appropriate and focus on safety.

These fun-filled gun clubs are the equivalent to an overgrown amusement park, which provides adults with the opportunity to experience real life drama and first-hand gun handling practices.

Techna Clip focuses on real-life concealed carry experiences. They feature gun belt clips for both right and left hand shooters. They design screw holes on the clips to be slightly off center, which allows the clip to pull tightly toward the rear of the gun. This prevents the clip from moving.

They offer gun belt clips for the Ruger, Beretta, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield gun models. Their long-standing best seller, the Ruger LC9 gun clip, makes it easy to concealed carry and easily installs to older model LC9s. This provides concealed carry holders with the ability to quickly make split-second self-defense decisions in emergencies. Another best selling model, Sig P238 belt clip, offers easy installation, providing access to this powerful handgun anywhere.




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After the recent terrorist attack in France, CBS news stated that “A reporter for Britain’s Telegraph newspaper in Paris told Sky News that the first two officers to arrive [on the scene], who were apparently unarmed, fled after seeing gunmen armed with automatic weapons and possibly a grenade launcher.”

Socialists seem to believe that domestic security relies on government police forces, which is why so many worldwide governments are eagerly fighting citizens for their weapons. Governments claim they want guns in the hands of trained and trusted professionals. But what good does this do, if police are not armed and run away in the face of murderous situations?

New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, claims to trust his own police department. However, his actions clearly speak much louder, as he believes police forces are significant problems in minority communities, they are required to be re-trained and even restrained. This same group of people commands that people surrender themselves to the government state, relying on defense and security from the government. Before long, a deep resentment develops, which turns into displeasure and disrespect.

The actions of the government are hypocritical. They themselves do not trust the police, but they want citizens to surrender their security, eventually leading to police outnumbering citizens.

To help prepare Americans against this type of police force, concealed carry options are superb choices, especially for emergencies and terror threats.

Techna Clip offers several different types of gun belt clips. These clips are ideal for life saving situations where concealed carry can help in self-defense or life saving situations. These contemporary gun belt clips help to eliminate bulk, are convenient to conceal, offer the benefits of being lightweight, make fast drawing guns easy and can install on pistols within minutes.

Techna Clip’s solid gun belt clips cover an array of weapons, including the P238 gun clip, Ruger LC9 gun clip and even LCP Ruger accessories. Additional models include the Beretta, Smith & Wesson and the Springfield.

Techna Clip’s products are made from heat-treated high carbon spring steel and they feature a high-quality black oxide finish. These well-made gun belt clips come with a small metal post and screw that easily replaces the gun’s existing pin on the gun. Each gun belt clip is specifically designed for specific gun products and no modifications are required.

They produce several different products and have new releases throughout the year. If any customer is unsatisfied with their purchases, they can return their products within 30 days of purchase and they can issue a refund minus shipping and handling.



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A tactical flashlight can help provide necessary light when using concealed carry weapons. These tiny, petite and compact flashlights are lightweight and resemble tactical weapons. A tactical flashlight is made of several different materials, including aerospace grade aluminum. These types of flashlights are designed to withstand high impact stress and feature textured grips, anti-roll profiles and is compact enough to easily to fit in pockets.

Reasons Why Carrying Tactical Flashlights and Concealed Carry are Important

  • Self Defense – Flashlights and concealed carry handguns are necessary for self-defense situations. Modern-day tactical flashlights are exceptionally bright and can help temporarily blind attackers. They can also help shooters position themselves for optimal self-defense shooting distances, helping improve aim and accuracy, should attackers lunge and try to attack. Bezel-edge flashlights are also good for helping daze attackers, as they offer the assistance of cracking skulls or at a minimum, causing head wounds.
  • Identifying Threats – Lights help identify threats, helping people check their cars in dark parking areas for signs of thieves, stalkers or attackers. This also gives people enough time to withdrawal their conceal weapons from their gun belt clip, should an attacker be looming nearby.
  • Emergencies – Carrying a flashlight can help save lights. For example, the tragic shooting in the Aurora movie theater could have benefited from an intense tactical flashlight, so people could have seen the shooter and targeted him earlier. Flashlights can also help temporarily blind shooters, giving crowds chances to wrestle them to the ground, if it is not appropriate to shoot a concealed weapon into crowds.

How to Hold a Flashlight when Using a Gun

There are several different techniques to use when holding a flashlight and gun. Techna Clip offers a brief description of several different options.

  • The Chapman Technique – This old-school FBI method involves holding the flashlight like a sword and resting it next to the weapon.
  • Neck Index – This technique focuses on balancing the flashlight near the side of the face and holding the weapon with one hand. This allows the attacker to focus on the light beam near the cheek, instead of the gun.
  • FBI Technique – The FBI technique involves holding the light in an upward direction, away from the body. If the attacker aims for the light, no vital organs are likely to be hit.
  • Popular Flashlights – Popular flashlight models include Surefire, Fenix, Streamlight and several other models. Many YouTube channels offer detailed review of specific tactical flashlights specifically for concealed carry guns.

Techna Clip offers a wide variety of LCP Ruger accessories and specializes in selling an assortment of gun belt clips.




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The Ruger .380 is a quality, sturdy and long-lasting weapon that is designed to protect the shooter, keeping him/her safe from harm.

This weapon weighs a mere 12 ounces loaded and works well for even women with petite-size hands. The pinky extension is perfect for women with small hands, as it helps them improve their grip.

Personal factors vary, but the LCP 380 is very slim and measures at just over 3/4 inches. With no safety, it is easy to slip seven rounds in the weapon and the fast-slide rack makes it a cinch to slide.

The LCP 380 is easy to shoot. The trigger is longer to pull, but exceptionally smooth, which makes up for the length. Recoil is minimal, as the gun is very lightweight. People even report shooting several hundred rounds with the LCP 380 without any discomforts. As with any pistol, long-distance accuracy is not this weapons forte, but rather it is specifically designed for self-defense and close-range shooting situations.

The magazine is right handed, but left-handed shooters report reloading the magazine with significant ease, which is gives this gun a noteworthy advantage over other handgun models.

.380 ammunition can be difficult to find, especially when ammunition scares create havoc and cause people to run for their nearest stores and clean ammunition shelves.

Some people who purchased the .380 say they would consider buying a laser to help hone in their sites and improve their shooting abilities. It is a popular model for work, camping, hiking, shopping and much more. Easy and comfortable to carry, this quality and well-priced handgun is perfect for concealed carry.

Techna Clip offers several accessories for the LCP 380, including an easy to wear, comfortable LCP 380 holster. Techna Clip has specially patented holsters that are quick and easy to install, do not add bulk and make guns truly concealable anywhere the holster clips.

As an added bonus, they are easy to draw, install within seconds, are very lightweight, fasten directly to the gun and are inexpensive. They are guaranteed, and if customers are not 100-percent satisfied, they completely refund your money. 

Their innovative website also provides video tutorials about how to install a LCP 380 belt clip, making it easy and straightforward for anyone interested in pursing concealed care for personal or safety protection reasons.

Techna Clip also offers a handgun holster mount, which is perfect for installing in any vehicle. These are compatible with all Techna Clip models, offering quick and easy access for emergencies. These gun belt clips are easy to install and the holster mount comes with mounting brackets and screws.




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The upcoming battle concerning competing open carry bills could easily result in a fireworks demonstration this year. Texas is facing some major changes that are not going to easily pass opponents in 2015.

According to Michael Cargill, a Central Texas Gun Works owner and instructor, “The current law in the state of Texas [requires] you have to take a class [i]t’s four to six hours. You also have to pass a background check. You can have no felony convictions, no class A or B misdemeanor convictions in the last five years.”

Texas state law permits long arms, which includes shotguns and rifles, to be openly carried in Texas, but handguns are subject to requirements that are more stringent. Handguns must be licensed and concealed or they do not legally comply with current requirements. However, gun rights activists are attempting to change this option, allowing handguns to remain holstered, but visible. Supporters believe this open carry style would have a significant effect on criminal activity.

Bills proposed during legislative sessions show that, “An openly carried weapon is no more dangerous than one carried in a concealed manner. Indeed, it is those with bad intent who are most likely to prefer to conceal weapons on their person. Anyone wishing to use a firearm as a deterrent and, in the last resort, for self-defense, would prefer to openly display the weapon.”

Shockingly enough, Texas is one of approximately seven states that do not permit open carry. As a conservative state, this shocks many people, especially considering liberal Massachusetts and Washington State even allow legal concealed carry. For people that are looking to carry firearms as deterrents and for self-defense purposes, openly carrying weapons is the most effect form for avoiding crime.

This year’s 84th Texas Legislature will spend a considerable amount of time taking into consideration two very different versions of proposed gun laws. House Bill 106, proposed by Representative Dan Flynn (R-Canton) would help to further expand the CHL police, allowing license holders to choose to carry handguns in either open or concealed settings. In contrast, House Bill 195, proposed by State Representative Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford) would either permit “constitutional carry,” which allows legally purchased guns to be carried in concealed or open circumstances.

Only this year will tell what Texas’ future holds about concealed carry rights for gun owners.

Techna Clip specializes in carrying concealed gun accessories, which can also be used for open carry. Their wide selection includes accessories for some of the most popular handguns, include gun belt clips for the Ruger LC9 gun clip, Sig P238 belt clip, LCP 380 holster and much more. With regular new releases, customers should check Techna Clip’s site regularly for the latest gadgets, gear and gun belt clips.




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Target Announces Gun Ban

1/5/2015 8:30 AM

Unbeknownst to many gun owners, in July 2014, Target joined several other prominent stores that request gun-owning customers leave their weapons at home. Among other retailers, include Applebees, Wendy’s, Starbucks, Jack in the Box and Chipotle.

Target’s news release states, “Bringing firearms to Target creates an environment that is at odds with family-friendly shopping and work experience[s] we strive to create,” according to interim chief executive John Mulligan. “...[W]e request that guests not bring firearms to Target – even in communities where it is permitted by law.”

In an uproar among gun enthusiasts, the request has been ignored among gun carrying activists, whether it is open carry or concealed carry. In response, Texas’ group, Open Carry Texas, a pro-gun rights group made a web statement in response to Targets’ request. “Open Carry Texas regrets Target’s decision to ‘respectfully request that guests not bring firearms to Target.’ While this is on a ban on legally possessed firearms in its stores, we will continue to honor our months long policy of not taking long arms into Target stores or any other business.”

The key to this significant statement is “long arms,” because this indicates the group still intends to shop with concealed, holstered gun belt clips and handguns.

Texas’ law allows long guns to be carried in public, but handguns are required to be concealed. The group limits handguns to concealed carry, but a recent split in the group is causing former members to show up in stores with both handguns and long guns in plain sight.

A Target spokesperson said they are simply “requesting that people do not carry any firearms in their stores, including concealed carry. We will continue to follow local laws, however, concealed weapons are included in our position.” Target claims they have no plans to enforce their requests, because it has not considered a prohibition.

The plans by these companies to “make people feel safer” quickly backfired, as groups that are more militant began showing up with military-style assault rifles, which quickly made customers feel even more uncomfortable.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, quickly began voicing his liberal opinion, lobbying for Target to ban firearms in stores. Michael Bloomberg, an advocate for strict gun regulations, seems to make headlines whenever a controversial gun topic appears in the news these days.

Techna Clip specializes in making specialty gun belt slips and offers a wide variety of LCP Ruger accessories. One of the most popular types of gun belt clip is the Ruger LC9 clip, which is compact and easy for concealed carry.



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Techna Clip is a leader in creating innovative gun belt clips. They strive to work with concealed gun carriers to protect their rights, while promoting lightweight holsters that are designed to help people defend themselves in life and death situations.

The media is use to drilling in the public’s heads that guns kill people, not people kill people. However, unless people dig on conservative news story sites online, they likely will never learn the true value of guns: that in fact, guns safe lives.

Generally, most defensive gun situations never involve pulling the trigger, but simply scare off intruders and threats enough to get them to back down from dangerous situations. If someone approaches a concealed gun carrier that is carrying a Ruger LC9 clip and the intruder is carrying a knife, pointing it at the concealed carrier, the concealed carrier in turn draws his/her weapon, the intruder with the knife is likely to back off and leave the situation. If someone were in this situation and did not have a self-defense weapon, the results could be quite different, even deadly in most circumstances.

American gun owners report that within the last five years, between four- to six-percent report using guns for self-defense-related reasons. That equates to hundreds of thousands of life and death incidents annually. However, these potentially deadly incidents, which were diverted by carrying a gun belt clip are avoided by the media, as they focus on the deadly consequences of shooting rampages.

Additionally, self defense weapons are also helpful in animal attack scenarios, such as if coyotes, pit bulls or other animals attack people, concealed gun carriers or even children.

The media even inflates shooting related murder numbers, including teenage gang shootings and fights into statistical figures. As London has proven, countries that have unarmed victims make it far easier for criminals to commit gun-related crimes. Countries with strict gun-control laws, such as Mexico, Russia and Brazil are also excellent examples of how murder rates increase when gun laws are strict and rigid.

Just as Prohibition led to a plague of violent gangsters, murders, crimes and deadly fights, the same is true when guns are taken away from people. When people are denied access to everyday objects or items, criminals find a way to torture and wreak havoc on the lives of law-abiding citizens. Instead of relieving the challenging times of Prohibition, the American public needs to stand up, take charge and refuse to let politicians take away their rights to the Second Amendment.

Giving the government control to American’s rights to practice self-defense is a right that was bestowed upon citizens by their ancestors. As studies have proved repeatedly, a society without guns is not safe. In fact, it creates a society that is unsafe for citizens of all ages.


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Techna Clip periodically highlights the latest information surrounding political gun measures. This past November, gun control advocates celebrated a significant victory in Washington State. Voters approved a state measure that allowed an expansion on background checks, further requiring private firearm owners and gun show participants to conduct thorough investigations before selling guns. Washington’s Initiative 594 is similar to other laws already enforced in Connecticut, Maryland and Colorado, to name a few.

Washington’s successful initiative came with a hefty price tag, as Paul Allen, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer contributed more than $2.5 million. However, the state also had Initiative 591, which prohibited the state from further expanding background checks beyond current federal requirements. The latter measure failed, leaving the first measure heavily carried by pro-gun control activists, especially in light of the tragic Marysville shooting just weeks before the election.

Unfortunately, the ramifications of passing Initiative 594 will soon be coming down the pipeline. If someone is being stalked, he/she can longer simply borrow a handgun from a friend, without having it be considered a criminal act, which may be deemed a felony.

In fact, the “Washington Post” – with no relation to Washington State – has commented that the statistics used to misinform the public about the initiative were not accurate. Pro-initiative supporters claimed that more than 60-percent of gun sales occur without accurate background checks. The “Washington Post” claims that 75-percent of sales occur with a background check. With such startling statistics contradicting each other, it is unfortunate the residents of Washington State did not further complete necessary research to see who funded the marketing coalition behind this agenda-fueled initiative.

Reports also show that 100-percent of gun sales are all conducted through legally licensed federal dealers, which require background checks. So who does this law effect? Aside from harming people in need of borrowing weapons for self-protection, it also prevents people from trading weapons, giving gifts or selling guns to friends without conducting thorough investigations. Nonsensical? Absolutely. A waste of time and resources? Clearly. Not only does this law prevent keeping guns out of the hands of criminals who are thieves, but also does not address those that are mentally ill. Once again, the government has succeeded in creating more paperwork that does not offer the security and safety to protect citizens. Thank you, Washington.

This is merely an opinion expressed by Techna Clip. Techna Clip is a pro-gun organization that supports safe concealed carry and is a proponent of the Second Amendment. They specialize in creating innovative gun belt clips that are designed to provide lightweight options for the LCP 380 holster, the Ruger LC9 gun clip and the Sig Sauer gun clip.



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Techna Clip is anticipating an exciting new year for 2015. With several new gun belt clip models releasing this summer, gun owners are excited for these stylish and lightweight designs.

  • Glock 42
  • Glock 10 mm and .45 caliber
  • Beretta Nano
  • Kahr Series
  • M&P Shield
  • Springfield XDS
  • NAA Magnum
  • J-Frame Style Revolvers
  • 1911 Commander, Defender, Office and Compact

Additionally, Techna Clip’s website also has a community poll, asking customers what type of gun belt clips they should consider producing next. Customers’ and clients’ opinions are highly valued by Techna Clip’s executives and inventors, as they strive to make gun owners happy and create products that are useful in today’s technical world. Examples of possible gun clip accessories include the Glock, XD, Walther PPK, Berretta 92fs, 1911, Kahr PM9, Smith & Wesson M&P, Sig P229 or any other model that gun owners prefer.

Whether people are looking to buy individual gun clips online or prefer to become a Techna Clip dealer, their website offers a variety of information geared towards Beretta clips, Glock clips, Ruger LC9 gun clip, Sig Sauer gun clip, Smith & Wesson clips and Springfield clip models. Available accessories include replacement parts, trigger guards and holster mounts.

With an easy to use site, Techna Clip’s team of professionals has included a detailed FAQ section, instructional videos and demonstrations, installation information and questions. The testimonial tab helps explain and highlight the quality of the products, including fit, drill bit size, design, business practices, shipping, the installation process and how to reduce bulk when carrying a concealed weapon.

Techna Clip also offers a unique money back guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with their orders, whether it is quick draw capabilities, lack of installation, the level of bulkiness, etc., they will completely refund money without asking any further questions.

Techna Clip makes excellent holiday gifts, birthday presents or even “just because” gifts for gun owners that practice or want to take up practicing concealed carry. As more of the U.S. population regularly explores legal concealed carry, the demand for concealed carry holsters has skyrocketed, helping propel the popularity of Techna Clip to new heights around the U.S.

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Are you looking for the ideal gift for gun enthusiasts this holiday season? With the holiday’s just weeks away, Techna Clip offers a wide selection of gun belt clips, which are perfect for handgun owners. These clips are guaranteed to eliminate bulk, making them simple and clean. Lightweight and featuring a quick draw mechanism, these clips are designed for fast installation and do not require professional modifications.

The most popular selling gun belt clips include the following:

  • Ruger LCP Belt Clip (Right Side) – Most gun owners assume this handgun left no room for improvement, but Techna Clip proved everyone wrong. This gun clip makes this handgun easy to conceal and carry, installing with seconds on the right side of the Ruger.
  • Springfield XD Series – This series is brand new and helps to easily conceal Springfield XD models. Comfortable and simple to carry, this makes carrying the Springfield XD lightweight and enjoyable.
  • Springfield XDS – Available soon, this slim clip is the optimal way to carry Springfield XDS models.
  • Glock 42 (Right or Left) – A recent release, this gun clip is compatible for both sides and makes concealed carry comforting.
  • Beretta Nano – This item is set to be released soon and is designed to make packing small Berettas easier than ever. This clip is easy to order now and will be delivered as soon as it is available.
  • Smith & Wesson Bodyguard Belt Clip – One of the most coveted gun belt clips, this clip specifically works for the right side and makes drawing a weapon easy and simple. This belt clip is compatible with the New M&P Bodyguard weapon.
  • Ruger LC or LCP 9mm Belt Clip (Right Side) – The Ruger LC and belt clip for LC9 help make carrying these handguns easier and more comfortable. These are compatible with the older model LC9s, not the newer designs.
  • Ruger LCP Belt Clip (Left Side) – The Ruger LCP clip easily fits the left side of the Ruger LCP, making it easy for left-handed shooters to quick-draw weapons.
  • Sig Sauer P238 Belt Clip (Right Side) – This belt clip makes it effortless for handgun owners to access their Sig Sauer weapons, which is perfect for self-defense situations.
  • Sig Sauer P238 Belt Clip (Right Side) – This belt clip model is available in an upscale nickel finish and easily attaches to the right side of the Sig Sauer handgun.
  • Sig Sauer P928 (Flat Grip Plates) – This right-side gun clip features a flat grip plate and is simple to install with minimal gun modifications. This gun clip will not work with the raised grip plates.
  • Glock (Right or Left Side) – This dual-side compatible clip is perfect for right-handed and left-handed shooters, fitting 17 models of Glock guns, including the 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30S, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 41 models.

These gun clips are ideal for gun enthusiasts and handgun owners, making them great stocking stuffers for this upcoming holiday season!

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Long debated, the best pistol has been a subject of many conversations, news articles, forums, websites, magazines and even gun conventions. The most important aspect of selecting a gun is choosing one that best meets personal needs and requirements. For example, police, citizens and military all require guns for different reasons, whether it is fighting an armed intruder, protecting homes from invasions or being subject to war.

Simply looking for a handgun will yield no results and often causes far more confusion than answers. The bottom line is that guns are personal preferences – there are no ideal handguns, no just right bullets and certainly no perfect calibers. Available gun accessories may also influence decisions. For example, if someone is looking to use a pistol for concealed carry, he/she may want to search for a model that offers a coordinating gun belt clip.

To help aid in this discovery process and help people select the right pistols for their needs, Techna Clip offers the following advice.

  • Sidearms – Choose a pistol that is reliable and easy to shoot or carry. If the weapon is difficult to hold with one hand, it is going to be more difficult to produce accurate shooting results. While smaller pistols are less accurate than larger pistols, the downside of larger weapons includes heavier weight, more recoil and a longer sight plane. For people looking to use guns for concealed carry, it is excellent to select smaller pistols that are lighter and easier to conceal under clothing. Smaller guns that feature less caliber force have less recoil and will repeatedly discharge faster, but also offer less force and energy. Larger calibers will inflict more damage. When choosing a pistol, opt for a design that offers accurate, reliable results.
  • Caliber – When selecting a caliber, it is vital to consider the drawbacks and benefits. Bullets should feature deep penetration to protect in self-defense scenarios. In order to inflict serious damage, bullets should penetrate a minimum of 14 to 16 inches. Recoil is weapon specific. High recoil makes it harder to shoot multiple rapid rounds, while low recoil may be more efficient for unloading a handgun in an emergency. Bullet energy is also important, because shooters do not want to fall down after shooting a weapon. Compare semi-automatic handgun rounds and magazine capacities.
  • Bullets – While there are many websites that rate bullets, the bottom line is that no matter what type of self defense situation, shot placement is far more important than the energy a bullet exerts or the size of the caliber. There are several different types of bullets for self defense situations, which include jacketed hollow-point (JHP), federal hydra-shok, reverse-tapered hollow point and soft-tip JHP.
  • Pistol Accessories – There are several gun belt clips and gun accessories to consider when purchasing a gun for concealed carry. Night sights can help improve sight in low-light conditions and tactical lights may be a good, inexpensive option for home protection. Rubber grips also help make concealed weapons more comfortable, allowing people to effectively draw their weapons securely, even in hot or muggy conditions. For additional pistol accessories, check out Techna Clip’s LCP Ruger accessories.




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The History of Ruger Pistols

11/17/2014 8:30 AM

Opening for business in 1949, Sturm, Ruger and Co. is a relatively young company in comparison to many of the conglomerate mega gun giants, such as Sig Sauer and Winchester. In spite of competing against these major manufacturers, Ruger has been able to make an innovative name, introducing groundbreaking concepts that have made them a modern-day, respected company.

In 1949, Ruger introduced their first .22 Ruger pistol, which has now become the bestselling .22 autoloading pistols in history. In fact, more than 2 million to date have been produced and sold. The reason this pistol revolutionized the gun industry is that it features innovative design aspects, which give the frame a convenient slide and the magazine helps to contribute to the affordable, reliable design.

Despite the fact that Ruger entered the retail gun market with a rimfire semi-automatic pistol, the company waited several decades before producing a centerfire semi-automatic pistol. In 1987, the entrance of the double action P85 9mm pistol marked the company’s entrance into the pistol market.

Identical to the ever-evolving .22 pistols produced by Ruger, the P-Series centerfire has also seen many changes, with in-depth refinement, evolution and redevelopment over several years. Ruger continually strives to make modern-day guns that push limits and are refined for any gun collection.

The infamous Ruger LC9 is among one of the best selling guns and is a 9mm. Featuring a recoil-operated, double action, locked breech, semi-automatic pistol with safety features, this gun is lightweight, which makes it ideal for concealed carry. In contrast, the Ruger LC380 features advanced gun options, similar to those on Ruger LC9, both of which highlight more advancements than on the Ruger LCP.

Fortunately, for concealed carry permit holders that are looking for lightweight, reliable and rugged firearms, Ruger is an ideal choice. Easy for both genders to carry, this gun is simple to use, which makes it the preferred choice for personal protection and home invasions. This weapon is also perfect for practicing, helping gun owners advance to heavyweight guns that feature more recoil and require advanced gun knowledge and practice.

Techna Clip offers several gun belt clips that specifically tailor to the Ruger LCP, including the following:

  • Ruger LCP Belt Clip (Right and Left Side) – Making sure these are specifically designed for right-handed or left-handed gun drawers, these models are Techna Clip’s best selling gun clips.
  • Ruger LC9 Gun Clip and LC Clip – This kit does not offer compatibility with the new LC9s, but does safely carry other Ruger LC9 models. These Kydex Trigger Guards snap over the exposed trigger, helping reduce any accidental shooting risks.*
  • Ruger LC9 Clip – This Ruger LC or LC9 9mm belt clip is perfect for these best-selling models, but is not compatible with the latest LC9 releases.


*Techna Clip is not liable for any accidental firings or misfires that may occur. Techna Clip is hereby held harmless from any liability and/or indemnity losses.



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Techna Clip stands behind their products and has a lengthy section of testimonials on their website. Most people that try using Techna Clip products immediately fall in love with the ease, comfort and convenience of using these modern gun belt clips. To answer some of the top questions from dealers and consumers, Techna Clip has put together a FAQ forum.

How easy is it to install a Techna Clip gun belt clip?

It is so easy to install Techna Clip products that do-it-yourself gun enthusiasts can easily install this clip themselves. Gunsmiths are not required for additional alterations. In fact, Techna Clip’s gun belt clips come with a small metal post and screw that is designed to replace the existing pin. Techna Clip’s detailed website offers easy installation videos under the “About Our Clips” tab.

What type of steel and finish does Techna Clip use?

Techna Clip only uses high quality heat-treated high carbon spring steel, which means that customers are guaranteed a sturdy product that is meant to last and be extra durable. Techna Clip also features a high-quality black oxide finish, unless otherwise noted in any gun belt clip descriptions.

Is Techna Clip compatible for Ruger LCP?

Yes, Techna Clip makes a specific gun belt clip that is designed for the Ruger LCP clip. This clip is made for the weapon, which means no further modifications are required.

What is compatible with the Crimson Trace laser?

The Ruger LCP 380 is compatible with the impressive Crimson Trace lasers. Several customers have reported outstanding results using this weapon with the laser.

How often does Techna Clip release new products?

Very often! Customers should check the site soon. In fact, the latest upcoming releases include the Beretta Nano, Springfield XDS and Springfield XD Series. On average, they release several new products throughout the year.

Do right and left-handed clips make a difference?

The difference between right and left-handed clips is substantial. Depending upon how someone pulls a concealed weapon, this can mean the difference between life and death. Some people write right-handed, but may shoot left-handed, so it is important to know how someone shoots before purchasing specific right or left-handed models.

Does Techna Clip offer a 100-percent satisfaction policy?

Techna Clip offers a 30-day return policy. Customers must simply return the receipt within 30 days of purchasing the gun clip and request a refund. A full refund is issued, minus the original shipping and handling costs. They do feature a detailed return policy on the website and returns must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Number. 

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Techna Clip is sporting an exciting gun belt clip lineup this fall. Gun enthusiasts and those gun owners that have legal concealed carry permits won’t want to miss out on the amazing features of these fantastic gun accessories.

  • Beretta NanoCOMING SOON!  The Beretta Nano is going to the latest release this fall. Using one of the most popular Techna Clip gun belt clip models, this easy to install clip installs on the right side of the weapon, making it a breeze to carry and conceal with minimal weight and also features a rapid draw time. Order this item today for the perfect Christmas gift or to have bragging rights to the latest, modernized gun belt clips.
  • Glock – Techna Clip features a wide range of Glock accessories, which includes the following:
    • Glock 42 – With a right or left side grip, this baby Glock gun clip is compatible with popular Glock models and designs.
    • Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30S, 31, 32, 33 34, 35, 36 and 41 – This models fits more than 17 different Glock gun clips, rapidly making it a favorite among concealed carriers.
    • Glock Conceal Carry Kit – This Glock Conceal Carry Kit installs with minutes and will last a long time, as it is made using high quality materials. The Kydez Trigger Guard easily snaps into place over the current exposed trigger, offering maximum protection when practicing concealed carry. When the gun pulls from the clip, the guard immediately slides off, making it easy to draw a Glock weapon at a moment’s notice. This kit is compatible with the following Glock models: 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30S, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 and 41.
    • Snake Eyes Tritium Night Sights – This must have Glock accessory makes it easy to define and see targets, even in the darkest of night. This product uses the highest quality military grade materials.
  • Pug Handgun Holster Mount – This handgun holster mount is perfect for a handgun, knife or holster. It easily mounts to any vehicle surface and includes a mounting bracket and screws.
  • Ruger – Offering several models, top selling Ruger accessories include:
    • Ruger LCP Belt Clip – This go-to concealed weapon gear is available in both right and left side clips, making it a breeze to wear for all types of concealed gun carriers.
    • Ruger LC9 Gun Clip – This model is not compatible with the latest LC9 release, but it works like a breeze with older models.
  • Sig Sauer – Sig Sauer has been making excellent weapons for more than 100 years and Techna Clip carries the following easy carry models:
    • Sig Sauer P938 – This model works perfect with the flat grip plates only and mounts easily on the right side.
    • Sig Sauer P238 Belt Clip – This comes in black and nickel with right side carrying.
  • Smith & Wesson – The latest Bodyguard Belt Clip in black is compatible with the brand new M&P Bodyguard weapon, while the Smith & Wesson M&P belt clip is set for release soon!
  • Springfield  XDS and XD – The Springfield XDS series is also set for release soon. This is a slim version of the XD model. Also arriving soon, this series fits the Springfield XD models and offers a comfortable solution for everyday conceal carry.
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Facts about Concealed Carry

10/22/2014 8:30 AM

Techna Clip, a manufacturer of innovative gun belt clips, highlights the following facts about concealed carry within the U.S.

  • All 50 states now allow concealed carry handguns in public. Illinois was the last state to accept concealed carry in 2013.
  • Forty-two of the 50 U.S. states have “shall-issue” laws, which means that law enforcement has some degree of discretion when issuing concealed carry weapon permits. Individuals applying for concealed weapons permits must meet minimum criteria, which may include specific requirements, no history of felony convictions, minimum ages, no mental institution commitments, etc. These laws were given to law enforcement to help reduce the number of people obtaining concealed carry permits to commit crimes. States that have enacted these laws have seen a reduction in murders by 8.5%, a decrease in rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults have decreased by 7% and robberies are down by 3%. This means that from 1977 to 1992, if all states had legal concealed carry laws, the total number of crimes prevented are estimated to have been: 1,570 murders, 4,177 rapes, 60,000 aggravated assaults and 12,000 robberies.*
  • In the U.S., seven states permit concealed carry weapons to be worn on university or public college campuses. Another 21 states have banned concealed carry from these campuses and another 22 states leave the decision to each individual university or college.
  • In 2013, a professional survey of retired and current law enforcement officers was conducted, asking if they supported concealed carry. More than 91.3% stated they did support civilian concealed carry laws.
  • As guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to “bear Arms.” As a hotly contested topic, the federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Moore v. Madigan that the Second Amendment “must be interpreted to include a right to have a concealed gun in public, to have it ready for use, and to have it for self defense.”*
  • People who have concealed weapon permits are less likely to commit crimes or be arrested. When compared to the general population, those people without concealed carry permits have a 5.3 times greater likelihood of being arrested for violent offenses and are more than 14 times more likely to be subject to arrest for non-violent offenses. In fact, a study conducted in North Carolina showed that concealed carry permit holders were less likely to drive drunk, commit a violent crime or kill someone.
  • “The Wall Street Journal” reports that emergency call wait times are taking longer, which is in part due to budget cuts and restraints in local areas. In fact, in Detroit, the average law enforcement response time is 58 minutes, with the national average response time hovering at 11 minutes. While police cannot prevent crimes, they can investigate crimes. This is why many people support concealed carry rights.

Techna Clip is a supporter of concealed carry. They offer a wide variety of gun belt clips, including those for very popular models, such as the Sig Sauer P238 belt clip and the Ruger LC9 gun clip.




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A Brief History of Sig Sauer

10/15/2014 8:30 AM

More people are familiar with the history of Remington than they are with the gun manufacturer, Sig Sauer. A Swiss brand, Sig Sauer (originally known as the Swiss Wagon Factory) was started in 1853 by Conrad Neher, Friedrich Peyer im Hof and Henrich Moser. Rapidly becoming one of the largest manufacturers of small arms, within seven years, they began developing rifles at the insistence of Switzerland’s Federal Ministry of Defense. A mere four years later, they were awarded a contract for the Prelaz-Burnand rifle. Eventually, their name evolved into the Swiss Industrial Company, otherwise known as Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft, and eventually this was shortened to the abbreviation SIG.

During the 20th century, Sig Sauer developed the SIG P49 and the SIG P210. The P220 later became the choice pistol for the army and the P230 by the Swiss police. Greatly expanding throughout Europe during the early and mid-20th century, Sig Sauer began to set their sights on expanding to America in the 1980s.

In 1985, Sig Sauer began SIGARMS(R), which was located in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. This small division imported the popular P220 and P230 models and a mere two years later, they were developing the P225, P226 and P228 in 9mm.

By the 1990s, they had further expanded their market share within the U.S., when they eventually moved to their current location in Exeter, New Hampshire. They then began production of the P229 in .40 S&W.

Sig Sauer not only imported their renowned Swiss firearms, but they also offered an exceptional 128-acre training facility in Epping, New Hampshire. Gradually expanding their line, they began offering both target pistols and rifles via their Hämmerli line.

Continually expanding, SIGARMS officially changed their name to Sig Sauer in 2007. Investing more than $18 million in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, Sig Sauer has successfully tripled their workforce, introduced several new firearms and remains committed to one of the highest levels of customer service satisfaction.

Today, Sig Sauer is the largest member of the worldwide J.P. Sauer & Sohn and Blaser, Gmbh, which represents a business group of firearm manufacturers. They focus on providing guns to commercial markets, military and law enforcement worldwide.

Techna Clip specializes in carrying convenient Sig Sauer gun belt clips. These clips are designed to conveniently transport conceal carry pistols, which are a niche market for Sig Sauer. Among the most popular models includes the P238 belt clip, which is available in both black and nickel. They also offer the PUG, which is a handgun holster mount for vehicles, which makes it easy to access a gun during a carjacking or other type of self-defense situation. Recently, Techna clip released the new Sig Sauer gun clip for the P938 model.


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The Ruger .380 is designed to be a compact carry firearm for personal protection. Boasting an impressively lightweight and petite size, this weapon only weighs approximately 12 ounces fully loaded. Small hands will cover the entire gun, with larger hands easily being able to wrap around the trigger for added stability and protection.

The width of the LCP .380 is just over ¾-inch. This makes it the ideal companion for concealed carry experts. Techna Clip offers a special holster, which is specifically designed to accommodate this petite gun. The LCP 380 holster makes it easy to rapidly draw this weapon in self-defense situations. The gun itself does not feature a safety and offers seven rounds of ammunition. The smooth slide also makes it easy to rapidly rack the slide, making this handgun ready to shoot in virtually no time.

The magazine release is designed for right-handed people, but left-handed people report easily being able to release the magazine without dropping the LCP .380. Additionally, this weapon offers a 15 round magazine, which is perfect for target practice and time out on the shooting range.

Easy to shoot, this small weapon has a long trigger pull. Experts report the trigger is smooth and recoil is nominal considering the light weight associated with the gun. Accuracy is excellent at less than 25 yards; however, it is important for people to remember that personal safety devices are rarely used at distances greater than several feet. Generally, these types of handguns are designed for close shooting distances, where life protection is essential, such as when wrestling with a home intruder, protection against carjacking, etc.

The LCP 380 belt clip makes it easy for rapid draw. The sights are small and the ammunition is finally more readily available in stores. This weapon is simple and easy to use, which makes it a favorite among gun enthusiasts that own several concealed carry weapons.

The Ruger .380 specifications are as follows:

  • Capacity: 6 plus 1
  • Weight: 9.40 oz. (Standard)
  • Length: 5.16”
  • Width: 0.82”
  • Height: 3.60”
  • Barrel Finish: Blued
  • Barrel Material: Alloy Steel
  • Grooves: 6
  • Twist 1:16”
  • Grip Frame: Black, Glass-Filled Nylon Sights: Fixed Front and Rear, High Performance

A successful concealed carry firearm, the Ruger .380 has grown to be a substantially popular model among people looking for lightweight pistols. The main difference between Ruger’s popular LC9 and LCP .380 is the caliber size and the LCP .380 weighs only a mere one-ounce more. Recoil is less with the .380, which also results in the slide being easier to rack.




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Review: Ruger LC9

10/1/2014 8:30 AM

The Ruger LC9 is a small gun, which makes it perfect for concealed carry. Easy to conceal and lightweight to carry, this practical gun design appeals to men and women. In fact, its popularity has grown so much that Techna Clip developed a LC9 belt clip to accommodate this petite weapon.

While larger guns are more accurate on the range, they are difficult and heavy to conceal. Generally, larger weapons require bulkier clothing and are not comfortable for female body frames. While concealed gun carriers usually stray away from smaller weapons, the Ruger LC9 has made it to the top of the list for many gun experts. The following highlights the positive aspects associated with using the Ruger LC9 for concealed carry.

  • Lightweight – The Ruger LC9 is lightweight and very thin, which is why it is ideal for concealed carry. In fact, most people report it is very comfortable to wear with a Ruger LC9 gun clip.
  • Carrying – This weapon packs a punch of power and features 9mm ammunition and holds seven plus one round. In fact, this highly coveted weapon holds more than a regular revolver, which offers more than enough ammunition for self-protection situations.
  • Features – The LC9 features a magazine disconnect safety and a chamber loaded indicator. Some people prefer these options, while others find them problematic. The best features of this compact weapon include a double-action trigger pull, which also offers a frame-mounted thumb safety. While some people may complain this weapon is too complicated to operate in a self-defense scenario, as long as shooters follow the basic gun safety rules, they should easily be able to overcome any trying safety obstacles.
  • Drawing Time – Carries of the Ruger LC9 also report that it is easy to quickly draw the weapon, turn the safety off and shoot. With consistent aim and accuracy reported, this weapon makes it easy to consistently shoot targets.
  • Sights – The Ruger’s sights are small, but are still functional for shooting at close distances. While the double action trigger is longer, it balances with a smoothness that does not affect the speed or accuracy of this weapon.
  • Reliability – This gun has proven reliability, firing with every round and ejecting the cartridge reliably and effectively.

While the Ruger’s LC9 is considered the big brother to the smaller .380, this weapon is a cross between a compact SR9 and a LCP based on the size.

The LCP9 includes an assortment of accessories, including a finger rest magazine floor plate, a zippered pouch, and lock. For the ultimate package, visit Techna Clip and purchase a LCP gun clip kit. The Conceal Carry Kit is perfect for the Ruger LC9 and installs within minutes, making it easy to conceal carry this petite weapon. This kit also includes a snap that goes over the exposed trigger, helping make accidental firings rare. The guard easily slides off when the gun is removed from the holster, which makes this concealed weapon easy to use in self-defense situations.




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There are several types of concealed carry gun holster on today’s market. Generally, what determines the type of gun belt clip is personal preference. To help gun owners make informed concealed carry decisions, this article features a general guide, explaining different holsters and accessories.

  • Clips – Techna Clip offers an easy to conceal, comfortable clip that is easy to install, does not add extra bulk and allows gun carriers to conceal their gun anywhere they can clip it. They offer several gun belt clips, including the Sig P238 gun clip, Ruger LC9 belt clip and several other popular models including the Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield and nine soon-to-be introduced models.
  • Belt Holsters – These types of holsters mount to belts’ slots or loops. While these offer good concealment, they do draw attention to a strange looking hip bulge. Belt holsters are made of leather, nylon or plastic. Leather requires a longer break in time, but ultimately offers slightly better concealment. To keep guns securely in holsters, there are several commonly used methods: tension screw, thumb break, ALS lock, Serpa lock and a rotating hood. Several belt holsters have repeatedly caused accidental discharges due to the location of the release button. The Blackhawk Sepra has been restricted from several shooting schools and policy academies due to these issues. Some belt holsters are not petite friendly, which puts shorter people at a disadvantage when using a higher gun. Additionally, people with inflexible shoulders may have more difficulties accessing their guns in emergencies.
  • Inside the Waistband Holsters – These offer more concealment than standard belt holsters. Available in nylon, plastic and leather, leather is the most secure, but offers a slower drawing time. Plastic is fast to draw, but is also the least secure. Some of the waistband holders are designed to tuck into shirts, making them even easier to conceal with baggy clothing.
  • Pocket Carry – Traditional pocket holsters keep the gun securely intact and help cover the trigger guard to prevent accidental discharges. Some of these even offer additional space for extra ammunition.
  • Fanny Packs – Generally out of style, fanny packs used to be popular in the 80s and early 90s. Drawing a weapon from a fanny pack requires two hands and is a slow process. In fact, in studies that compare real holster wear versus fanny packs, the latter has a longer draw time.
  • Ankle Holsters – Ankle holsters require two hands, as they require one hand to roll up pant legs and another to grab the pistol. There are few sufficient ankle holsters and they generally work best with lightweight gun models.
  • Shoulder Holsters – Most firearm trainers opt not to use shoulder holsters, as they are uncomfortable, bulky and not easy to conceal.

Each gun requires a different style of holster. It’s important for concealed gun owners to determine which type of holster best fits their individual gun, physical frame, reach and is comfortable for all-day wear.



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In Defense of Hand Guns

9/15/2014 8:30 AM

The month of July was dominated by the news story about the psychiatric patient that killed his caseworker and then turned his gun on his psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, grazed by a bullet the patient fired in his direction, fortunately had a gun and was able to fire back. In all, the mental patient, Richard Plotts, fired a shot to the caseworker’s face and several shots at Dr. Lee Silverman. Mr. Plotts had an extensive history of violence, gun arrests and mental healthy problems. Wrestled to the ground, Plotts had another 39 bullets on him, with police believing his intention was to use them.

In a case where life and death were uncertain, had Dr. Silverman saved an unknown numbers of lives – including his own – by having access to a personal firearm. Without his selfless act of heroism, the shooter would have likely killed other people in the mental facility.

This begs the question: should medical personnel be able to conceal carry weapons when working with patients that have violent assault and gun arrest histories? While Plotts survived the ordeal and surgery, he will now have to face the court system and the murder of caseworker Barbara Hunt and the attempted murder of Dr. Silverman.

Unfortunately, the mental hospital prohibits any personnel from carrying weapons, except on-duty law enforcement officers. The hospital is thankful to Dr. Silverman for his heroic actions, but it is still unclear what will happen when he returns. The hospital did issue a release that said, “[W]e look forward to Dr. Silverman’s return to serving patients at our hospital.”

Fortunately, Dr. Silverman had a gun in his pocket and was immediately able to disengage the confrontation before more people were killed or injured.

Techna Clip understands the importance of concealed carry, especially when dealing with violent offenders. Reports show that criminals on drugs that cause violence are virtually impossible to rationalize with and often use force if necessary. While Techna Clip does not advocate initiating force, it is important that gun handlers in these situations have the right to defend their lives.

Techna Clip offers a wide variety of gun belt clips. Their most popular concealed carry models include the Ruger LC9 belt clip. Models install on either the left or right side and a separate trigger guard is available for additional protection.

The Sig Sauer P238 belt clip is easy to install and offers concealed carry protection within mere minutes. Techna Clip also released their new Sig Sauer P938 belt clip model, which features flat grip plates only.

Additionally, other popular concealed carry gun belt clips include the Glock, Smith & Wesson and Springfield models.


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The National Shooting Sports Foundation is America’s largest organization that focuses on the hunting and shooting industries. The foundation offers a program, Project ChildSafe, which helps focus on gun awareness and safe gun handling practices.

The popular Project ChildSafe program give parents gun locks and teaches both children and parents about the importance of practicing gun safety at all times. One of the gun safety items they offer is a cable lock, which makes the gun inoperable – and safe around young children – until the lock is removed.

Founded in 1999, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has helped local and nationwide gun owning communities. They have even recruited local police departments to offer monthly training to residents, which are open to the public.

These classes simply serve as an awareness tool to help gun owners become more familiar with their weapons and teach appropriate gun safety. These classes also focus on local gun laws, including safely storing weapons, open carry, concealed carry and much more. The cost for these classes is minimal and the learning experience makes a life-long impact on adults, parents and children.

Gun owners should consider taking a structured firearms training course, which helps teach gun safety tips, offers gun specific recommendations, classroom training and even allows participants time on the firing range.

Basic firearm safety tips include the following:

  • When picking up a gun, always check to see if the weapon is loaded.
  • Even if a gun is unloaded, always point the muzzle in a safe direction, away from people.
  • All firearms should be unloaded when not in use.
  • Gun owners should never rely on their gun’s “safety” feature.
  • Always keep ammunition and weapons stored separately. Firearms should be placed in a secure location, such as a locked gun cabinet, fingerprint safe, etc.
  • Parents need to teach children to never play with guns and always report finding a firearm to adults.

For gun owners that pursue concealed carry, Techna Clip offers several concealed carry solutions that are affordable, convenient and comfortable. The Ruger LC9 belt clip is a best seller and receives outstanding reviews. They also carry a PUG holster mount, a conceal carry kit and the popular Ruger LCP 380 belt clip.

Additional popular models include the Sig P238 belt clip, Sig P938 model holster and the PUG holster mount. Other exceptional gun belt clips include the Glock, Smith & Wesson and Springfield.


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Several gun models are comfortable, compact and popular to conceal, including the Ruger LC9 and Sig Sauer. Techna Clip offers popular gun belt clips, which make it easy to comfortably carry a concealed firearm. Some weapons are too large for concealed carry. This leaves some firearm owners exercising both concealed and open carry.

There are few crimes where someone attacks a person who was openly carrying a firearm. A criminal rarely attacks an armed person, preferring an easy victim and target. In fact, people around public citizens that openly carry are also less likely to be victims of crimes.

However, statistics do not report how many times a crime has been prevented because a criminal chooses not to attack someone based on their surroundings and if people around them are practicing open carry.

Open carry simply allows the holster to attach to the outside of clothing, giving gun owners the option to conceal or open carry. Concealed carry generally requires an official state permit; however, states that allow open carry do not require prior authorization.

The truth is that statistics do show that people around open or concealed carriers often feel safer and more at ease. Open carry also gives the public the opportunity to discuss gun rights, presenting a safe and positive imagine of gun owners.

In fact, the chances of becoming a victim while practicing open carry is significantly less than those people that become victims of crimes. Not only do criminals avoid people carrying weapons, they are also less likely to avoid public scenes around these individuals.

Popular concealed or open carry gun models include the following:

  • Ruger LC9 – Small and stealth, this James Bond style gun is tiny but pacts deadly accuracy. Sophisticated, sleek and slim, this black ops style gun only weighs 7.7 ounces more than the traditional LCP. At under $500, this popular gun comes with a range of LCP Ruger accessories, including a popular Ruger LC9 gun clip.
  • Sig Sauer – Weighing a mere 14.2 ounces unloaded, this gun is designed for easy pocket concealment and Techna Clip makes a special Sig P238 gun clip that comfortably accommodates this timeless weapon. With no recoil issues, this is a soft-shooting pistol, making it easy for either gender to shoot. This gun is available in an assortment of grips and finishes, making it easy to customize for gifts.
  • Ruger LCP 380 – Compact and light, this weapon is barely larger than today’s common Smartphone. Easy to stash with a LCP gun clip, this weapon boasts amazing reliability, petite size and accuracy on the range.

No matter what weapon someone chooses for personal self-defense, it is important he/she is comfortable holding and shooting the weapon.




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As an American, you have the right to own guns. You also have a common-sense duty to help protect that right, which means focusing on being a safe gun owner. Every time a gun incident occurs and makes the evening news, it’s one more strike against pro-gun ownership and another statistic for liberal news media to exploit.

Being a responsible gun owner is simple. It means practicing and teaching proper gun handling techniques, showing people that guns are deadly weapons that are only used when force is required. Guns are ideal for defending families from attackers, especially during home invasions, which can often result in violent crimes, rapes, beatings and even death.

It’s important that Americans preserve and constitutionally defend their right to bear arms, as this Second Amendment right gives Americans freedom from tyranny and oppression, something our forefathers fought strongly against. While our generation may not know the definition of tyranny or have experienced a significant revolt against a Mother Country, such as Boston’s legendary Tea Party, our ancestors felt stifled and controlled by England, which imposed heavy taxation and burdens upon successful American entrepreneurs.

In a land where freedom reigns supreme, our society has focused on creativity, individualism and leadership, showing entrepreneurs that living here is beneficial for growing businesses and our nation’s economy.

Instead of guns once being preserved for self-defense, liberal politicians and media outlets have exploited them into something that is commonly associated with hostility, anger and revenge.

As law-abiding Americans, we have the constitutional duty to be responsible and not sell weapons to people that obviously suffer from forms of instability, are dangerous or mentally ill. This does not mean we are responsible for conducting a thorough medical exam, as most citizens are not qualified mental health experts. It just means that if something does not feel right and a background check does not check out, forgo selling the person a gun. This advice is not only for private gun owners, but also for gun sellers.

In a world that revolves around social media and Google searches, run a quick background check on your Smartphone. If a YouTube video pops up that shows the person explaining why Americans must die or how they want to retaliate against bullies at school, calmly back out of the gun sale and report your findings to the local authorities. The sale of a gun is not worth the money and consider the lives you could be saving. In fact, you’d be making our forefathers proud, as you’re contributing to preserving the valued Second Amendment that they valiantly fought for, helping to preserve our constitutional freedoms and ensure that we are never met with government tyranny and forced taxation without representation.

Techna Clip supports the Second Amendment. They offer concealed carry gun belt clips, including popular selling models, such as the Sig P238 belt clip, Ruger LC9 clip and the LCP 380 holster.




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Anti-gun legislation is fast to point fingers at mass shootings, citing that the reason they occur is that guns are legal in America. In fact, upon further research, there is a commonality in nearly all mass shooting. This common thread has nothing to do with guns, but everything to do with psychotropic drugs.

Research shows that within the last 20 years, nearly every single suicide or violent shooting relates to the shooter or aggressor actively taking or recently taking these types of medications.

Psychotropic medications are used to describe the class of medications that treat psychiatric conditions, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, mood stabilizers, neuropathic pain, anti-seizure medications, sleep disorders and even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Popular medications include Ambien, Ativan, Buspar, Celexa, Cymbalta, Effexor, Elavil, Klonopin, Lexapro, Lunesta, Neurontin, Paxil, Prozac, Ritalin, Valium, Wellbutrin and Xanax, to name a few.

While some medications do work well for people suffering from mental illness, it can often result in trial and error, as each person’s body responds differently to chemicals. Some effects of Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors (SSRI) include suicide and violent behaviors.

While the people that need these medications report feeling better, it is concerning because a misdiagnosis or negative medication side effects can lead to patients feeling “detached” or disconnected, causing them to lose their emotions and empathy. This can overtake people’s natural instincts that help guide them to choose right over wrong.

The following highlights significant mass shootings where psychotropic drugs were found to be a concerning factor and contributor to deadly actions.

  • Mass shooters from Columbine, Colorado, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold injured 23 students, one teacher and killed 12 students before committing suicide. Klebold’s medical records have never been released, but Harris was previously on Zoloft and Luvox.
  • Jeff Weise, a 16-year-old from Red Lake, Minnesota, was prescribed more than three times the starting dose of Prozac before he shot students, his grandfather and grandfather’s girlfriend, before turning the gun on himself.
  • Chris Fetters was 13 years old when he received a prescription for Prozac. He later killed his favorite aunt.
  • After taking Zoloft for six days, Matthew Miller, age 13, hung himself.
  • After taking Ritalin, TJ Solomon, a 15-year-old, wounded six classmates in Conyers, Georgia.
  • Matt Saari, a 22-year-old, killed nine students and a teacher, wounding another student and then committing suicide. He was taking a benzodiazapine and a SSRI.

Believed to be cries for help, these patients were likely on the wrong psychotropic drugs, causing them to commit heinous crimes, which often resulted in suicides.

To help promote public health awareness, Techna Clip recommends that politicians focus on treating the root cause of problems, which involve mental health medications and conditions, instead of rallying for anti-gun legislation. Techna Clip is a supporter of the Second Amendment and offers a variety of concealed carry gun belt clips, including popular LCP Ruger accessories.



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In the wake of the University of Santa Barbara shooting, Massachusetts has once again revived its hotly contested gun control debate. Already one of the strictest states in the U.S., Massachusetts lawmakers are calling for even more stringent legislation that would further restrict the sales of rifles and shotguns, with a special focus on not selling weapons to mentally ill individuals.

The new measure does not address some safety issues and omits completely disqualifying gun buyers that have received previous hospitalization for mental illness treatment or restricting the quantities of guns purchased per month.

The problem with Massachusetts is that their legislature is quick to react, but fails to propose common-sense bills that create a reasonable approach to gun control. In fact, in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre more than 40 anti-gun control measures were filed. Causing politicians to drown in their paperwork, a special task force was commissioned to review the bills, creating what they determined was a “reasonable” gun-control effort.

The most recent Massachusetts bill requires that anyone found to be mentally ill by a court of law enter into a federal background check database, which means that it will make him or her ineligible for gun ownership. The legislation also provides police chiefs and law enforcement with more leeway and discretion, allowing them to deny licenses for rifles and shotguns. This information is not based on opinion, but on previous disturbances of domestic violence, etc., where household members are reluctant to file complaints.

Opponents against this measure believe that this gives law enforcement too much power, allowing them to enforce their own discretion instead of concrete criminal or mental illness records. Opponents say this process must not simply be arbitrary opinions, as this violates civil rights.

The bill also advocates a public service measure and campaign that encourages friends and family to report unstable people, allowing law enforcement to temporarily or permanently deny weapons to those in unstable home environments. Additionally, this bill would also reduce private gun sales by requiring that weapons be purchased at gun shows or via authorized online gun dealers.

Gun advocates do agree that the legislation that involves focusing on expanding mental health services, suicide prevention and teaching danger awareness in school is a positive highlight of this bill. This bill will be up for approval and passage this summer, but as most experts point out, the significant firearm battle is at the federal, not state level.

Techna Clip is a proponent of concealed carry. They offer a wide variety of concealed carry gun belt clips, including those designed for the popular LCP 380 holster, Sig Sauer belt clip and Ruger LC9 clip.


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While the hotly contested debate continues, “Do guns people or do people kill people,” there is one point that that no one can deny: mass murderers obviously lack the necessary mental health skills to cope with everyday life and society. If politicians focus on strengthening mental health facilities and the government pours more resources into mandatory health training, a significant number of gun shootings are avoidable.

The problem with simply denying gun rights to the general population is that people that suffer from mental illness will simply use other deadly forces to carry out their psychotic plans. This was proven in China when a man took a knife and slashed 22 children and one adult. In a separate attack, a girl and three adults were violently murdered with an axe, and a box cutter incident left eight children wounded.

In fact, the latest shooting involving Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old that is responsible for the recent attacks at the University of Santa Barbara, reported that he felt such intense rage and hatred that he felt propelled to write a 107,000-word manifesto. Feeling rejected by women, Rodger targeted a fraternity, ultimately killing six people.

The one thing these incidents all have in common is mental illness and instability.

Unfortunately, a necessary article that is severely lacking under Obama Care is mental health services. The administration says it makes them readily available, but yet delayed medical treatment combined with doctors’ fears to prescribe addictive medications is ruling mental health treatments. Many doctors express concern that their records will be subject to scrutiny by government officials. Instead of providing the necessary levels of care that mental health providers need to offer, the government ties these professionals’ hands, forcing them to enter a sea of bureaucratic red tape.

Instead, many insurance companies claim that medications are too expensive and they require that patients try three or four different antidepressants. Unfortunately, not all antidepressants work with body chemistries, meaning that some are actually more harmful than good. For example, Lexapro has a new generic equivalent – escitalopram – yet most insurance companies require that patients try three to four prior antidepressants, that have more side effects, before approving this drug. A 30-day supply of this generic drug costs less than $2 a month. Doctors agree this new medication is far superior to other antidepressants, but unfortunately, a suffocating amount of paperwork makes it impossible for patients to simply try this medication first.

Techna Clip urges lawmakers to promote mental health safety instead of simply focusing on anti-gun agendas. Techna Clip supports Americans right to bear arms and defend themselves against force and tyranny. They offer a selection of LCP Ruger accessories, including the Ruger LC9 gun clip.



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As more news media speculate about Hillary Clinton’s possible 2016 presidential run, the truth begins to bubble to the surface about her political stance on guns. Is she or is she not pro the Second Amendment and should she have a successful presidential run, where does gun control stand in America?

Over the years, Mrs. Clinton has re-branded her image, one from liberal, socialist democrat to a progressive democrat that supports republican, democratic and independent viewpoints.

Long ago, Mrs. Clinton was quoted as stating: “I respect the Second Amendment. I respect the rights of lawful gun owners to own guns, to use their guns, but I also believe that most lawful gun owners whom I have spoken with for many years across our country also want to be sure that we keep those guns out of the wrong hands. And as president, I will work to try to bridge this divide, which I think has been polarizing and, frankly, doesn’t reflect the common sense of the American people. We will strike the right balance to protect the constitutional right but to give people the feeling & the reality that they will be protected from guns in the wrong hands.”

Mrs. Clinton’s true beliefs are slowly surfacing, especially as America’s liberal media supports more stringent gun control. Recently, Mrs. Clinton was quoted in May 2014 at a speech given to the National Council for Behavioral Health, which highlighted her less-than-middle-of-the-road gun control stance. She stated “We have to rein in what has become an almost article of faith, that anybody can own a gun anywhere, anytime. And I don’t believe...”

Contrary to what Mrs. Clinton believes, as the former First Lady of the United States, U.S. Secretary of State and U.S. Senator, is she truly up-to-date on the latest gun control measures? If Mrs. Clinton were well educated on gun rights, she would realize that gun laws do not allow anyone to own a gun, nor can people carry guns anytime or anywhere. The government has imposed several measures to ensure gun safety, including background checks, licensing and substantial waiting periods.

Mrs. Clinton further emphasized her gun control beliefs stating: “I don’t think any parent, any person, should have to fear about their child going to school or going to college because someone, for whatever reasons; psychological, emotional, political, ideological, whatever it means, could possibly enter that school property with an automatic weapon and murder innocent children, students, teachers...”

Even though statistics show that shootings and crime rates have decreased, the liberal media attaches itself to these heart-pulling stories, making it sound as though they dominate the news and are common among American society and within our culture.

Conservatives and independents are carefully watching Mrs. Clinton as she continues giving speeches in preparation for her likely presidential bid. The next two years should prove an interesting time for gun control and gun support advocates.

Techna Clip is a supporter of gun rights and concealed carry. They offer an extensive listing of gun belt clips, including popular models such as the Sig P238 belt clip, LC9 gun clip and LCP Ruger accessories.




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The summertime features cooler fabrics and less clothing, which mean it is important to alter concealed handgun carry methods to accommodate warmer temperatures.

Techna Clip offers helpful tips for effectively carrying concealed gun belt clips. When it is warm outside, stay cool and armed with the following attire tips.

  1. Clothing – Wear looser-fitting clothing that is stylish and simple. Consider choosing cotton, linen, rayon or light colors to help offset summertime heat.
  2. Waistband – Instead of concealed carrying inside the waistband, considering carrying outside the waistband or in pockets, as this allows for more form fitting clothing.
  3. Firearm Size – Opt for a slightly smaller firearm in the summertime. This is a good opportunity for concealed carry gun owners to switch from the standard LC9 belt clip to the Sig P238 belt clip. Downsize gun size to avoid having to wear bulky, warm coats. Today’s LCP 380 and 9mm guns contain lightweight alloy or light polymer frames. Practice regularly with firearms to see what model and type is most comfortable, especially for quick-draw concealed carry.
  4. Pocket Carry – Consider carrying guns in larger pockets. It is important to pick a suitable firearm. Use a Techna Clip holster to keep guns safely concealed and securely in place. Pocket carrying can be more challenging than regular holster carrying, which is why it’s recommended to practice drawing weapons regularly to make sure shooters are smooth, fluid and efficient with their movements. When practicing pocket carry, only use the pocket for a concealed weapon. Avoid putting any other items in pockets, such as keys, wallets, coins, monetary bills or cell phones, as this can make it more difficult to pull a weapon, should a self-defense situation arise.
  5. Fanny Pack – For long trips or in tourist vacation areas, a fanny pack may be a good temporary solution for concealed carry.
  6. Open Carry – Most states allow open carry and while it is not ideal, it may be the only option available in certain situations. Use a holster to secure the weapon. Always check local and state regulations before assuming concealed carry is legal or appropriate.
  7. Heavy Concealment – There are a wide variety of holsters available on the market, including bra holsters, bellybands and appendix carry pouches. These can be ineffective in emergencies, as they require shooters get past clothing to obtain their concealed weapons. Studies show that life-and-death situations give people an average of 1.5 seconds to react. Regularly practice dry firing with weapons to ensure the highest level of comfort, aim and accuracy.

Rotating seasonal concealed carry guns is recommended for people who regularly practice concealed carry. It is important to frequently practice with guns. Even though handguns may be similar in size and shape, each weapon fires differently and it is important to have fluid movements when reacting to emergency scenarios.

Techna Clip is not responsible for the concealed carry tips presented in this article. These are simply recommendations and suggestions. Techna Clip bears no liability or responsibility should these tips result in harmful bodily injury(s). Techna Clip is hereby held harmless from the information contained in this article.




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Evolving over thousands of years, humankind has used weapons for hunting, foraging, self-defense and war. Invented in 1260 in China, it took nearly three centuries for gunpowder to evolve into a useful weapon. Later, these weapons rapidly spread through trade and commerce across Europe, Africa and the Middle East

The firearm that is similar to today’s models is the fire lance, which was a black-powder tube that attached to a spear. This weapon’s primary use was as a flamethrower. Early warriors would place shrapnel inside the barrel, which would cause flames and projectiles to rain from the sky, harming enemies.

To make weapons more efficient, China eventually began to use metal barrels, which replaced the common bamboo and paper mixtures of ancient times. Efficient projectiles that closely mimicked the shape and size of the barrel provided consistent results and accurate aim. These eventually replaced the old-style shrapnel. The ratio of saltpeter was experimented with, helping to increase the distance and power of explosive powders. With these advancements, the first primitive gun emerged, featuring a metal barrel and a projectile that used high-nitrate gunpowder to propel it. Archaeologists believe the oldest surviving gun dates to 1288 and was made of bronze. It was located in the modern-day Archeng District in China, an area where written records indicate several battles and wars once occurred.

In the 14th century, the Middle East obtained firearms. The Battle of Ain Jalut used history’s first recorded cannon; however, conflicting reports say the Mongols introduced gunpowder to this region.

Eventually guns made their way into more civilized regions, such as Europe. Archeologists believe there are two possible explanations for how guns arrived in Europe. Once theory is that the ancient Silk Road trading path, which joined the Middle East and Europe, helped facilitate gun trading. The second theory is that Mongols brought guns during their invasion of Europe during the 13th century. Russia reports having guns that date to 1382 and Europe from Otepää, Estonia, in 1396.

Eventually, these ancient guns, which were similar to hand-held cannons, evolved into a more convenient form of weaponry – the flintrock rifle. This led to the development of the breechloader and then ultimately today’s automatic weapons.

Repeating and automatic loading firearms date to the Spanish-America War and were manufactured in Springfield, Massachusetts, at the Springfield Armory. These modern bolt-action guns made appearances in several worldwide battles. The first rapid-fire firearm, which was invented by Richard Gatling, dates to the American Civil War.

The first self-loading rifle that became an instant success is credited with being designed by Mexican general Manuel Mondragón. This weapon appeared in many wars, including the Mexican Revolution, World War I and even Vietnam.

The advanced gun designs created by humankind are nothing short of brilliant. Forever changing how countries conduct war, the advent of modern-day firearms has helped forge peace with nations, promote alliances, generate positive World War outcomes and allowed America to become the world’s foremost superpower.

Techna Clip offers an assortment of gun belt clips, which are designed for convenient and easy concealed carry. These gun belt clips include the P238 gun clip, Ruger LC9 clip and a LCP 380 holster, as well as a wide variety of other gun-related accessories and holsters.




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Upcoming August Gun Shows

7/1/2014 8:30 AM

Techna Clip offers the latest gun belt clips, which are ideal for concealed carry permit holders. Whether it is collecting guns or simply browsing handguns for added protection, gun shows offer excellent opportunities to select comfortable concealed carry weapons. Gun shows are superb venues to test guns, view different styles and manufacturers, and vendors can provide gun safety education and tips. Techna Clip specializes in offering a LCP gun clip, a Sig Sauer belt clip and many more convenient concealed carry options. Highlighted below are upcoming national gun shows in August 2014.

Gun Shows and Knife Shows

August 2-3

  • Mobile, Alabama – Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds
  • Payson, Arizona – Tonto-Apache Recreation Center Gymnasium
  • Danville, Arkansas – Leon Millsap Center
  • Denver, Colorado – Merchandise Mart
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Fort Lauderdale Armory
  • Jacksonville, Florida – Morocco Shrine
  • Cartersville, Georgia – Clarence Brown Conference Center
  • Columbus, Georgia – Columbus Iron Works
  • Boonville, Indiana – Warrick County 4H Center, Inc.
  • Gonzales, Louisiana – Lamar Dixon Expo Hall
  • Hart, Michigan – Oceana County Fairgrounds
  • Batesville, Mississippi – Batesville Civic Center
  • Hattiesburg, Mississippi – Forrest County Multipurpose Center
  • Old Forge, New York – Hiltebrant Center
  • Raleigh, North Carolina – Jim Graham Building North Carolina State Fairgrounds
  • Dayton, Ohio – Hara Arena
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Oklahoma City Fairgrounds
  • Wister, Oklahoma – Batesville Independence County Fairgrounds
  • Hazelton, Pennsylvania – Genettis Best Western
  • Pottstown, Pennsylvania – SunnyBrook
  • Columbia, South Carolina – Jamil Temple
  • Kingsport, Tennessee – Convention Center
  • Austin, Texas – Cedar Park Center
  • Dallas, Texas – Dallas Market Hall
  • San Antonio, Texas – San Antonio Events Center
  • Dale City, Virginia – VFW Post 1503
  • Dowell, Virginia – Farm Bureau of Meadow Event Park
  • Ontario, Canada – Convention Center

August 8-10

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado – Colorado Springs Event Center
  • Cocoa, Florida – Holiday Inn Express and Space Coast Convention Center
  • Savannah, Georgia – Savannah Civic Center
  • Shipshewana, Indiana – Shipshewana Event Center
  • Wichita, Kansas – Century II Expo
  • Paducah, Kentucky – Julian Carrol Convention Center
  • Lafayette, Louisiana – Lafayette Event Center
  • Mount Clements, Michigan – Gibraltar Trade Center
  • Anoka, Minnesota – Ice Arena
  • Jackson, Mississippi – Trade Mart Building
  • Springfield, Missouri – Ozark Empire Fairgrounds
  • Billings, Montana – Holiday Inn
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina – LJVM Coliseum Complex
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico – New Mexico State Fair Grounds
  • Unadilla, New York – Ron & Gun Club
  • Wilmington, Ohio – Roberts Centre
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Fairgrounds
  • Shawnee, Oklahoma – Expo Center
  • Portland, Oregon – Holiday Inn
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
  • Greenville, South Carolina – TD Convention Center
  • Corpus Christi, Texas – Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds
  • Houston, Texas – George R. Brown Convention Center
  • Mesquite, Texas – Mesquite Texas Exhibition Center
  • Round Top, Texas – Lone Star Gallery
  • Tyler, Texas – Harvey Hall Convention Center

August 15-17

  • Huntsville, Alabama – Rocket City Gun & Knife Expo
  • Prescott Valley, Arizona – Tim’s Toyota Center
  • Jonesboro, Arkansas – Arkansas State Fairgrounds
  • Costa Mesa, California – Orange County Fairgrounds
  • Loveland, Colorado – Outlets at Loveland
  • Ocala, Florida – Ocala National Guard Armory
  • West Palm Beach, Florida – Gun Club Road
  • Cobb, Georgia – County Civic Center
  • Bowling Green, Kentucky – Holiday Inn Convention Center
  • Kenner, Louisiana – Pontchartrain Center
  • Kalamazoo, Michigan – Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds Expo Center
  • Taylor, Michigan – Gibraltar Trade Center
  • Charlotte, North Carolina – The Metrolina Expo Center
  • Greenville, North Carolina – Greenville Convention Center
  • Berea, Ohio – Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds
  • Sharonville, Ohio – Convention Center
  • Shawnee, Oklahoma – Expo Center
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma – Upper Level Expo Building
  • East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania – VFW 2540
  • Leesport, Pennsylvania – Farmers Market Appalachian Promotions
  • Knoxville, Tennessee – Expo Center
  • Nacogdoches, Texas – Civic Center
  • Pasadena, Texas, Pasadena Convention Center
  • Weatherford, Texas – Posse Grounds
  • Fishersville, Virginia – Augusta Expoland
  • Brattleboro, Vermont – Withington Skating Rink
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming – Fairgrounds-Archer

August 22-24

  • Dothan, Alabama – Saint Andrews Market
  • Colorado Springs, CO – Freedom Financial Services Expo Center
  • Loveland, Colorado – The Ranch Tanner Gun Shows
  • LaBelle, Florida – LaBelle Civic Center
  • Dade City, Florida – Pasco County Fairgrounds
  • Palm Bay, Florida Palm Bay Regional Park Community Center
  • Gwinnett, Georgia – North Atlanta Trade Center
  • Belleville, Illinois – Belle-Clair Expo
  • Hauma, Louisiana – Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center
  • Ruston, Louisiana – Ruston Civic Center
  • Stevenson, Maryland – Kent Island American Legion
  • Biloxi, Mississippi – Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center
  • Kansas City, Missouri – KCI Expo
  • Sedalia, Missouri – Convention Hall in Liberty Park
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Cashman Center
  • Circleville, Ohio – Pickaway County Fairgrounds
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Fairgrounds
  • Bradford, Pennsylvania – Masonic Center
  • Monroeville, Pennsylvania – Convention Center
  • Canton, Texas – Civic Center
  • Fort Worth, Texas – Will Rogers Center
  • New Braunfels, Texas – Civic Center
  • Richmond, Virginia – Richmond Raceway
  • Centralia, Washington – SW Washington Fairgrounds
  • Yakima, Washington – Yakima State Fair Park
  • Milwood, West Virginia – Jackson County Armed Forced Forces Reserve Center
  • Rock Springs, Wyoming – Fairgrounds

August 29-31

  • Phoenix, Arizona – El Zaribah Shriners
  • Cape Coral, Florida – German American Social Club
  • Orlando, Florida – Bahia Shrine
  • Saint Charles, Missouri – Convention Center Plaza
  • Wilmington, North Carolina – National Guard Armory
  • Concord, New Hampshire – Everett Ice Arena
  • Carson City, Nevada – Carson City Community Center
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Sports Center
  • Newburgh, new York – Ice Time Sports Complex
  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – All Star Conference Center
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee – Camp Jordan Arena
  • McAllen, Texas – McAllen Convention Center
  • Mesquite, Texas – Mesquite Rodeo Convention Center
  • San Antonio, Texas – Exposition Hall at the Freeman
  • Schertz, Texas – Civic Center
  • Roanoke, Virginia – Civic Center
  • Casper, Wyoming – Fairgrounds

Techna Clip recommends that gun enthusiasts contact each gun show separately to obtain details, specifics, ticket information, times, etc.


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Across America, people are shouting out, debating if concealed and open carry laws help deter firearm related crimes. While our founding fathers felt very strongly that every American had the right to bear arms, state and federal government statues cannot help but weigh in on the issue. With attorneys analyzing every constitutional word, groups want a “yea” or “nay” answer: are firearms indeed a constitutional right or a something that can be stripped away by congress or the executive powers that be?

With this looming debate, a local San Angelo, Texas, group wants their legal gun carrying rights expanded. In fact, in April 2014, The Tom Green County Chapter of Open Carry Texas staged an armed stroll to demonstrate their continued right to bear arms.

With nearly 60 members, this group says their goal is to increase constitutional awareness and promote more education about the benefits of open carry movements and gun ownership rights.

Proponents and members of this group believe it is their constitutional God-given right to protect themselves against tyranny, oppression and self-defense situations. They believe that openly carrying guns gives law-abiding citizens the right to help effectively detour crime.

Nationwide, other advocates have spoken up, saying that nearly 90-percent of the nation – while varying degrees of percentages are agreed upon – believe that concealed carry laws should be permissible.

This small Texas gun rights chapter is trying to raise awareness and campaigns that help promote concealed carry laws, allowing people to defend them accordingly in life and death situations.

Coming as quite a shock to many, Texas is only one of five states that prohibits open carrying of modern firearms, such as rifles, black-powder revolvers and shotguns. Any antique revolver that does not use a rimfire cartridge or centerfire is not illegal under state laws. While it is legal to open carry in 45 other states, Texas residents want to raise awareness that it is not in Texas.

This group of individuals is striving to start their own movement, one that gears towards educating the public about the benefits of open carry, concealed carry and the necessity of self-defense. As this group gains further public exposure, they strive to draw awareness to the benefits of open carry and allowing criminals to visibly see weapons, which can help detour criminal activities.

Techna Clip is a strong proponent of constitutional rights and fully supports the Second Amendment. Techna Clip offers a wide selection of gun belt clips, including popular models for the Ruger LCP clip, Sig Sauer gun clip and the LCP 380 holster.




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Defining Concealed Carry

6/20/2014 8:30 AM

Concealed carry, also known as carrying a concealed weapon (CCW), is when someone practices carrying a handgun in a public area. Concealed carry can include carrying a weapon on someone or near someone, such as in a purse.

Not all weapons are created equal. For example, in some areas, such as Florida, carrying pepper spray that is more than two ounces in volume may require a CCW permit. Other states permit smaller chemical self-defense sprays, allowing them to remain hidden without proper CCW permitting.

While there is no federal law that addresses concealed-carry permits, each state has passed their own rulings on this subject. Some states permit citizens to apply for and obtain a concealed firearms weapon permit. This allows permit holders to carry concealed firearms legally. In other states, there are complete bans on concealed permits, with Illinois’ law being constitutionally overturned by the federal appeals court.

States have different labels or terms for the common phrase “concealed carry.” This may include Concealed Defensive/Deadly Weapon Permit/License, Concealed Handgun License/Permit (CHL/CHP), License to Carry Firearms (LTC/LTCF), Concealed Pistol License CPL) or the Concealed Carry Permit/License (CCP/CCL). Of the 50 states, 14 do not distinguish between open carry and concealed carry, which are regulated by a single permit.

Generally, the number of concealed permit revocations is limited, and the grounds generally require conviction of felonies or gross misdemeanors. Texas studies show that the most common reason for revocations is a conviction of a DUI, which involved aggravated assault and unlawful carrying of a firearm.

Laws banning carrying concealed weapons date back to 1813, when Louisiana and Kentucky announced it was no longer legal under their state constitutions. Several states soon followed, including Indiana (1820), Ohio (1859) and Tennessee and Virginia (1838). Soon afterwards, other laws passed in Florida, Texas and even Oklahoma. Through the early 2000s, many of these states contained “Restrictive May-Issue” or “No-Issue” states, which date back to the Jim Crow racial segregation era.

Widely differing by state, concealed carry permitting policies vary. While one state may permit concealed carry, a bordering state may prohibit this and consider it a felony offense. Just because one state allows concealed carry does not mean that residents should assume this permission extends from state-to-state. It is highly advised that before residents travel, they thoroughly check state laws, including those that pertain to federal lands and park areas.

Techna Clip supports the rights to conceal carry and offers a wide variety of easy-to-install gun belt clips. These belt clips are designed for popular concealed carry models, including the LC9 gun clip, Sig P238 belt clip and the LCP 380 holster.

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Despite popular beliefs, statistics show that gun violence is decreasing in the wake of more Americans carrying weapons. In fact, the Gun Violence in Ohio study conducted in March 2013 shows that aggravated gun assaults, robberies and homicides have decreased by an astounding 44.5-percent.

The same study highlighted information that showed that gun crime rates in 2001 were approximately two per 1,000 Ohio residents, with this number dropping to 1.5 by 2011. Experts believe this decrease correlates to more citizens concealed carrying weapons, which has helped prevent and decrease the number of crimes committed with firearms.

This astounding drop has astonished lawmakers and gun control advocates alike. However, these references were compiled by the State of Ohio, not the Buckeye Firearms Association, which supports gun rights and ownership. As an unbiased source, the State of Ohio has no interest in altering statistics, but simply focuses on reporting solid, aggressive facts.

Some of these statistics are not just people that happened upon a victim being targeted by a gun and pulled their weapon in self-defense. Some of these statistics include people that were victims and were able to save their own lives by using concealed carry weapons.

In fact, a Columbus, Ohio, man, Mr. Kelby Smith, happened to be exercising his right to concealed carry and bare arms. He was in the driveway of a family member’s house when a gun was pulled, placed against his head and a thief demanded money. Mr. Smith was carrying his two-month-old son and while Mr. Smith handed the thief his money, the thief drew his own weapon and pointed it at them. While the robber grabbed Mr. Smith’s money and tried to make a quick getaway, he turned around and pointed the weapon directly at Mr. Smith and his son. Mr. Smith, quick to react, drew his concealed carry weapon, shielded his baby from the robber, and shot. The robber was treated at a nearby hospital and is under police jurisdiction.

Acting in self-defense, Mr. Smith was able to save the lives of his baby and himself. Whether people are spiritual or simply believe in universal good fortune, someone was watching out for Mr. Smith and his precious son. Thank goodness, Ohio recognizes the right to concealed carry, as this is one instant where two lives were saved.

Techna Clip offers several gun belt clips, including the Ruger LC belt clip, Sig P238 belt clip and the LCP 380 belt clip. With new and innovative offerings, Techna Clip focuses on designing gun belt clips that fit popular handgun models, allowing citizens across America to exercise their right to bear arms and legally conceal carry.



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Glock Top Pistol Choice

6/8/2014 8:30 AM

A number one choice for gun owners and concealed carry permit holders is the Glockpistol. Smooth on the tongue and easy to say, the timeless Glock has an appeal like no other gun in history. A top choice among law enforcement, criminals commonly desire this smooth, sleek weapon. Highlighted in Hollywood movies, rapped to in music lyrics and used by nearly two-thirds of all U.S. police departments, this choice weapon was designed in 1982 and has enjoyed a steady increase in popularity.

Designed by Gaston Glock, this innovative designer decided to reinvent weapons that were currently on the market, designing a completely new handgun. Native to Austria, he asked various experts what changes they would recommend to a handgun, especially one set to dominate the modern-day era.

Experts agreed that handguns should have a significant ammunition capacity, while simultaneously being reliable and durable. Handguns with minimal recoil and high reliability were also must-haves at the top of experts’ lists. So, Gaston Glock took all of these recommendations to heart and created a top-notch weapon that has been highly sought after for years.

The Austrian Army adopted the original weapon, the Glock 17. Holding up to 17 bullets, this handgun only contained 36 parts. Unlike other semiautomatic handguns, this weapon did not have an external safety or decocking mechanism. This lightweight model was easily interchangeable and could be submerged, dropped and subjected to extreme temperatures, which made it the ideal army military grade weapon.

It was not until 1988 that the Glock became an integral part of America’s gun culture. With the American drug trade at an all time high, many police officers wanted a safe weapon that would give them peace of mind. With significant ammunition capacity and a light body frame, the Glock quickly won over police stations nationwide.

The Glock has an easy learning curve, which makes it a dream for novice officers. With a lightweight profile, officers report an increase in accuracy and an extremely steady trigger pull, which means less recoil that results in a safer weapon.

Marketing was an advantageous product of making the Glock so popular in America. Creative endeavors included having the Glock appear on popular nightly dramas, such as “Law and Order” and the popular Bruce Willis flick “Die Hard 2.” Suddenly people could not get enough of this staple Glock weapon. Within mere years, the Glock was a common household word and people around American could easily recognize this popular handgun.

It wasn’t until 1991 that the first Glock mass shooting occurred. In Texas, 20 people were killed and within hours, Congress was meeting to determine if the Glock was indeed a safe weapon to have on U.S. streets. In fact, the ultimate result was President Clinton’s Assault Weapon’s Ban in 1994, which resulted in decreasing magazine capacities to 10 rounds. The company eventually overcame this ban and proceeded to propel itself into gun infamy.

Today, Techna Clip offers several gun belt clips, including the Glock gun belt clip and the Glock conceal carry kit and the Snake Eyes Tritium Night Sights. Always creating innovative products, Techna Clip strives to stay up-to-date with the latest gun technologies.

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Techna Clip specializes in creating advanced concealed carry holsters that are perfect for self-defense. Working with Springfield, Techna Clip understands these gun models are worth their weight in gold, as Springfield’s pistols are poised to dominate the self-defense market.

Springfield just keeps setting the bar higher for other gun manufacturers. Whatever they set their sites on (pun intended), whether it is a 100-year-old classic remake of the 1911, a vintage polymer-frame pistol or a 50-year-old M1A, turns to gun enthusiast gold.

Their most recent addition to their arsenal of weapons includes the XD-S. Originally, Springfield created more hefty versions of this gun, which included the XD. While most gun enthusiasts’ thought this weapon was easy to shoot and fun, it was not versatile for extended concealed carry.

Springfield’s latest XD-S offering is a .45 ACP. With a polymer frame, this awesome weapon can hold half a box of modern-day ammunition and is still slimmer in profile than a 1911. The flexible polymer grip combines with an outstanding frame and shape, which features minimal recoil despite its petite size and lightweight profile.

Soon, experts anticipate that Springfield will dominate the market, with their revolutionizing and ever-changing gun technologies. Experts say that the XD-S is more manageable and easy to use with an extra-length magazine and coordinating frame-size sleeve. Still sturdy, this weapon delivers a powerful and deadly punch in self-defense situations.

The latest XD-S design is flatter, an ounce lighter than traditional models and the extended clip allows an additional two rounds to be held in the weapon, making for a total of nine shots instead of the traditional five.

Convenient to carry, this weapon is easy to clean and disassembles like a dream. However, before disassembling the weapon, gun owners must keep in mind like the entire XD pistol line, the weapon must be dry-fired before disassembly.

With it being common knowledge that concealed carry permits are on the rise, gun owners have a wide range of concealed carry weapons at their disposal. Techna Clip offers a wide selection of gun belt clips, including popular, bestselling models such as the Ruger LC9 clip, Sig P238 gun clip and the LCP 380 holster.

Always inventing new and innovative products, Techna Clip is a leader in providing advanced concealed carry, helping make sure that concealed carry safety is the number one priority for consumers and customers alike. They also offer a wide selection of accessories, including Glock night sights, gun cleaning cloths, replacement parts, trigger guards and holster mounts.



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Fast pistol deployment can save lives in self-defense situations. Handguns are easy to carry in holsters, but when the need arises and a self-defense situation is at hand, there are several ways to discreetly carry a gun so it’s ready to aim and fire, should the need occur.

People can draw their handguns and position them behind their legs. This position makes it easy to have the gun securely in hand, while simultaneously maintaining a low-key demeanor that doesn’t raise interests or threats. This technique is routinely taught to police personnel for violent offender traffic stops. This method can be used when answering the door at night. If the person is not a threat, the gun can be put away. If the person is a threat or an intruder, it’s easy to aim and fire the weapon.

When using the aforementioned position, it’s important to keep the gun’s muzzle in a safe direction and never place the finger on the trigger. The finger should be placed along the gun’s frame, which helps prevent accidental discharges. Also make sure the gun doesn’t point directly at the body or leg, which can also be a hazard.

The low-ready position is when the body’s arms are fully extended, but the muzzle is depressed, but the gun is not pointed at a person. This is a more aggressive stance, but allows the intruder to know there is a gun and the person is armed, which hopefully causes an intruder to flee. This position allows the gun to easily be raised directly at eye level and within sight to fire, if the need should arise and a self-defense situation occurs. This position is not without controversy, as many people believe this could lead to an escalation in violent behaviors.

Whatever position someone uses, never place a finger on the trigger unless it is determined with 100-percent accuracy that the intruder is going to attack and the shooter fears for his/her life. Not simply just fears, but feels that imminent damage and death is present or occurring.

A close-quarter hold involves an elbow being held as high as possible, with the heel of the hand resting against the pectoral muscle. This keeps the gun below eye level, which makes it nearly impossible to use sights, but does prepare someone for a close distance assault.

While handgun skills are readily compared to shooting accuracy, the two are actually quite different. Delivering accurate aim and hitting targets can easily be accomplished on the gun range, while proper handgun skills address how to effectively disable and render threats or intruders harmless. It’s important that people who carry concealed weapons or use handguns regularly practice to ensure they are ready to address and handle any potential serious or deadly situations, should they arise.

Techna Clip offers a selection of LCP Ruger accessories, including a Ruger LC9 gun clip and night sights. Their gun belt clip selection also includes a LCP 380 holster and a Sig Sauer gun clip.

Techna Clip is not responsible for the personal protection of concealed carry owners or the general public. This article contains information tips and is not intended to supersede legal information, law enforcement regulations or federal, state or local self-defense laws.


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Just because people have the right to conceal carry and have a legal permit, doesn’t mean they’re ready to tackle the challenges and necessary safety issues related to concealed carry. To help protect against deadly situations, it’s important that concealed carry holders using gun belt clips be fluently educated in the art of drawing, aiming and firing weapons. To make sure these skills save lives, it’s important they be mentally engrained, which is something that develops over time with regular, routine practice.

If someone isn’t trained, having a gun close at hand doesn’t offer true security, but a sense of false security. For proper preparation, it’s important that pistol and handgun owners’ regularly practice, committing them to developing the necessary skills to save lives and defend their homes.

Techna Clip offers an assortment of LCP Ruger accessories and other gun belt clips. They highlight the top gun drawing drills for concealed carry gun owners.

  • Dry Fire – Even though ammunition is costly, it’s important that concealed carry owners regularly dry fire practice. This simply means drawing the weapons, taking aim and dry firing. This helps improve drawing skills, grip, presentation and firing. For shooters that are timid about recoil, dry firing practice dramatically helps improve their accuracy, aim and sense of security. Guns should always be unloaded when dry firing, thoroughly checking the magazine and chamber.
  • Draw and Fire – While some people can be fluent shooters, when concealed carry is in play, it’s vital that necessary practice be taken to draw the gun efficiently and quickly and then fire the weapon. This type of practice helps mimic an attack scenario. It’s important to understand how a concealed carry holster works, which reduces the risk of weapons getting hung up or caught in clothing.
  • Tactical Reloads – It’s essential to be fluent in reloading ammunition. Semi-automatic magazines should be reloaded by releasing the magazine, loading a new magazine, releasing the slide and then the weapon is able to continue firing. Revolvers are a bit trickier. Pushing the cylinder release button, swing the cylinder outwards from the frame. The gun should tip with the muzzle upward and push the ejection rod using the palm of the hand; new rounds are released into the cylinder and then securely close the cylinder. Both of these reloading styles require advanced repetition and practice.
  • Lateral Movement – This is traditionally a movement used by big game hunters, but can easily be adapted for self defense situations. Place a target approximately 12 yards from the standard shooting line. Then approximately 10 feet to the right, place another target approximately eight yards in front of the same shooting line. Another 10 feet to the right, place a closer target at approximately four yards. Four yards is the average range for a deadly close-contact encounter. This drill helps prepare shooters for a wide variety of defense situations that may occur at different distances.
  • Retention Hold and Movement – This basic shooting drill teaches focus and quick shot delivery. This double tap method helps promote trigger control, aim, accuracy and quick second shot delivery.

Techna Clip is not responsible for the personal protection of concealed carry owners or the general public. This article contains information tips and is not intended to supersede legal information, law enforcement regulations or federal, state or local self-defense laws.



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As concealed carry becomes more and more popular across the U.S., more gun owners are investing in high-quality iron sights for their handguns. These after market sights are effective, but are also a matter of personal preference and taste. Techna Clip highlights the latest

  • Snake Eyes Tritium Night Sights – This Glock pistol sight is perfect for self-defense and shooting in close quarters. It is offered by Techna Clip and works well in low light conditions and is manufactured using only the highest quality of military grade metals. Durable and exceptionally reliable, this tried and true classic is a standout masterpiece.
  • AmeriGlo Ghost Ring Sights – Different from the standard traditional gun sights, this round ghost ring-style sight features a tritium insert. The system boasts excellent accuracy and is fast and easy to use, especially in low light conditions. This sight is extremely durable, which makes it excellent for everyday wear or use. The low profile is designed to give a rounded appearance that won’t get caught up in clothing, especially in concealed carry draw situations.
  • Heinie Straight Eight SlantPro – This awesome iron sight is durable and features a slanted base, which is designed to resist snagging. It features a two-dot sight system, which makes it superb for low light conditions.
  • Hi-Viz Sights – This American-made manufacturer has designed an effective sight that is especially easy to use in poor lighting. With a steel base, these sights won’t break, even under rough conditions. They are also backed by a one-year warranty.
  • Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium – These sights illuminate without the use of batteries, which makes them exceptionally popular. In fact, more than four million people worldwide prefer this low-profile sight that is durable and tough.
  • Trijicon HD Night Sights – This popular sight offers full visibility with an extra large phosphor lamp built into the front sight. This is available in a variety of colors, including green, yellow or orange.
  • TruGlo Brite-Site – These sights feature a low profile design, which makes them fast and easy to draw in emergency situations. Their Tritium Fiber Optic technology makes these sights easy to use in low light conditions, while simultaneously not drawing attention to the shooter’s location.
  • XS Express Rear & Big Dot Front – This sight is durable and highly visible. It is perfect for revolvers, helping shooters improve their aim and accuracy. The target allows for easy focus in low light conditions and the rear sight features a wide V-shape that makes it tough and exceptionally easy to use.
  • Heinie Straight Eight SlantPro – This durable sight features a slanted base, rounded edges and is snag resistant. The two-dot sight system is perfect for hitting targets in low light situations.

Techna Clip offers a selection of concealed carry accessories, including gun belt clips. Their clips are easy to install, don’t add any bulk and make any gun belt clip virtually invisible and easy to conceal.

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Smart locks and smart guns are two types of technology that are often classified into a single category. Techna Clips highlights information about smart guns and how these weapons are personalized and customized to gun owners.

A smart gun uses RFID chips – also known as Radio-Frequency Identification – to wirelessly identify shooters. Fingerprint recognition is also a form of verification, as it uses several algorithms to determine if the proper registered owner is in fact handling and discharging the firearm.

Proponents of stricter gun control believe this type of advanced technology would ultimately decrease accidental misfires and prevent criminals from using stolen weapons. While this type of smart technology may make gun owners feel safer, it also has a downside. The NRA believes this is a form of gun control, ultimately preventing weapons from being sold amongst friends, family and acquaintances, as the gun only recognizes a single owner.

In fact, some advanced technology uses a Verichip, which is a microchip that is permanently embedded under the gun owner’s skin, allowing him/her to activate the gun. Gun activists also say that technology is bound to fail and a life saving situation isn’t worth the effort to trust faulty computer chips and not being able to pick up guns to fire and save lives. Even these advanced technology manufacturers admit that there is no electrical or mechanical device that can guarantee 100-percent reliable. For many gun owners, this just simply isn’t worth the risk.

Hollywood is still pushing for smart gun technology, albeit it through the advanced tech spy series “James Bond” or through the movie “Aliens.” In fact, some video game manufacturers are also taking aim at younger generations, helping get the heat off their products while simultaneously satisfying gun control activists.

Experts say that within the next year advanced “smart gun” technology is set to hit store shelves. This biometric authentication, Identilock, is similar to a Smartphone, in that it attaches to the front of the weapon. If someone grabs the weapon, the authentication is approved and the device releases from the gun, making it possible to fire. Advocates of gun safety are concerned how well this product will work in home invasion scenarios where mere milliseconds can determine life or death.

Techna Clip supports concealed carry rights for gun owners. They offer an assortment of gun belt clips, including those for popular models such as the Ruger LCP gun clip, Glock conceal carry clip, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard belt clip and the Ruger LC9 gun clip. With left and right side models available, these concealed carry clips are ideal for people that want to practice concealed carry or are looking for the ultimate home safety device.


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When police officers practice safety, they are trained to recognize pre-attack indications. These are signs that are necessary for concealed carry permit holders to understand and fluently recognize. This helps identify people that may or may not be serious threats, which can ultimately save lives.

Techna Clip highlights necessary pre-cursors and indicators for hostile attacks that trigger self defense situations.

  • Scanning – Scanning is necessary, as it surveys the surrounding areas. Suspects can scan for 360 degrees and generally look suspicious, looking to the left or right, while avoiding eye contact.
  • Glancing – Most attackers will stare at someone to see if they have a weapon on them, which is especially true if someone is open carrying a gun. When visual attention becomes focused on a weapon, this is known in police terms as a “gun grab.” This behavior may indicate that a suspect is evaluating or considering an attack.
  • Clenching – Suspects may clench their teeth or fists. These muscle contractions indicate that they are under physical stress and may be attempting to attack. Some pre-fight visual indicators are clenched jaws, contracted facial muscles and even large body muscles constricting, as though the perpetrator is preparing for physical violence.
  • Eyes – Most people average eye contact for three seconds, with a blinking rate of 20 times per minute. When an attacker is under duress or considering an attack, the blank rate either increases to 40 to 60 times per minute or decreases to only two to four times per minute. The decreased rate is commonly known as a “thousand-mile stare.” This indicates a flight or fight response, and when concealed carrying it’s best to encourage the flight response to avoid an attack.
  • Pugilistic Stance – This “fighting stance” is generally the precursor to a physical attack. Consider how dogs are before they attack – they can drop one leg or one side of their bodies behind the other, tighten facial muscles and then attack.
  • Flanking – This occurs with multiple people and is usually a gang approach for an attack. Flanking is when suspects try to corner a victim on all sides, giving him/her little room to flee.
  • Hesitation – When concealed carry owners are in a position where they fear an attack, it’s nearly impossible to multi-task. The reason is because adrenaline kicks in and people begin weighing odds, focusing on the target and concentrating on the situation at hand.

Techna Clip recommends that people consider taking self-defense courses. These courses can involve physical maneuvers, as well as handgun safety. Techna Clip specializes in carrying a variety of safe, effective concealed carry gun belt clips. Their most popular models are the Sig Sauer belt clip, Ruger LCP gun clip and the LCP 380 holster. They regularly introduce new merchandise, so check their website regularly for the latest and upcoming product releases. 

Techna Clip is not responsible for the personal protection of concealed carry owners or the general public. This article contains information tips and is not intended to supersede legal information, law enforcement regulations or federal, state or local self-defense laws.

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Ruger LC9 Gun Review

4/24/2014 11:34 PM

The Ruger LC9 is an attractive handgun, boasting sleek lines and petite style while simultaneously offering lethal power. Sophisticated and slim, this weapon would even turn James Bond’s head, rendering him envious in his tracks. Reflecting a ‘black ops’ detailing, the rounded, sculpted nose of this powerful weapon is nothing short of masterful sophistication.

Wearing it at a hefty 17.1 ounces, this handgun is easy to conceal, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry owners. Easy to grip and comfortable to hold, this weapon fires seven plus one 9mm bullets. The LC9 comes with one magazine, but the manufacturer’s website offers spare magazines, which are perfect for shooting practice.

Statistics show that most self-defense situations happen within 10 feet, and this highly accurate weapon will not disappoint in these types of situations. With a smooth pulling trigger, this gun features all the standard safety features, such as magazine disconnect and a frame-mounted safety. The magazine safety prevents the gun from firing once the magazine is removed.

Gun owners are advised to take self-defense classes, especially those handgun owners that practice concealed carry. Having fluent practice with the LC9 helps improve shooting accuracy and allows owners to understand the subtle nuisances and recoil of this powerful weapon.

The LC9 is ideal for concealed carry and also serves as a choice weapon for off-duty law enforcement officers. Featuring a barrel length of 3.1 inches, this LC9 is only 6 inches long and 4.5 inches in height, which makes it an excellent compact choice for non-bulky concealed carry.

The low profile features a three-dot sight system that allows for easy aim and improved accuracy. The front and rear sights are also adjustable for windage.

Shooters report that the weapon is easy to control and extremely comfortable to shoot at the range, with reports showing positive shooting results at 50 yards. The only downside of this weapon is that field stripping requires a key, punch or nail. Once this is accomplished, disassembly is fairly straightforward and the weapon can easily be cleaned with a gun cleaning cloth. Others say the downside of this weapon is the incorporation of too many safety features, but with more restrictive gun control laws being proposed around the nation, Ruger’s LC9 is an optimal choice for beginner and experienced gun owners alike.

 Techna Clip specializes in selling LCP Ruger accessories. They offer a Ruger LC9 gun clip. They also feature a trigger guard designed for the Ruger LC, which is the ideal solution for non-covered triggers.

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Recently, California firearm stores have a new addition to store shelves: a ‘smart gun’ that requires a black waterproof watch. Without the watch, the gun simply won’t fire.

Gun manufacturers have used advanced technology to implant an electronic chip inside the handgun. This enables the watch and handgun to communicate, which means if they are within close proximity to one another, the gun’s grip turns green, indicating the gun is acceptable to fire. Without this authoritative green light, the gun is rendered useless, making it no more than an expensive, highly polished piece of steel.

A long-time dream for gun-control proponents, the Armatix iP1 is the first ‘smart gun’ in the U.S. Proponents of this ‘smart’ technology compare it to a car’s air bag deploying, helping reduce accidental and unnecessary shootings.

Gun rights advocates strongly oppose this technology and the states that are moving to require ‘smart gun’ technology be mandated. In fact, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has stated that “government mandates that require the use of expensive, unreliable features, such as grips that would read your fingerprints before the gun will fire,” should be unconstitutional. The NRA has further stated, “The NRA recognizes that the ‘smart guns’ issue clearly has the potential to mesh with the anti-gunner’s agenda, opening the door to a ban on all guns that do not possess the government-required technology.”

Furthermore, Armatix uses RFID chips, which are often found attached to clothing’s anti-theft tags. TriggerSmart, a ‘smart gun’ company that also uses this technology utilizes a ring instead of a watch and also possesses advanced technology that renders guns useless near specific electronic markers, which can be placed on public buildings and in schools.

Yet, other companies are taking different security approaches. Kodiak Arms is creating Intelligun, which can be unlocked with registered fingerprints and other manufacturers are incorporating voice recognition software.

The Violence Policy Center, which is known as a strong advocate against gun violence, believes this ‘smart’ technology will not decrease homicide numbers, as most murders occur between people that know one another. With some technologies being touted as add-ons for existing guns, the Violence Policy Center also questions whether this will reduce the number of firearm thefts.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation conducted a study last year and only a mere 14-percent of Americans said they would ever consider purchasing one of these technology-driven handguns. Of course the question of whether these ‘smart’ devices will sell remains in the hands of consumers.

Techna Clip offers gun belt clips for concealed carry weapons. Their foremost best selling clips include the Ruger LCP belt clip, Sig P238 belt clip and the LCP 380 belt clip.

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Today’s modern firearms make it safe to carry rounds in the chamber. Contemporary, progressive weapons feature internal safeties, manual safeties and heavy triggers. Practicing strict finger discipline and never placing a finger on the trigger unless firing a weapon is also necessary to avoid accidental discharge. In fact, today’s modern firearms will not fire unless the trigger is depressed.

This can vary depending upon the type of concealed carry holster that is used. Not wearing a holster at all can increase the chances and likelihood of accidental discharges.  However, non-rigid holsters that don’t mold to firearms can also fold over the trigger, causing accidental depression. This is extremely rare, but is entirely avoidable.

Techna Clip offers comfortable and safe gun belt clips. Their quality heat-treated high carbon spring steel gun belt clip is perfect for everyday concealed carry. Easy to install, the clip comes with a small screw and metal post that compliments the existing pin, making it easy to replace. No special modifications are required, which makes this an excellent option for concealed carry weapons. With each clip complimenting specific models, Techna Clip continually strives to release new gun clips that accommodate popular handguns.

A benefit of carrying a Glock is that it has a Safe Action System, which prevents the handgun’s firing pin from moving forward, unless the trigger is depressed. This makes a Glock extremely safe for concealed carry.

Revolvers on the other hand always have cylinders loaded, meaning by default a round is always in the chamber. Some people feel safer using semi-automatic handguns. The truth is that unless the revolver’s hammer is cocked, the weapon can’t accidentally fire.

A great test for concealed carry holders that are debating whether they should or should not keep a round in the chamber at all times is to thoroughly inspect the handgun after wear. If the trigger is depressed, then it’s not safe to carry the weapon with a bullet in the chamber. However, the chances of a trigger depressing accidentally are minimal to nil.

The reason most concealed carry handgun owners carry weapons is to make sure that adequate self-defense measures can be instituted immediately, should the situation or need arise. The reason many people choose to carry a round in the chamber is because in the split second it takes to save lives, it can take what seems like an eternity to rack the gun’s slide. The gun can malfunction, which can occur when the slide is moving or the gun’s slide could not move at all.

It is up to each individual firearm carrier to determine whether he/she prefers to carry a round in the chamber. Perfectly safe and legal, this practice can save lives and prevent violent crimes.

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An important part of safe gun ownership is keeping guns in secure locations that prevent access to children. Parents know the importance of making sure children stay safe by wearing seatbelts and bicycle helmets, as well as making sure all medications and poison are out of reach of children. However, it’s just as important that parents take the same safety measures to prevent firearm accidents.

To help prevent accidents or suicides, parents need to practice the following safety tips:

  • Guns should always remain unloaded and securely locked up.
  • Store bullets and weapons in different secure locations to prevent any accidents.
  • Invest in a fingerprint or combination safes. If the safe has keys, make sure children don’t have access to them.
  • Invest in gun storage and gunlocks, which can be used when children are in the home.

Some parents don’t own guns and they’re under the misconception that this means their children will remain safe. However, children can visit other friends’ homes whose parents do have unsecured weapons. All parents should talk openly to their children about guns, which includes:

  • Educating children to avoid guns, even at friends’ homes.
  • If parents find out unsecured weapons are in friends’ homes, they should speak immediately to the parents about securing weapons around children.

By nature, children are curious. Children should know that guns are very dangerous and they should never touch a gun without the permission of a parent. Some children have a difficult time differentiating between video game and television violence. Parents need to explain to children that the violence portrayed in these types of visual entertainment is not real, but guns are very dangerous in real life.

Always keep guns away from depressed children, as most teens don’t understand the long-term repercussions of suicide or self-inflicted harm. Teach children how to adequately shoot weapons at a young age. Many local gun clubs offer safety training for parents and children, including teaching children the necessary safety precautions related to weapons, such as never pulling a trigger, treating all guns as if they are loaded weapons, etc.

Techna Clip specializes in carrying gun belt clips for concealed carry. As an advocate of the Second Amendment’s Rights to Bear Arms, they also understand and emphasize exercising necessary safety precautions when owning or using firearms. Techna Clip’s best selling holsters include the LCP 380 belt clip, Ruger LC9 clip and the Sig P238 gun clip.

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As Illinois issues concealed carry licenses, many Chicago area landlords and property mangers are trying to determine how this new law impacts their properties and rental businesses.

While the new law allows concealed carry permit holders to legally carry weapons, landlords are trying to understand the legalities surrounding tenants and visitors legally carrying firearms.

Illinois’ newly established concealed carry laws permits private property owners to restrict or prohibit legal handguns on their properties; however, property mangers are still sorting through the legalities to understand how this law applies to business management. Some of the questions property managers have include:

  • Can firearms be completely banned from the premises? Or does this ruling only apply to common areas?
  • Can tenants legally bear concealed carry firearms within the confines of their apartments or homes without lease provisions first being changed and altered to allow possession?
  • Should property mangers stand back and simply wait to see how the law impacts their businesses?

Most property mangers simply don’t know how they’re going to respond to the new law, which is why it may be advisable for tenants to keep this in mind before applying for and exercising concealed carry rights.

Nearly every other state in the U.S. has been down a similar path – adopting concealed carry regulations – but Illinois’ law contains murky, difficult political language that is making it difficult to decipher. In this case, the Second Amendment runs into conflict with Illinois’ laws that allows building owners’ property rights.

Attorneys and lawmakers predict the legality and intent of the new law will be litigated in court, determining whether tenants will have the right to possess handguns while living in apartment dwellings.

Gun rights proponents are already in position to defend the new law, citing that the Second Amendment prevails over property rights, as homeowners and tenants should have equal access to self-defense and concealed carry weapons.

The 2008 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, District of Columbia v. Heller, determined that a person could not be restricted from possessing or owning legal weapons in their dwellings. However, this new law allows concealed carry firearms to be prohibited from rental properties, unless specific individual lease provisions state otherwise.

Some Chicago area property owners say they will challenge the law and exercise their rights to limit weapons on their properties. It’s advisable for landlords to consult with their property and liability insurance carriers to determine the possible legalities before restricting legal concealed carry.

The only clear result is that the courts will have to determine how this new concealed carry law impacts landlords and property owners, which means that all eyes will be on Illinois this year.

Techna Clip supports concealed carry and gun rights. They specialize in carrying a variety of gun belt clips that are designed for slim, non-bulky concealed carry. Their most popular holsters include the Sig Sauer gun clip, Ruger LC9 gun clip and LCP 380 holster.

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With estimates showing that 2013 was a record-breaking year for first-time gun sales, Ohio citizens are fighting for their concealed carry rights. Expert analysts highlight the top 10 gun right threats facing Ohio this year.

  1. Gun Owners Supporting Obama - President Obama's second re-election has set the pro-gun movement back a minimum of 10 years, with the NRA leading the fight to help preserve the Second Amendment. Even though President Obama cannot run for a third term, he does have significant say on future American politics. As president, he can appoint Supreme Court Justices, sign pro-gun legislature and even execute executive orders that infringe on the people's rights to bear arms.
  2. Conspiracy Theorists - While some people fear that buying guns will put them on government conspiracy theorists lists, the truth is that speaking one's minds is the best way to ensure that anti-gun legislation doesn't pass.
  3. The Obama Biden Presidency - With President Obama in his second term, he has nothing to lose. Gun supporters can expect to see a bigger push for anti-gun legislation this term. This will likely make any both parties squirm, as this affects 2016 election results.
  4. Establishment Media - Even though the liberal media portrays every incidence as brutal and gun yielding, the truth is that the media reports stories that sell drama. It is the media's portrayal of gun owners that gives people a negative view. Instead of supporting media that has a personal agenda, consider boycotting these networks to send them a message.
  5. Harry Reid - Harry Reid is on a mission to block filibusters, which could prove detrimental for pro-gun advocate judge nominees.
  6. Michael Bloomberg - Before he was controlling soda and sugar intake, Michael Bloomberg had been pushing his own agenda, albeit it misguided, anti-gun plan for years. Keeping him ineffective is Ohio's only way to control anti-gun measures.
  7. Union Leaders and Bureaucrats - Ohio's Fraternal Order of Police does not support pro-gun bills. Just because law enforcement officials believe in anti-gun legislation, doesn't make them authorities on this subject.
  8. Anti-Gun Groups - Groups that ban their members from exercising their concealed carry rights should be boycotted. By not doing so, they are supporting the anti-gun movement claim and agreeing with anti-gun supporters.
  9. Dick Metcalf - As Dick Metcalf fades into oblivion and his 15 minutes of fame expire, another "victim" that claims to be "wronged" by the media will once again appear for his/her 15 minutes of attention.
  10. Gun Owners - Reactionary gun owners that hear about shootings and run out to purchase every weapon they can get their hands on, aren't making the pro-gun case any easier. In fact, it shows illogical and less measured reactions. Instead of creating gun-buying frenzies, remember that the Second Amendment is still holding fast in America so there's no need to panic and clear store shelves of ammunition and weapons.

Techna Clip offers advanced concealed carry products for handguns. Their most popular gun belt clips include the P238 belt clip, Ruger LC9 clip and LCP 380 holster.

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California's new microstamping requirement is causing alarm with mega firearm manufacturer Ruger. Mike Fifer, CEO of Ruger Firearms, doesn't mince words about the firestorm that has recently erupted: "We're being forced out of the state by the California Department of Justice ... this insistence on microstamping, which doesn't work, is denying you your rights to have access to these guns."

Fifer says that Ruger is not abandoning the California gun market, which is why they're one-hundred-percent dedicated to fighting the microstamping requirement. The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute and National Shooting Sports Foundation also filed lawsuits challenging this requirement, saying it puts undue limitations on firearm manufacturers.

The original law, signed by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2007, is just now taking effect this year because private patents that were once precluded from the law have expired, which is requiring nearly all gun manufacturers to institute microstamping capabilities.

Gun microstamping is a process that uses a laser to engrave microscopic information about a weapon, including the serial number, make and model on the firing pin. When the weapon is discharged, the etchings are then transferred onto the round and cartridge casings. In theory, this means that law enforcement can track all used casing to a particular gun and owner.

However, many studies point out that this advanced technology is flawed, as criminals could easily use unmarked spare parts to replace edged firing pins, rendering this technology useless. These results have been confirmed in peer-reviewed studies and Ruger is dedicated to fighting this costly, time-consuming ordeal.

Flawed and imprecise, microstamping is estimated to threaten employment for thousands of firearm industry workers. Reports also show that the alphanumeric stamping system often produces illegible results, rendering this advanced technology nothing more than an attempt to put undue pressure and financial burdens on firearm manufacturers.

In fact, studies show that the average assailant shoots less than four rounds during a crime. However, in order for law enforcement experts to make an educated guess about microstamping identification, they require a minimum of 10 cartridges from a single firearm. Even fewer forensic teams have the capabilities to use this form of technology, which would eventually lead to higher local and federal taxes to help subsidize funding. Additionally, gun manufacturers say that implementation of this complicated technology will increase the price of weapons by an average of $200.

Techna Clip is a supporter of concealed carry rights. They specialize in selling LCP Ruger accessories, including the Ruger LC9 belt clip.

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It’s important that gun owners with children educate their children about firearms. Instead of having firearms be mysterious, coveted objects that are off-limits, parents should have direct, open conversations about firearms in the home.

While parents should go to great lengths to keep firearms safely locked up and inaccessible to children, it’s also important to teach children about firearms. This isn’t simply an option for parents, but an essential part of being a parent, as is teaching children about drugs and sex.

Children by nature are curious, which means that parents that simply state guns are off limits to children, will likely have children with questions and growing curiosity. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 1997 alone, more than 2,514 children between the ages of birth to 14 years were in non-fatal gun accidents. While most of these accidents were unintentional or self-inflicted injuries, they could easily have been avoided by proper gun safety.

While most children run across toy guns at some point in their childhoods, it’s important for parents to emphasize proper gun handling techniques, even on non-genuine firearms. When children are young, it’s important for them to understand the type of damage firearms can inflict. This can easily be demonstrated by allowing children to watch parents shoot a target, such as a melon, which allows children to readily view the damage guns can inflict.  Most children are also afraid of loud noises and will be detoured by the noise guns produce.

When children are between eight to 10 years, parents can consider teaching them how to properly load and shoot a weapon. As children are curious by nature, it’s important that parents explain gun safety and safe handling techniques to children.

Additionally, it’s important that parents teach children the rules related to gun safety. For example, if children see a gun, they should stop, never touch the weapon, leave the immediate area and tell an adult as soon as possible. The NRA offers an essential Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program for children pre-kindergarten to third grade. NRA membership is not required and this program helps teach the pros and cons of guns, with the ultimate goal being to protect children.

Just because some parents exercise extreme gun safety at home, locking up weapons and making them inaccessible to children, doesn’t mean children’s friends’ parents exercise the same cautions. This is another reason why it’s essential that children understand how to safely handle and respond to firearms.

Techna Clip is a proponent of gun safety. They offer a variety of gun belt clips for convenient, comfortable concealed handgun carry. Their bestselling holsters include the Sig Sauer gun clip, Ruger LC9 gun clip and the LCP 380 holster.

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Deadly Concealed Carry

2/8/2014 8:30 PM

There are several firearm rules that concealed carry permit holders must follow to ensure that gun safety is exercised. Techna Clip highlights the most common deadly sins that are practiced by concealed carry holders.

  1. Practice Ammunition – Defined as ammunition for steel targets or indoors shooting, practice ammunition should never be confused with regular ammunition. Practice ammunition is designed to shoot through paper targets and ends up in a steel backstop. It’s not designed to fragment or expand when it hits a target, as self-defense ammunition is designed to do. Practice ammunition simply isn’t effective stopping an attacker, as it doesn’t expand or slow down when it hits a target.
  2. Cup and Saucer Grip – This dainty style of handgun grip mimics the butt of a gun resting on top of an open palm. By simply using the dominant hand and resting it on the non-dominant hand, how does this accomplish holding a weapon in the best possible manner? Instead, consider using dual grip support for maximum accuracy.
  3. Muzzle Control – It’s important that gun carriers’ stay in control of the muzzle at all times. This is the only way to make sure a gun’s aim is accurate and safe. To help improve aim, consider purchasing a laser, as this shows exactly where the muzzle is aimed at all times.
  4. Racking – Instead of racking the gun back with full force, some people simply pinch the slide with their thumbs and index fingers. Instead of doing this in a dainty fashion, it’s best that shooters apply pressure and slide the gun back quickly and effectively.
  5. Finger – Never leave the finger resting on the trigger, as this is how most gun safety accidents or self shootings occur. Instead it’s best to practice having the finger remain off the trigger and to the side, even if the weapon is unloaded or the safety is on.
  6. Aim – There is nothing worse than people who feel the need to shoot gangster style, tilting the weapon 90 degrees in an attempt to look cool. Instead, shooters should use the natural point of aim to accomplish the best shooting strategy, which will ultimately help improve accuracy and aim. To find the natural point of aim, it’s best to close one’s eyes, deep breathe and then aim the empty weapon at a point. Now, open the eyes and see if line of sight is still lined up. If the aim is slightly high, move the feet back, as this can lower the aim. The opposite works for lower aims. By doing this exercise and adjusting the body, shooters will learn what the most natural position for them to shoot is.
  7. Stance – It’s important that shooters have the proper stance, never shooting with a bowed back. It’s vital that feet are shoulder width apart, feet are side by side and shoulders are in front of the waist. This stance will help improve shooting accuracy.

Techna Clip specializes in carrying the following types of gun clips: Sig Sauer gun clip, Glock, Ruger LCP clip and the Smith and Wesson holster. These true concealed carry holsters are easy to conceal, do not bulge, are extremely comfortable and are easy to install. Best of all, they are extremely affordable and truly concealable, comfortably fitting in side or back pockets.

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Situational awareness is responsible for saving thousands of lives. While society dictates that people should not judge or assume the worst about someone, it’s been proven time and again that when people feel something is not right, it’s for a reason. Whether people believe this is a religious spirit telling them to pay attention to their surroundings, a heightened sense of reality or a touch of psychic abilities, the truth is that some people are more in touch with inner feelings that relate to situational awareness.

This article highlights what NOT to do when situational awareness is at its peak.

  • Observation – People should never stop observing their environments. This is similar to employing defensive driving tactics. Observing the environment helps people highlight unusual or odd behavior or out of place objects.  If someone or something stands out as triggering situational awareness, it’s best to keep an eye on the situation. People should keep in mind that hindsight is 20/20 and victims often say they had an odd feeling about the situation and something didn’t feel right. To help avoid becoming a victim, people need to listen to these inner feelings and tune into their heighted emotional senses. Instincts are for a reason: they help cue the mind into recognizing when danger lies ahead.
  • Being Too Nice – While society teaches children from birth that they have to be overly nice and accommodating, this isn’t necessarily so. Children have a heightened, untainted sense of awareness, as do animals. Being nice is respectful, but if someone feels threatened, it’s acceptable to stop being nice. This includes protecting personal space and not letting people invade it. Keep boundaries and be insistent that those boundaries be met.
  • Don’t Panic – The worst thing someone can do in a dangerous situation is to panic. Panicking doesn’t save lives and neither does going into shock. To help people regain control of a situation, it’s best to breathe and focus on situational awareness. This helps the mind refocus and ultimately overcome shock and panic. Stay calm and avoid acting like the victim, as it’s important to access the situation and take control.
  • Conclusions – If in doubt of a situation, it’s best to leave. Calling law enforcement is advisable, as taking situations into untrained civilian hands doesn’t always end well. It’s important to keep out of physical and legal trouble by avoiding unnecessary situations. However, if someone ends up being thrown into a situation, it’s important to act, but civilians need to remember they’re not trained officers and it’s not their responsibility to patrol society.
  • Threats – It’s important that civilians never intimidate or threaten an attacker. This means that unless bodily harm is being committed or the attacker is brandishing a weapon, it’s best to keep concealed carry weapons at bay. The only reason anyone should ever use their concealed carry weapon is if his/her life is threatened or they fear his/her life is in perilous danger.

Techna Clip offers a wide assortment of concealed carry accessories, including the LC9 belt clip, P238 belt clip and the LCP 380 holster.

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Glocks have an impeccable reputation for ease of use and reliability. Appealing to both beginner and expert shooters alike, the Glock is known for minimal malfunction and is one of the most popular weapons in law enforcement. Widely used in competitive shooting events, the Glock has gained popularity among civilians.

The cold-hammer forged steel barrel features a polygonal rifting that helps to improve service life, ultimately increasing the weapon's accuracy. The nitride finish is durable and corrosion resistance, making it exceptionally low maintenance compared to other handguns.

The Glock Safe Action System is also widely known as a desirable safety feature. Made from three external and internal safeties, the gun cannot be fired unless the trigger is fully depressed. This means that Glocks will not accidently fire from falls. In fact, the Safe Action System disengages when the trigger is depressed and automatically reengages once the trigger is released. This is a central feature that makes this handgun excellent for both off-duty and concealed carry.

One of the most popular concealed carry Glocks is the Baby Glock, known as the G26. This subcompact, high capacity and 9mm semi-automatic pistol is regularly used as a backup gun or for concealed carry.

The Glock 27 offers concealed carry holders nine rounds of .40 S&W ammunition in an attractive, compact weapon. This caliber of Glocks is the most popular among U.S. police officers. This weapon has gained popularity with government organizations because it allows officers to easily train with and use the identical ammunition in their assigned full-size weapons.

Additionally, the Glock 30S is a .45 caliber that balances capacity, weight and size for excellent concealed carry. With a 10 plus one capacity, this subcompact pistol is 20.28 ounces empty, but packs a heavy punch on the shooting range.

Among the most popular Glock models is the Glock 19, which is a compact 9mm weapon. With a mere four-inch barrel, this weapon holds 15 rounds and weighs a mere 21 ounces. A little harder to conceal, this weapon is easy to shoot, which boosts both men's and women's accuracy.

Time and again magazines, news reports, blogs and website taught the benefits of Glock concealed carry. Initially designed as a combat pistol, this weapon is compact and designed for concealed and handheld carry, which makes it a leading choice among concealed carry holders.

Techna Clip offers a wide selection of gun belt clips, including those designed to accommodate Glock handguns. They also offer a gun cleaning cloth and various Glock gun accessories.

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The Top 10 Glock Accessories

1/22/2014 3:42 PM

The Glock pistol originated in Austria and has been in use since 1982. This semi-automatic pistol features: short recoil, tilting barrel and a locked breech. It is effective at ranges of up to 55 yards, which makes this weapon excellent for self-defense situations. Undoubtedly one of the most popular handguns ever made, as of 2007 Glock reported producing more than five million of these firearms to date. The Glock comes in several models, including the 17, 17L, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 and 39. They also offer the following calibers: 9x19, .40, 10mm Auto, .45 Auto, .45 G.A.P., .380 Auto and .357.

The following highlights the top 10 Glock accessories on today's gun market.

  1. Belt Clip - Techna Clip offers a Glock belt clip for both right and left side carry. It fits up to 15 different Glock models and offers the benefits of easy installation and the ability to clip anywhere.
  2. Tritium Night Sights - The Snake Eyes Tritium Night Sights option is ideal for close-quarters or self-defense situations. With a natural shooting position, this site allows shooters to quickly and effective hit their targets. With a minimal learning curve, these sites glow in low-light conditions and are made of high-quality 100-percent military grade metals.
  3. Trigger Guard - Made of durable Kydex plastic, this trigger guard is tough and extremely durable. This guard is designed for uncovered triggers, allowing shooters to quickly pull a cord and fire the weapon. Techna Clip offers two trigger guards: 19 and 23 and 26 and 27.
  4. Tactical Lights - Glock offers tactical lights, which help to illuminate low-light areas. The Glock Tactical Light was designed with cooperation from military Special Operations groups and boasts reliability, safety and tactical superiority. Tactical lights come in three models: GTL 10, GTL 21/GTL 22 and GTL 51/GTL 52.
  5. Gun Care Cloth - To help keep weapons looking new and firing well, it's essential that gun owners regularly clean guns. Helping to prevent oxidation, moisture and fingerprint oils, these cloths remove grime, rust and tarnish.
  6. Speed Loaders - The Glock Speed Loader makes loading high capacity magazines fast and simple.
  7. Magazine Pouch - This ensures that extra magazines are readily at hand.
  8. High-Capacity Magazine - Glock offers a high-capacity magazine that holds 33 rounds of 9mm ammunition of 22 rounds of .40-caliber ammunition. These are not permitted in California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Cook County, Illinois or Ohio (9mm magazine only).
  9. Stippled Grip - Giving shooters even more stability and grip, this helps prevent the Glock from slipping, making the grip almost tacky.
  10. SAF-T-BLOK - This accessory is a must-have to help prevent accidental discharge. Adding zero draw and fire time to the weapon, this is recommended for shooters using gun belt clips.
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Smith & Wesson(R) manufacturers the Bodyguard(R) 380 handgun, which is a best selling pistol. This .380 auto caliber has the capacity to hold six plus one additional round. With a barrel length of only 2.75 inches, this compact double action weapon has a total length of 5.25 inches. With a front sight made of durable stainless steel, the rear sight is drift adjustable. The polymer grip makes this weapon easy to shoot and draw for fast protection. With a total weight of 11.85 ounces, this weapon is ideal for concealed carry, making it a top-notch handgun for personal protection and professional duty.

This stellar handgun breaks in well and offers second strike capabilities, a safety lever, adjustable sights, a loaded chamber indicator, a sliding lock after the last round, a slide stop lever and a convenient built-in laser. Experts agree that with a holster, this weapon is perfect for concealed or pocket carry. 

Numerous accessories are compatible with this police-preferred weapon.

  • Bodyguard Belt Clip - Techna Clip offers a custom LCP 380 belt clip that turns this lightweight weapon into an exceptional concealed carry firearm. This patented belt clip is easy to install and doesn't add any bulk to the handgun. The gun is truly concealable anywhere the belt clip is securely fitted. This includes front and back pockets, as well as waistbands. This belt clip, unlike other complicated holsters, fastens directly to the gun and offers concealed carriers the ability to quickly draw the weapon in self-defense situations.
  • Trigger Guard - The Bodyguard trigger guard is made of Kydex, which is a durable, tough and chemical resist high-performance plastic. This guard is ideal for weapons that feature triggers that are not covered, allowing shooters to pull the convenient cord and immediately fire their weapons.
  • Post and Screw Replacements - As with any used weapons, firearms eventually require binding post and screw replacements. Techna Clip offers this combination replacement part at an affordable price.
  • Gun Cleaning Cloth - All firearms require regular cleaning. This helps to avoid rust, tarnish or grime from damaging the weapon's stainless steel black matte finish. Gun cloths are designed to lock out moisture, remove fingerprints and corrosive oils and prevent metal oxidation. Environmentally safe and non-toxic, Techna Clip's gun cleaning clothes include a re-sealable store bag.
  • Gun Clip - The Bodyguard .380 offers an optional extended 15-round magazine. Made of heat-treated blued steel, the magazine features a base-plated that is molded from Zytel, a lock-plate and a spring-wound chrome-silicon wire that is proven to be strong and reliable. The total length of the extended magazine is 7.5 inches.  Due to state and federal laws, this magazine is not available in New York City, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York.

Techna Clip is a premier gun belt clip carrier and specializes in carrying an assortment of handgun accessories. They also offer a dealer program, which is perfect for gun shops in states that endorse concealed carry laws.

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Concealed Carry Methods

1/8/2014 8:25 PM

Among many concealed carry owners, their favorite accessories are the tried and true classic holsters. With so many different holsters on the market, concealed carry options are nearly limitless. A matter of personal taste and comfort, there are several popular concealed carry methods. It is advisable that concealed carry permit holders check with their individual state regulations to confirm which types are legally acceptable.

Often times, body size dictates the comfort of different concealed carry methods. Techna Clip highlights these options, as noted below:

  • 6 O’Clock – This position includes placing a holster at the small of the back. To easily remember the “o’clock” position, the front of the abdomen is 12 o’clock, the right hip is 3 o’clock, the small of the back is 6 o’clock and the left hip is 9 o’clock.
  • In Waistband – Known as IWB, this method involves carrying the concealed firearm inside the pant’s waistband. This type of holster is extremely popular.
  • Belt Holster – The most common form of holster is the belt holster, which is generally worn outside the pants, but attaches to the belt. These come in several options, including leather or plastic.
  • Small of Back – Known as SOB, this is the same as the 6 o’clock position. While it allows weapons to be virtually invisible under clothing, it’s extremely uncomfortable for driving or sitting.
  • Appendix Carry – Resting at the 2 o’clock position, this method works best with small to medium sized firearms. This method essentially involves tucking the weapon into the waistband.
  • Shoulder Holster – An excellent choice for those who wear bulky coats, many brands offer adjustable straps. This option isn’t necessarily practical in warm climates or during spring or summer months.
  • Purse – Some women prefer to carry their concealed weapon in their purses; however, a disadvantage is that the weapon is not nearby if there is a personal attack or emergency.
  • Ankle Holster – These are most often used with small firearms, as they secure to the lower leg and are covered by long pants.
  • Thigh Holster – Most popular with women, the thigh holster is perfect for dressy occasions that require wearing a skirt or dress.
  • Bra Holster – Also a popular option for women, this type of holster attaches to the center part of the bra.

Techna Clip offers an excellent alternative to traditional holsters. Their holsters eliminate unnecessary bulk, are extremely easy to conceal, are super lightweight, allow for fast quick draws and are easy to install. An advantage with this type of holster is that guns can literally be concealed anywhere – in a pocket, attached to a belt, etc. The options are nearly limitless. Techna Clip offers several popular holster models, including the P238 belt clip, Ruger LC9 gun clip and the LCP 380 holster.

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If you’re like many Americans, you may have recently received a new gun for Christmas, or perhaps you treated yourself to the latest Black Friday special and you’ve had your new special ops style pistol for a little over a month.

No matter when you received your latest prized armory piece, it’s important to understand the basics of how to care for your new weapon.

  • Load and Reload – The most important thing is learning how to load and unload the weapon. Guns come with safety instructions for a reason: it’s important to read how to check if the gun’s chamber is empty. Often times, as with bolt action and semi-automatic handguns, the weapons are not empty until the chamber AND magazine are both clear. Always point the weapon down and away from people when checking to see if it is loaded.
  • Ammunition – One of the most common mistakes inexperienced gun owners make is purchasing the wrong type of ammunition for their weapons. Despite what people believe, a 20-gauge shotgun shell will actually fit into the chamber of a 12-gauge shotgun. Just because a bullet fits, doesn’t mean it’s safe to fire. This is also true for guns that use magazines. It’s best to make sure the magazine is compatible with the firearm, which is another reason why it’s important to read the safety instructions that come with new guns.
  • Gun Cleaning Kits – Guns require regular cleaning. Most gun shops sell gun-cleaning kits, which include a gun cleaning cloth. These kits offer the necessary rods, brushes and accessories that are required to clean guns. These kits are not necessary universal, meaning that guns require certain size rods and brushes that correspond to the weapon’s barrel size. It’s best to have a sufficient supply of oils, solvents and bore cleaners on hand. Guns should be cleaned regularly, with experts recommending at least every three to four uses.
  • Store – Guns should be stored in a dry, cool area, as humidity can damage guns with corrosion and rust. It’s best to invest in a gun safe, which helps prevent accidents or guns from falling in the wrong hands. This is especially important if there are children in the home. If a gun will not be used for several months, it’s best to put a light coat of oiled gun grease on the weapon, as this helps prevent damage that is often associated with long-term storage.

Now that you know how to properly care for your gun, it’s important to consider what your goals are. If you have a rifle, you’re likely looking at hunting or target practice options. If, however, you have a handgun, you probably are looking at this weapon for self-defense.

For gun owners that have concealed carry permits, Techna Clip offers a wide assortment of gun belt clips. These clips are ideal for concealed carry handguns and their most popular models include the Ruger LC9 belt clip, Sig P238 belt clip and LCP 380 holster.

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Law enforcement officials have long run into a problem: adding enough realism to training to help make officers more effective, accurate shooters. Most real life targets don’t remain standing still, which means that a day at the shooting range is little more than an administrative exercise.

Instead of embracing the standard shooting practices of the olden days, some instructors are beginning to create more challenging courses and obstacles that require both fast and accurate responses to threats. By incorporating a variety of real-life conditions, such as low lighting, compressed time frames, movement, multiple threats and realistic targets, these instructors are focusing on preparing their forces for reality.

Old school training methods typically included the B-21 target, which is the classic human silhouette that offers several scoring areas. In the 1960s, this was replaced with a figure of a man pointing a gun and became known as the B-60 thug target.

With hundreds of targets available, most police forces use the B-21, B-27, FBI  “Q” and the Transtar II. However, a significant drawback is that these two-dimensional targets don’t give the appearance of real life threats.

The following types of targets are recommended to help create well-rounded shooters:

  • 3-D – Today, experts are exploring using 3-D targets. This may include self-sealing silhouettes or mannequins, but less inexpensive options include cardboard or polymer torsos.
  • Motion – Moving targets are optimal as they allow officers to gauge how to predict movement. It’s important officers shoot where they believe someone is going to be, especially if it’s a suspect on the move. Whether it’s wiring targets with tracks or cables, it’s important to have these motion targets focus on unpredictable movements as well as predictable ones. This makes an officer more effective in the field.
  • Mixing – It’s important for officers to mix a variety of techniques into their daily shooting routines. This includes using traditional old school targets, as well as the more modern aforementioned targets.

More realistic training sessions are a helpful component of officers’ regular training. Today’s officers need to not only be prepared for violence, but also how to respond to terrorist attacks, mass shootings, gun persons, close targets, distant targets, and much more. Having a well-rounded shooting regime will help prepare officers for real life threats, helping them stay alive and protect the people of America.

Techna Clip offers excellent holsters that are far from the bulky styles of yesteryear. These styles are extremely comfortable, do not bulge, are quick to install and allow handguns to be clipped anywhere. Their best selling gun belt clips include the Ruger LC9 clip and the Sig Sauer gun clip.

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As left-wing activists within the Obama Administration push for tougher gun control, the Operation Fast and Furious debacle is being cited as a reason to promote tougher American gun control.

Ironically, Fast and Furious was nothing more than a complete disgrace for Attorney General Eric Holder. As the Department of Justice tries to re-write history from several years ago, turning this issue into one that should limit the rights of law-abiding American citizens, the administration is simply trying to deflect blame for providing weapons to the ever-growing Mexico Drug Cartel.

A brief history about Fast and Furious: this government operation allowed straw purchasers, essentially people that worked for the drug cartel, to buy guns in the U.S. and then smuggle them into Mexico. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) allowed this to happen, which is regularly known as a practice of allowing guns to “walk.” The storeowners were instructed by the ATF to take part in this undercover operation. Unbeknownst to these storeowners, the U.S. government was not able to recover these weapons. In fact, years later most of the weapons involved in this operation have not been accounted for and are not traceable. Additionally, more than 300 Mexican nationals have been brutally murdered with these weapons. To the average American citizen, this seems like a giant oversight and in the business world, would have landed a CEO on unemployment. The findings from the Senate Judiciary Committee found that the ATF helped to willingly facilitate the cartel by allowing them to purchase and traffic firearms into Mexico.

Now gun control activists are saying that it was too easy for criminals to purchase weapons in the U.S., and they are simply twisting this information. The true reality is that the ATF allowed these purchases to continue and never prosecuted the smugglers, as it was a part of a gun-trafficking operation, one that was ultimately fatally flawed.

Instead of holding Holder responsible for his poor lack of judgment in this operation, left-wing groups are saying that the victims deserve justice and that tougher gun control is required. However, shouldn’t these same groups hold Holder personally responsible instead of attempting to sacrifice the rights of law-abiding U.S. citizens? Perhaps pushing for Holder’s resignation would be more beneficial than trying to de-arm American society. That is true justice for this poorly executed, tragic operation that has left hundreds of families mourning the loss of loved ones.

On a side note, the Obama administration has been making it difficult for ATF Special Agent John Dodson to publish his insightful book about the Fast and Furious Operation. Dodson was the first whistleblower that notified Congress of this flawed operation. This leads one to wonder: is the Obama administration going after both our First and Second Amendment rights, attempting to stifle our freedom of speech while limiting our rights to bear arms? You be the judge.

Techna Clip offers an array of gun accessories, including gun belt clips. Their top selling clips include the Ruger LCP clip and the LCP 380 holster.

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It started in 1971 with a single raid. From that moment forward, gun rights advocates and the Division of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) began a lifelong affair plagued with distrust.

The authorities had received information from a burglary suspect that Kenyon Ballew, of Silver Spring, Maryland, had a stash of grenades and guns. With that single source of information, the ATF executed a search warrant, breaking down Mr. Ballew’s door. Mr. Ballew who was in the bathtub, heard his door being shattered, and immediately jumped up to grab an antique 1847 Colt revolver, not knowing who was breaking into his home. Agents shot and wounded him in the head, leaving him permanently disabled, though he was never charged with a single crime.

Ripping into the heart of the firearms community, the Arizona-based Firearms Coalition was run by Jeff Knox. His father, Neal, was extremely instrumental in helping turn the National Rifle Association (NRA) into a thriving political organization.

Following this event, more stories began to emerge – agents bursting through the front doors of law-abiding citizens and gun owners, for nothing more than technical gun ownership violations. While the ATF dismissed citizens’ outrage, a right wing section of the NRA began to emerge. Neal Knox became the chief lobbyist for the NRA in 1978, essentially declaring war on the ATF.

In 1978, the ATF requested funding for measures and computerization methods to increase gun tracing. The NRA in turn accused the ATF of building a secret national gun registry, taking arms in fighting the battle over the Second Amendment.

Today, now renamed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, uses paper records and phone calls to connect guns used in crimes to their original owners. While Congress has banned the agency from computerizing these records, the fight remains alive and well between anti-gun and gun advocates.

In 1986, the NRA scored a significant victory with the Firearms Owners Protection Act, which allowed individuals to sell weapons from their private collections without obtaining a federal firearms license.

After Waco, Texas, John Magaw became the acting director for the ATF. He instructed the ATF to “… be seen as a neutral agency, not pro-gun and not anti-gun.” 

The NRA has stood behind their stance that if the ATF goes after criminals, they will support their efforts, but as soon as those efforts cross over to infringing upon the rights of gun owners, the support stops.

Techna Clip offers modern gun belt clips for concealed carry permit holders. Among their vast offerings includes the Sig P238 belt clip and the Ruger LC9 belt clip.

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Citizens Need Guns

12/8/2013 7:15 PM

As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry entered into a United Nations treaty that supports anti-gun rights, the Chief of the International Criminal Police Organization, also known as Interpol, has openly stated that he believes people can be protected from deadly shootings and terror attacks by allowing citizens the right to bear arms and defend themselves.

Republicans have vowed that the treaty will be voted down when it arrives in the U.S. Senate for a vote.

In fact, Interpol’s Secretary, General Ronald Noble, believes the deadly terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya, at the Westgate Shopping Mall, could have been averted had citizens been able to defend themselves with open carry laws. Sixty-one civilians and five Kenya military personnel were victims of this tragic attack.

General Noble discussed how terrorism is evolving. Instead of high profile targets like 9/11’s Pentagon attack, terrorists are using this opportunity to focus on civilian sites that offer little security, yet attract large crowds, such as shopping centers, gatherings, fundraisers, etc.

General Noble also said that countries are going to have to rethink addressing these issues, which requires a new approach to fighting the war on terrorism. This leaves two options: locations that once had minimal security will be forced to implement high-security, at costly measures, or citizens should have the right to conceal carry, giving terrorists second thought before attacking soft targets.

For advocates of higher security enforcement, this means having theaters, malls, town squares, supermarkets and even churches under high alert. If these areas are subject to intense security, it will ultimately prevent people from visiting.

General Noble, commenting on the Somali Islamist group Al-Shababb’s shopping mall killing spree, even went so far as to say, “If that was Colorado, if that was Texas, would those guys have been able to spend hours, days, shooting people randomly? What I’m saying is it makes police around the world question their views on gun control.”

With gun control being at the forefront of American politics, this leads many to wonder if General Noble has a considerable point: limiting American’s guns will have a tragic effect, ultimately increasing terrorism on American soil.

Techna Clip offers simplified concealed carry. Eliminating unnecessary bulk, these holsters are easy to carry, making handguns easy to conceal. They offer several outstanding gun belt clips, including those designed for the following models: Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36; Sig Sauer P938; Smith and Wesson; Ruger LCP 380 holster; Sig P238 belt clip; and Ruger LC9 9mm.

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With the holidays just around the corner, many loved ones are realizing how difficult it is to shop for outdoor enthusiasts and gun lovers. Usually these types of family or friends have nearly every gismo and gadget under the sun. Instead of stressing this year, this article highlights two excellent gift ideas for gun owners that have nearly every accessory or gun imaginable.

Gun Belt Clip

Not your standard gun clip, Techna Clip offers an innovative type of holster that is bulk-free, easy to conceal, super lightweight and installs within mere seconds. Quick to draw, this gun belt clip requires no modification, making it the ideal accessory for concealed carry.  They offer an array of products, including those designed to fit Glock models 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36. Their latest addition is the Sig Sauer P938 that features flat grip plates. Other popular sellers include the Smith & Wesson, Ruger LCP 380 belt clip, Sig P238 belt clip and the ever-in-demand Ruger LC9 belt clip.

Techna Clip also offers other accessories, including Snake Eyes Tritum Night Sights for the Glock, LCP trigger guard, Glock trigger guard for models 19 and 23, Bodyguard trigger guard, Glock trigger guard for models 26 and 27, binding post and screw replacements, bumper stickers, and gun cleaning cloths and kits.

Shooting Spree at South Dakota Indoor Range

For gun lovers looking for the ultimate shooting experienced, Rapid City, South Dakota, offers nearly ever firearm imaginable. For people with detailed bucket lists, the Smoking Gun Range & Training Center offers visitors the ability to legally shoot nearly any weapon of their choice.

In the safety of this facility, visitors can shoot machine guns or even pick up an antique Tommy Gun, which was a favorite of John Dillinger and Al Capone during the 1920’s mobster days.  Additionally, a 1928 M1-A1 Thompson submachine gun is also available, costing visitors a mere $1 a round.

Kim Smith, the owner of this unique establishment, spent nearly $1 million dollars ensuring that the building was to code and ready to undertake this dynamic indoor shooting range. The range features 12 different 25-yard firing lanes that are all up-to-code with sound reduction, filtered air, lighted range-finders, bullet-proof glass between lanes and a target system that sends and receives paper targets. The backside features half-inch steel, in addition to a small tunnel that exhausts the shots before sending bullets to recycling.

Handguns are available for rent and sale, as well as handgun accessories. The range focuses on protection and self-defense for the first-time gun owner, but offers perks for those looking to expand their shooting repertoire.

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Call it what you like, media spinning or political rhetoric, but the latest political lingo to slam the public stage is “modest” gun control. What, in fact, is modest about any form of gun control? To answer this question, we take a look at the well-used political ploy that is known as semantic change.

Semantic change is defined as word usage evolving. This means that the meaning of a word progresses, or changes, over time.

When analyzing the definition of “modest,” we know this definition is defined as something that is generally unassuming or moderate, meaning middle of the road.

Therefore, when you combine the latest political jargon that is floating around media outlets nationwide, we analyze the term “modest gun control.” The United States Constitution clearly states that the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment “shall not be infringed.” This means that under no circumstances should this law be impeded or violated in any way. Any first-year law student will agree that to “control” this amendment is infringe upon the public’s rights. However, as a society, we have strayed so far from the actual imputed wording within the Constitution that we are allowing politicians to make up their own semantic-style definitions.

By nature, there is nothing “modest” about infringement. In fact, “infringement” is defined as an action that breaks the terms of an agreement or law, thus resulting in a violation. It is also noted that infringement includes the action of undermining or limiting something, whether it be by a minute degree or a significantly measureable amount.

This brings us to the political conundrum that is a slippery slope. A slippery slope is the simple argument that a small first step leads to a chain reaction, thus causing a drastic slide. Gun rights advocates argue that “modest gun control” is simply political jargon reworded to appeal to the public, which will ultimately give way to a drastic slippery slope that limits the gun ownership and rights of American citizens.

When political action ultimately involves the intent to disarm citizens, the term “modest” becomes subject to semantic change and let’s face it, the government is just afraid to call this what is really is: a regime of Absolutism control.

Instead of simply standing by, as so many people have done for the past 51 years, citizens should protest how the government is simply regurgitating their original agenda into one that involves playing on words. Consider this brief history:

In 1962, Emanual Cellar and Thomas J. Dodd proposed a federal law that related to common firearm ownership.

  • 1962 – “We don’t want to take away your guns, we ONLY want to register handguns! Rifles and shotguns will not be affected.”
  • 1964 – “We only want to register all your guns, not ban them! Only Army surplus guns will be banned.”
  • 1968 – “We only want to register your guns, and ban “Saturday Night Specials” and small foreign handguns along with Army surplus rifles.
  • 1970 – “We only want to ban Saturday night specials! Large handguns and rifles will not be affected!”
  • 1976 – “We only want to ban all handguns! Long guns will not be affected!”
  • 1981 – “The NRA is a rifle organization! They should give up their handguns, and they can keep their rifles!”
  • 1984 – “We must ban ‘assault rifles…!’”
  • 1989 – President George Bush bans importing select foreign-made “assault rifles.”
  • 1992 – President Clinton passed the Brady Bill assault rifle ban.
  • 2000 – First attempt to ban single shot .50 caliber rifles.

And the list continues to grow! Politicians lied to Americans in 1962 and they continue to lie to us today.

For citizens that want to voice their dissension and send a message to big government, contact local and state representatives and just say “No” to semantic gun control.

Techna Clip is a supporter of concealed carry and Second Amendment rights. They carry a variety of LCP Ruger accessories, including their best selling Ruger Ic9 belt clip.


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The tragic Washington Navy Yard shooting killed 13 people on September 16, 2013. Yet, why did “Slate,” an online magazine, report that 30 people died from gun violence that very day? In fact, “Slate” reported that more than 8,722 Americans have died from gun-related violence since December’s tragic Newtown, Connecticut shootings. But is this number accurate?

“Slate” admits that their tally of 8,722 Americans only includes gun-related deaths that were reported to the media. This omits the majority of suicides. In fact, guns are believed to account for up to 60-percent of suicides.

Mass killings generate media attention, attracting long-term notice instead of just a fleeting glance here and there. We all remember where we were when we heard about the horrific aftermath of Columbine and the Colorado Shooter, now identified as James Eagan Holmes, who claimed to be playing the role of the Joker that fateful night in an upscale movie theater.

Gun violence is a complicated issue. Our forefathers granted us the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment, ensuring that our nation would remain free from tyranny. However, is gun violence something that occurs because of the availability of guns or is it simply a convenient resource for the mentally ill? Are we simply ignoring these ill cries for help by sweeping mental illness under the carpet and not addressing this issue?

Treating mental illness is not simple, as any physician can attest. Treatment involves compassion and open-minded methods, not stigmatizing those that suffer from medically documented diseases. Violence can often mask childhood tragedies, which is often seen in serial rapists or murders.

While many people believe that universal background checks would be the appropriate means to an end with the mentally ill obtaining firearms, this isn’t a full-proof method. Often people that submit to tests do not suffer from mental illness and are law-abiding citizens. It’s criminals and people that suffer from delusions that obtain weapons through illegal means. While this is no means a catchall statement, it is largely true. I doubt it’s debatable whether someone who goes on a killing spree is in his/her right mind. Not from the legal standpoint, but from the basic moral human code of ethics. There is nothing normal about wanting to take the lives of innocent victims.  

While we aren’t experts for curbing gun violence, we do realize that mental health is a public issue, one that impacts us whether we walk to work, visit the grocery store or use public transportation. So perhaps instead of focusing on eliminating the rights of legal gun owners, the government should address mental health, tackling this subject head on.

Techna Clip offers a variety of concealed carry gun belt clips. Their popular gun clips include the LCP 380holster and the Ruger LCP belt clip.

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At the young age of 66 years, Tom Clancy, the renowned writer, passed away in October. While the media is highlighting his achievements – an arsenal of military intelligence novels that were best sellers and blockbuster movies – they are straying away from Clancy’s conservative views and support for the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Even “The Los Angeles Times” claims that Clancy “was, for the most part, bipartisan,” attempting to distort his conservative beliefs and ardent fan base. Clancy, a life long member of the NRA, had written several passionate arguments defending the Second Amendment. His beliefs about guns can be read in the foreword to Wayne LaPierre’s book, “Guns, Crime and Freedom” and also “NRA: An American Legend.”

Even in the tributes written by The New York Times and USA Today failed to mention Clancy’s dedication to this right-ring organization. The same went for a list of other liberal media outlets, including CNN, The Chicago Tribune, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News and also The Washington Post.

The only media to break the pact was Fox News, who mentioned that Clancy was a member of the NRA since 1978 and also a supporter of the Republican National Party. Additionally, Politico also highlighted this information.

Whether this slack-style reporting had to do with reporters simply covering the surface of Clancy’s death or whether it had a deeper relation to the media’s anti-gun sentiments is unknown. However, the bottom line is that media’s job is to report and let the public decide.

The NRA, who was silent on the issue, was likely disappointed. Although, it’s important to note that their website did highlight a tribute to the legendary writer. As a celebrated author and lifetime NRA member, this tribute notes a quote by Clancy, “I write about the courage it takes to really believe in something.”

Writer of hits such as “Clear and Present Danger,” “Patriot Games” and “The Hunt for Red October,” Clancy created dynamic, legendary characters such as Jack Ryan, John Clark, Ding Chavez and Jack Ryan, Jr. Highlighting thrilling military and political story lines, Clancy’s characters didn’t hesitate to defend their country, exercise the Second Amendment and even push the boundaries of the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech.

Techna Clip would like to thank the late Mr. Clancy for his contributions to the NRA, the world of publishing and for deeply enriching the imaginations of readers worldwide.

Techna Clip is a supporter of the NRA and the Second Amendment. They specialize in carrying a variety of gun belt clips, designed for use with concealed carry weapons. Among their best selling gun belt clips include the Ruger LC9 belt clip and the Sig P238 belt clip.

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A surging topic in gun safety involves whether gun training should be legislated by the U.S. government. The Internet has been afire with questions related to if mandatory gun safety training should be required for people to hold Concealed Carry permits. In fact, Maryland recently enacted a new state law that requires 16 hours of mandatory gun safety training and an eight additional hours every three years to apply for and maintain a “wear and carry” permit.

The debate for this subject can be readily summed up. If the government required all news reporters to pass a comprehensive, fluent English exam before permitting them to report stories, would you support it? Likely not. How would you feel if under the fourth and fifth amendments, you were required to complete mandatory Constitutional law exams before exercising your rights to unlawful search and seizure, double jeopardy, self-incrimination or due process? You probably wouldn’t support this ridiculous endeavor either. However, why would someone support mandatory training for a right that is issued – without restrictions – by our forefathers under the Second Amendment?

Yes, people can argue that centuries ago it was more commonplace to be familiar with weapons, but self-defense is a right bestowed upon all U.S. citizens by the U.S. Constitution. No ifs, ands or buts – simply “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” There’s nothing in that straightforward statement that states or even implies that training must be required. In fact, by allowing the government to issue concealed carry permits, haven’t we already handed over a sizeable number of rights? 

Gun activists vary between supporting training and embracing the purity of the Constitution. A revolutionary ideology combines both of these believes and places them into a multi-tiered system. Concealed carry should be legal without required permits, as our forefathers do not list requirements for owning or shooting firearms. However, if gun owners submit to optional training, the government could offer rewarding benefits. For example, gun owners with approved training could carry even in areas that specifically post “No Guns.” Additionally, for citizens that exercise their self-protection rights, legal civil immunities will be granted. For states that wish to require concealed permits, legislatures could consider lowering permit fees if applicants have completed state-sponsored gun safety programs.

Techna Clip is a proponent of both gun safety and gun rights. Staunchly believing in the ultimate preservation of our U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, Techna Clip supports the right to self-defense.

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The U.N. Arms Treaty

11/1/2013 6:59 PM

Recently, the U.S. government entered into a U.N. arms treaty. Opponents of this measure claim it will lead to implementation of mandatory firearm registrations, ultimately imposing limitations over the Second Amendment. Opponents believe that the Obama Administration will claim that under the Supremacy Clause listed in the U.S. Constitution, treaties are regarded higher than the Constitution and other U.S. related laws, thus allowing them a loophole around the Second Amendment.

The intentions of our forefathers were never debatable. In the words of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, the Constitution itself was designed to not allow for dismantling, which is clearly understood under Article VI. Anti gun rights activists claim that the constitution was given a backdoor to provide for such circumstances; however, this argument is rather illogical, considering the forefathers took such great care to instill well-written doctrine into the essence of the this civilization changing document.

This fact leads many to further analyze the grammar within the Constitution, hoping to shed light on this mystery. Throughout the Constitution, our forefathers were very careful in their select use of the word “this” in relation to “this Constitution.” This leaves little doubt in the minds of many that the Constitution regularly refers to itself within the context of the article.

However, and this is where the debate sparks, there is one single references in the Constitution that refers to “the Constitution” instead of “this Constitution.” What does this mean and why were the forefathers not consistent with their use of prepositional phrases throughout this clandestine document? The key to solving this grammatical riddle lies in the phrase that precedes it:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

When this prepositional phrase is taken in context, it seems obvious that the forefathers were referring to State laws, including State Constitutions. Hence, in implying state constitution, they would not refer it to as “this Constitution,” as this differentiation is reserved only for the revered U.S. Constitution.

This small detail means that there is, in fact, no loophole in the Constitution to give treaties power over this revered document. It simply allows treaties to be placed ahead of State doctrines, but never before the Supreme Law of the Land – the U.S. Constitution. Politicians may be best served with a refresher English course, putting an end to this worn, inaccurately debated subject.

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As a proponent of gun rights, Techna Clip explores the benefits of concealed carry permit holders obtaining multi-state permits for handguns. While most people believe that one concealed carry permit is sufficient, what happens when crossing state boundaries? This article explores the advantages of obtaining multiple permits.


State laws frequently change so it’s important for gun owners to stay up to date with changes that can impact their concealed carry rights. Some states offer reciprocity, which means that states partner with one another to accept other states’ permits. For example, a New York concealed carry permit is valid in 21 U.S. states. When combined with a Florida permit, concealed carry is permitted in 33 states. When selecting non-resident concealed carry permit states, it’s important to analyze what states offer the most reciprocity benefits. Many websites offer concealed carry resources that highlight reciprocity maps, including permits that are honored by individual states. Before traveling to any state, permit owners should confirm their concealed carry permits are still valid.


Concealed carry regulations are subject to change without advanced notice. As new elections are held and politicians take office, it’s important for concealed carry owners to research changing regulations. It’s never worth assuming that laws remain the same, as carrying a concealed weapon without a valid permit is enforceable by jail time. Having multiple concealed carry permits essentially allows citizens the option of traveling with handguns. This can be especially important when traveling across country or even traveling into wilderness areas. However, it’s important to keep in mind that national and state parks may be subject to their own rules and regulations regarding concealed carry requirements.


A concealed carry permit is relatively inexpensive. For example, Florida’s non-resident permit is $112 and is valid for seven years. Since this greatly expands concealed carry reciprocity, it makes these permitting costs a relatively minor investment.

Non-Resident Permits

Some states offer laws that are non-resident friendly. These states include Florida, Utah and Arizona. For people interested in obtaining non-residents licenses in these states, it’s advisable to review current costs, reciprocity benefits and permitting periods.

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In a day and age where politicians can simply hire rent-a-crowds to maintain the illusion of popularity, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has formed Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). While this sounds good – who doesn’t want illegal guns off the streets – this smoke and mirrors group has some people talking.

MAIG gives the illusion that it’s backed by a significant group of prominent citizens that are deeply concerned about our nation’s gun violence issues. However, upon further examination, this group is merely made up – not of grassroots American voters – but of paid activists, politicians and liberals.

In a nearly comical rally, MAIG released a statement that in September 2013, eleven states would hold events that demanded officials to begin conducting comprehensive background checks. This release even stated: “Polls have found that 82 percent of gun owners – including 74 percent of NRA members – support this tough-on-crime measure.” Sounds good, right? Not so fast, remember there’s a comical angle.

When MAIG supporters arrived in Ohio to rally … what actually happened was 100 gun owners showed up to protest gun control and demonstrate support for the Second Amendment. The media arrived to cover the event. After several hours, two MAIG supporters arrived, only to retreat upon seeing the pro-gun crowd. After several minutes, five additional MAIG supporters timidly set up a banner. One women read a statement that she supported background checks. The pro-gun supporters stepped up their anti-demonstration tactics and soon afterwards, the MAIG supporters left.

So where were the 82-percent of gun owners that MAIG claims supports their cause? Simply stated: the illusion of MAIG is simply a smoke and mirrors tactic that has no gun supporters, but is simply backed by wealthy public relation geniuses. Once you remove the money and well-written press releases, MAIG is left with a banner and the muted voices of five people.

In contrast to MAIG, the National Rifle Association has 5 million Americans who support gun ownership. The Buckeye Firearms Association has 44,000 locals that believe in the Second Amendment. It’s estimated that in America, nearly 80 million people own guns. These people are real – not simply a smoke and mirrors political illusion.

So the next time politicians want to take aim at the heart of Americans, calming stating they want to strip away our Second Amendment rights, perhaps politicians should remember that smoke and mirrors can be bought with hefty amounts of money, but real support is something that is earned.

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According to several recent surveys, gun ownership has continued to decline since the 1970s. Whether these numbers are simply more Americans being unwilling to report gun ownership or a true decline in the gun-toting culture remains to be seen.

Some of the most surprising decreases in gun ownership were reported in both the western and southern states, which shocked many statisticians since guns are a central part of their cultures.

Reports show that gun ownership has decreased far and wide – in small and large cities, rural areas and suburbs and across all U.S. regions. The greatest decrease has been seen in households that have children, those without children, churchgoers, atheists, people who report being sad and even those who say they’re happy. In essence, reports are showing a general decline in gun ownership across all age groups, races and cultures.

In the 1970s, reports showed that nearly 50-percent of Americans owned guns. This number fell slightly in the 1980s to 49-percent, then again in the 1990s to 43-percent and in the 2000s to 35-percent. Last year reports showed that only 34-percent of American households owned guns. Alhough this number had increased from 32-percent in 2010, researchers say the minimal two-percent difference is too marginal to account for in findings.

However, after the Newtown, Connecticut massacre, the biased media – toting the Obama administration’s gun control agenda – made Americans believe that gun ownership was skyrocketing. Theories abound about whether the media was truly employing scare tactics or whether current gun owners were the ones purchasing weapons. Either way, gun ownership wasn’t increasing; the number of weapons in gun owning households was multiplying.

What the liberal media is failing to report is that gun ownership is declining, a little known fact not shared with most American households. This raises concern about whether future gun control issues will be met with open arms or more resistance.

Perhaps one decrease in gun ownership is because more Americans live in highly populated cities, giving them direct access to food, specifically meat. Instead of living and working on farms, running coyotes away from baby calves and protecting herds from treacherous beasts of prey, most people simply go to the grocery store to purchase their chicken, beef, pork, lamb or fish. Gone are the days when hunting for your own meals were commonplace. Although, many people still enjoy these ritual hunts, with government regulations imposing expensive permits and licensing fees, this is generally something only people with regular incomes can truly enjoy.

Techna Clip is a supporter of the Second Amendment. They specialize in carrying a wide assortment of gun belt clips, including those for the popular Ruger LC9 clip.

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Schools are extremely sensitive to gun violence, which continues to be a hot button topic in America. Schools around the nation are standing on the front line on the fight for stricter gun control regulations. However, has society’s fishing expedition gone too far and pushed too many accepted boundaries? You can judge, as highlighted below are “offenses” that were committed by students, earning them harsh punishments.

  • Gun Computer Background – In February 2013, an Arizona high school freshman was suspended from school after teachers discovered his computer background was a flag with an Ak-47 lying atop. The school was able to suspend the freshman under the ruling that “displaying offensive images” was a zero tolerance policy, especially on a school issued laptop computer.
  • Replica Gun – We’re not talking a full-size replica, but one barely bigger than a quarter. The school bus driver had the 10-year-old child arrested and the child was subsequently charged with “brandishing a weapon.” Local authorities scoffed at the overreaction and the child was never put on trial.
  • Gun Shaped Paper – A fifth grade student had in her possession a piece of paper that was similar to a capital “L,” yet school officials said it was too similar to a gun. Not only was she verbally reprimanded, but also she was physically searched.
  • Army Men – Remember the green army men toys from your childhood? A child decorated cupcakes with these relics and the school confiscated them for being “too violent.” The principal of the school released a statement: “Living in a democratic society entails respect for opposing opinions. In the climate of recent events in schools we walk a delicate balance in teaching non-violence in our buildings and trying to ensure a safe, peaceful atmosphere.” According to the child’s mother, the army men were compared to mass murders.

In a society worried about political correctness and offending others, have we swung the pendulum too far? Are schools taking once accepted policies and using irrational methods to determine what is indeed a threat or offense to students? When did childhood become centered on political correctness, instead of focusing on the carefree days of playing, letting imaginations roam wild and exploring youth?

In the face of gun violence, society should take a long look at how overreacting can have a direct impact on children. These aforementioned children – especially the replica gun, gun shaped paper and Army men students – were chastised and likely scarred from their experiences with school officials and authorities. Instead of knee-jerk emotional reactions, society should consider a better approach to effectively addressing gun control issues.

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In August, the Obama administration made a bold, unexpected announcement that via executive action they would enforce two new gun control measures. This was after Congress declined to pursue gun control legislation, despite an aggressive stance from the administration that this issue was a topmost priority.

In response to the latest announcement, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has heavily criticized the administration, stating that these proposals will do nothing to reduce gun-related crimes. The NRA released a candid statement: “The Obama administration has once again completely missed the mark when it comes to stopping violent crime.”

One of the newly enacted policies restricts U.S. private entities from importing or selling military weapons that were donated or sold by the U.S. to other allies. This policy restricts private entities, only allowing the government and museums to re-import any military-grade firearms. The guns under this measure are more than 50 years old and defined as “relic” or “curio” firearms. This move is sure to anger gun aficionados and collectors.

The second proposed rule would require corporations and trusts that have registered weapons to have their trustees and beneficiaries undergo a stringent fingerprint background check. In 2012, the ATF only received a mere 39,000 requests to register weapons to these entities.

According to the NRA, both of these measures will do little to reduce crime, since neither military weapons nor trust or corporation gun registrations are sources that allow criminals to obtain weapons. In essence, the NRA believes the administration is simply barking up the wrong tree. Furthermore, the NRA stated: “This administration should get serious about prosecuting violent criminals who misuse guns and stop focusing its efforts on law-abiding gun owners.”

President Obama’s hands were tied with enacting his true agenda, which included further background checks and an assault weapons ban, as only Congress can approve and enact those strict regulations. However, both President Obama and Vice President Biden claim that the “American people” demand stricter gun control and that their fight is not over.

Techna Clip is a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms and urges concerned citizens to contact their representatives and voice their opinions. Without people voicing their opinions, the government will further attempt to enact gun control and limit the freedoms given by our forefathers under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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Maine’s police department is not able to process concealed weapons permits in a timely manner due to increasing demand, inadequate staffing and strict legal requirements.

Maine’s law specifically states that new concealed carry permits must be issued or legally denied within 60 days of the application’s date and renewals are required to be processed within 30 days. However, Maine’s state police simply cannot meet the legal deadlines as outlined in the state’s laws. In fact, Maine is processing concealed weapons permits that were applied for as long as 60 to 90 days ago.

The state police department, which is responsible for processing concealed carry permits for people living in rural areas or outside cities’ limits, is currently facing a backlog of 4,600 applications, with an additional 150 new applications coming in daily. With only one full-time employee to help issue concealed carry permits, the state police simply can’t keep up with demand.

On average it’s taking around four months to issue concealed carry permits, double the time period outlined in Maine’s laws. As with most government rules, there is no course of action for applicants that do not receive their concealed carry permit within the law’s allocated timeframe. All they can do is be patient and wait.

The police departments are also saying that the deadlines outlined in Maine’s laws are virtually impossible to meet due to mental health background checks and moral character inquiries, the prior taking nearly six weeks to process.

The legislature is, however, listening. The police are required to report on this issue, which includes offering their recommendations for making the process smoother, by January 15, 2014. Some ideas that have already been offered include increasing fees to allow for longer permit periods, instead of the standard four years. An additional option is outsourcing this task to other municipalities, including county services or local sheriffs.

With some people applying for concealed weapons permits out of fear and related to personal safety, officials in Maine say they will not ask for the 30- to 60-day period to be extended, as this is something that government agencies should easily be able to target.

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In 2012 and into 2013, many stores saw severe ammunition shortages. Political battles, fear and an economy turned upside down caused many people to run out and purchase large amounts of ammunition. This ultimately led to an unprecedented ammunition shortage.

A trying time for hunters and shooting enthusiasts, many of who could not locate their favorite ammunition, those that were able to find ammunition to purchase paid more than an arm and leg. In fact, the ammunition that was available was so overly inflated that gun owners in political panic mode still ponied up wads of cash to replete their ammunition stashes.

Fortunately, the ammunition dry spell is beginning to show signs of slowing. This time served as a valuable lesson for shooters and gun enthusiasts and the following are lessons that can be learned from this hectic experience.

  • Dry-Fire – During the ammunition shortage, many people found themselves weighted down with awesome guns – most of which served nothing more than cool paperweights. This trying ammunition drought saw an increase in dry-fires instead of actual shooting. In fact, the benefits of dry-fire practices are substantial and even well documented by professionals.
  • Common Sizes – Gun owners that thought they would be exempt from experiencing the ammunition shortage because they owned common caliber weapons were wrong. When an ammunition drought hits, the first thing to go are the common calibers. Gun owners should consider adding a non-exotic caliber firearm to their collections.
  • When to Buy – When ammunition is plentiful, it doesn’t hurt to stock up. Ammunition, unlike other commodities, doesn’t go bad so there’s no harm in keeping a small supply at home.
  • Reloading – For gun owners that use a significant amount of ammunition annually for practice or hunting, consider reloading ammunition to save money.
  • Vendors – Supporting good vendors means that consumers are less susceptible to ammunition scalpers, which are just looking to make a quick buck in a volatile market.
  • Supply Chains – The final lesson that was learned through the ammunition shortage is that even supply chain stores can’t be counted on in times of crisis. Their shelves were just as bare – if not more so – of ammunition when the prospect of gun-control legislation was laid on the table.

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Amid heavy national controversy over the right to bear arms, North Carolina has decided to take a common sense approach to instituting new gun laws.

Recently, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, instituted legislation that allows concealed carry gun owners to take firearms into bars and restaurants. The measure also legalizes concealed carry on playgrounds, in greenways and other public recreational areas. In fact, weapons can legally be stored in locked vehicles on public school and university campuses.

Of course, the legislation does provide for local control, meaning that private property owners can request that guns not be permitted on their premises. Municipalities retain the right to pass laws that restrict concealed carry on public lands under jurisdictional rule. 

Advocates of gun ownership and concealed carry laws praise North Carolina’s new gun laws, which are a common sense approach to crime prevention and self-defense. Believing that gun free zones are simply inviting assailants, North Carolina is hoping that by giving more power to citizens, deranged killers will be detoured from targeting public areas. In fact, for the mass killers that dare to risk entering a non-gun-free zone, North Carolina is hoping they become the victims of their own madness and that concealed carry citizens act with necessary force. Often times, a victim could be concealed carrying, which means that he/she would be on the scene before police personnel could even arrive. By acting diligently and swiftly, concealed carry gun owners can easily save dozens of innocent lives.

In fact, there have been many cases where concealed carry restrictions have caused more damage than good. For example, in 1991, Suzanna Hupp was on the scene when George Hennard entered a restaurant and gun downed 23 people. Due to a recent Texas law banning concealed carry, Hupp had her weapon safely secured in her vehicle. Had she been carrying, there is no question that Hupp could have saved lives, including the possibility of saving both of her parents who were tragically gunned down in this massacre.

In 1995, the “Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology” at Northwestern University School and University published a detailed study that highlighted statistics showing that law-abiding gun owners used weapons in defensive situations more than 2.5 million times annually. When breaking down this statistic, guns are used 60 times more frequently to protect innocent lives than when compared with committing a crime. Statistics such as these have lead many North Carolina representatives to view decreasing gun restrictions as creating a safer environment for the general public.

Additionally, areas that have strict gun control regulations, such as Chicago, continue to experience high rates of crimes related to gun violence, which mostly links to illegal guns and not legal gun owners.

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In an astonishing vote, 46 U.S. Senators voted in favor of eliminating the Second Amendment to submit to the United Nations’ stringent gun regulations. Fortunately for Americans, 53 Senators voted to uphold our Second Amendment rights.

The bill, which was up for debate, states, “To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.” President Obama’s administration supported the treaty, which would have given all firearm-related powers to the United Nations, effectively placing a global ban on the export and import of all small firearms. If enacted, this law would have affected private gun owners and ultimately implemented a gun registry for all private guns and ammunition.

As the gun debate continues, both Colorado and California are rapidly passing among the toughest gun laws in the nation. The new California initiatives could lead to a database that records all state ammunition purchases. Advocates against this initiative cite references that this will ultimately lead to a full gun registration within the state. 

Colorado’s citizens are enraged at their Democrat Senators – Angela Giron and John Morse – that they are now facing recall elections. All senators that voted for the bill are members of the Democratic Party. For people that wish to contact their state senators that supported this measure, below is a complete list.

Baldwin (D-WI)

Coons (D-DE)

King (I-ME)

Murray (D-WA)

Udall (D-CO)

Baucus (D-MT)

Cowan (D-MA)

Klobuchar (D-MN)

Nelson (D-FL)

Udall (D-NM)

Bennett (D-CO)

Durbin (D-IL)

Landrieu (D-LA)

Reed (D-RI)

Warner (D-VA)

Blumenthal (D-CT)

Feinstein (D-CA)

Leahy (D-VT)

Reid (D-NV)

Warren (D-MA)

Boxer (D-CA)

Franken (D-MN)

Levin (D-MI)

Rockefeller (D-WV)

Whitehouse (D-RI)

Brown (D-OH)

Gillibrand (D-NY)

McCaskill (D-MO)

Sanders (I-VT)

Wyden (D-OR)

Cantwell (D-WA)

Harkin (D-IA)

Menendez (D-NJ)

Schatz (D-HI)


Cardin (D-MD)

Hirono (D-HI)

Merkley (D-OR)

Schumer (D-NY)


Carper (D-DE)

Johnson (D-SD)

Mikulski (D-MD)

Shaheen (D-NH)


Casey (D-PA)

Kaine (D-VA)

Murphy (D-CT)

Stabenow (D-MI)







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Firearm Home Safety Tips

8/22/2013 8:58 PM

There are a number of firearm home safety tips that parents and children should practice. Being fluent with a weapon can literally save someone’s life if an intruder breaks into a home. The top tips include:

  • Direction – A gun’s muzzle should always be pointed in a safe direction, which is defined as never being pointed at another person.
  • Finger – A finger should never be placed on the trigger unless the weapon is ready to be fired. This rule has no exceptions, even if the gun’s safety is on.
  • Unload – When not in use, firearms should remain unloaded. Always point a gun in a safe direction until it is determined if it is loaded or unloaded.
  • Operation – Being fluent with the feel of a weapon is necessary for a shooter to feel comfortable. The shooter should know how to safely remove the magazine and any ammunition.
  • Storage – Firearms should be stored away from children and intruders in a safe, locked cabinet, storage case or gun vault. It is important to have rules in a home about who may or may not handle a gun.
  • Ammunition Storage – Ammunition should be stored away from firearms in a locked cabinet.
  • Gun Locking Devices – These types of devices render weapons inoperable and are a good safety device in addition to locked storage.
  • Safety Guidelines – Everyone in the family should be familiar with gun safety guidelines, including explaining not to touch weapons without an adult being present.
  • Care – Firearms require care in order to prevent unsafe operation. After use, firearms should be unloaded and thoroughly cleaned. They should then be stored in a safe, locked location immediately.
  • Education – By simply teaching children and families about the importance of gun safety, lives can be saved.

Programs, such as Project ChildSafe, have provided families with more than 36 million complimentary firearm safety kits. This program is available in all 50 states, including the five U.S. territories. Since 1998, more than 60 million locking devices have been provided to firearm owners via gun manufacturers.

Originally sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, in 2008 the government cut Project ChildSafe funding. Firearms manufacturers stepped up to the plate and took on the task of funding this life-saving project.

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Handgun Shooting: Deadly Sins

8/15/2013 8:54 PM

While some people associate the word “discipline” with negative connotations, practicing handgun discipline can literally save lives. Gun and shooting experts agree that gun muzzle safety is a vital component to safe firearm operation.

Muzzle safety is simply practicing that the gun’s muzzle remains pointed in a safe directions at all times. This is not negotiable, as a loaded weapon can kill, especially when the gun’s muzzle is pointed in an unsafe direction.

By simply pretending that a long laser attaches to the gun’s muzzle, shooters can imagine the trajectory route a bullet will travel. Pointing a weapon requires concentration and skill. A gun doesn’t only become a weapon when it’s aimed at a target – it should be treated as a weapon all the time.

Practicing muzzle safety puts the shooter in charge of the weapon. Outlined below are the ultimate – and literally – deadly sins of handgun shooting.

  • “Side Slide Swipe” – This is when a shooter uses the side slide racking technique, which helps to build leverage. Many times, shooters will use this position by bringing the arms in closer to the body and pointing the weapon to the side. This does not control the muzzle’s safety and if using this side slipe swipe, the gun must always point downrange.
  • “The High Five” – Everyone wants to impress their friends. But when someone hits a target, he/she should always place the weapon on the ground before high-fiving friends. No one should ever turn around and point a weapon at another person.
  • “I’m Done Shooting” – This is the attitude some shooters assume when they’re done shooting. They feel it’s only necessary to practice handgun safety when firing weapons. In reality, handgun safety should be practiced anytime a weapon is in the vicinity.
  • Grip – This aspect is especially important in handgun safety. Even if the safety catch is on, the finger should never rest on the trigger unless the handgun is ready to be fired. This is a good general rule of thumb for all weapons.

If someone owns a handgun and they aren’t familiar with the weapon, he/she should consider enrolling in local gun safety courses. Local hunting chapters and shooting ranges often sponsor classes.

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Following the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the Obama Administration requested that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conduct a thorough study about the “cause and prevention of gun violence.” Completed in June, this study surprised the Obama Administration.

At the beginning of this year, the Obama Administration announced they supported three significant major gun control initiatives, which includes a ban on assault weapons, comprehensive background checks and a ban on high-capacity style magazines. It appears as though the administration was hoping the CDC’s study would substantiate these proposals. Contrary to the agenda that the administration was forcefully pushing, the study highlighted the following:

  • From 2000 to 2010, firearm-related suicides outnumbered homicides. In fact, suicide by firearm greatly outnumbered violent crime gun-related violence.
  • In 2010, the number of unintentional firearm-related deaths encompassed less than one-percent of all fatalities.
  • The study also shows that the number of times weapons are used for defense-related purposes is almost identical to criminals using weapons. This proves that practicing self-defense saves lives.

The CDC’s study in no way placed connections between additional gun laws helping to decrease crime. In fact, this correlation was completely absent from the report. This report also showed that most criminals obtain firearm-related weapons from outside sources, including from gang members, friends or family. 

The report also states that mass shootings only “account for a very small fraction of all firearm-related deaths.” The report did find that the rate of U.S. firearm-related homicides is indeed significantly higher than other industrialized nations; however, when the following states – California, Illinois, Washington D.C. and New Jersey – are excluded from the statistics, they are more in line with other countries. The aforementioned states also happen to have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, completely negating the Obama Administration’s stance that stricter gun laws promote less gun-related violence.

Interestingly enough, in 2003, Americans owned approximately 192 million firearms, while by 2010, that number had increased by 55-percent to an astonishing 300 million. Ultimately, the report that was written in 2003 noted that sufficient evidence was lacking to enforce zero tolerance school laws, firearm registration, waiting periods, firearm restrictions and bans on firearms or ammunition. Most major media outlets have not reported the results of this study.

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In an upheaval against the Obama Administration, the citizens of the state of Illinois voiced their rights to freedom of speech and demanded the widespread ban on concealed carry be overturned. Ruled as unconstitutional by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the state was found to be in direct violation of both the Second and Fourteenth Amendments. (An interesting legal side note is how previous convictions will stand since this law is unconstitutional.)

In July 2013, the state was forced to allow concealed carry licenses. However, the Illinois State Police Department immediately notified citizens that unless they have a proper firearm permit, they would be found in violation of the law, arrested and charged with a criminal act.

The little known fact buried in mounds of legislative and legal paperwork is that the Illinois State Police Department has 180 days before they are required to make applications available. On top of that, they have 90 days to review the applications before making a determination on issuing a concealed carry permit. That leaves citizens facing a nine-month wait, well into 2014, before any concealed carry licenses will be activated in Illinois.

The story of Illinois’ native Mary Shepard is one of travesty and horror. Licensed to carry in 31 U.S. states, she was denied this right under Illinois law. She and a friend were brutally beaten and left for dead by an ex-convict. She is a prime example of an American that has boldly embraced the fight to preserve the rights our forefathers granted in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was once quoted as saying “a right delayed is a right denied.” This insightful statement gives an outsider’s perspective to this controversial situation. In essence, by the state further delaying the right to conceal carry, they may very well be issuing a death sentence for those citizens that are faced with life-and-death self defense situations. 

Proponents are simply requesting that the Illinois State Police Department reconsider the nine-month waiting requirement for citizens that already have a Firearms Owner Identification Card (FOID Card). This means that those people who have a valid FOID card could simply obtain additional screening by the State of Illinois. If additional screening is accepted and approved, these citizens would be eligible to publically carry firearms.

While proponents are working hard to convince the legislature to reconsider this stance, there are still no solid answers about how the police will address this issue.

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Most people assume the war on women concerns workplace and education equality; however, in today’s violent war there is another war on women: one that restricts their rights to self-defense and freedom of carry.

Amanda Collins, recently testified before a legislative committee in Colorado, explaining how she was against the proposed legislation gun ban. Collins testified that having a blanket ban on weapons on all college campuses was preposterous, and had she been permitted to concealed carry on campus, it could have avoided her own traumatic rape.

Collin’s who was attending the University of Nevada at Reno had a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, in addition to a concealed carry permit. However, the college campus had a ban on concealed carry and a zero tolerance policy for weapons. Defenseless against a man who attacked her, he placed a pistol to her head and brutally raped her. This man is now on death row, serving sentences for the rape and gruesome murder of yet another victim.

This leads many women to wonder what happened to their “rights to choose.” Don’t women have the right to defend themselves against violent acts? These violent acts aren’t simply one-time events, but events that lead to severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, scaring, anxiety, depression and even times reclusiveness.

Unfortunately for Collins, pouring her heart out to a political panel had its own backlash. She was told that even if she had been able to carry a weapon and pulled it on her attacker, statistics showed that it would have been used against her as a woman. While these politicians were not there at the time of Collin’s brutal rape, they forced their own judgments of this tragic event. Fair, we think not. Collins should have had the right to defend herself both physically and from the long-term mental effects this event has inflicted upon her.

Collins has been hailed and acclaimed by the National Rifle Association. Not simply a legislative lobbyist for gun rights, the NRA promotes empowered gun ownership, combined with safe and responsible gun handling techniques. Now the face for “The New War on Women,” Collins is speaking up for women’s rights everywhere, hoping to change the face of America’s freedoms.

Many of these same politicians are simply advising women to vomit, urinate or claim they are menstruating to avoid rape. Are these politicians serious? Their advice and rhetoric towards women is not only ridiculous but also deeply insulting to the female gender. What woman wants to worry about taking a morning after pill simply because she wasn’t able to defend herself from a brutal attack?

Ultimately, the Colorado legislature did not back Collin’s testimony and failed to repeal the campus carry laws. This eye-opener of a story highlights the dark ages in which our politicians live, one that doesn’t support the right to defend oneself against harm, severe threat or death.

Techna Clip supports the NRA’s efforts to work with victims who have suffered gun-related tragedies. Tomorrow’s generation doesn’t simply face the uphill battle of being a woman in a male’s world, but faces the battle to retain her body as her own sanctuary. Technca Clip supports concealed carry rights for both men and women. They offer a selection of gun belt clips, including those for the Ruger IC9 clip and Sig Sauer gun clip.

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Surviving a Mass Shooting

7/19/2013 9:17 PM

With mass shootings headlining the news today, many people wonder how they can escape unscathed. Imagine this scenario: you’re at a mall. Suddenly, gunfire erupts, mass hysteria ensues, blood covers the floor and you feel for your holster, only to realize it’s the one-day you left it at home.

Techna Clip highlights advice provided by experienced law enforcement officials about how to survive a mass shooting:

  • Once you become aware that a shooting is taking place, exit the area. Leave the area as quickly as possible and call 9-1-1 to alert authorities.
  • If leaving the area is not possible, seek cover and actively look for any type of object that will block bullets. This may include steel support beams, concrete barriers, brick walls or possibly thick trees.
  • If no concealed area is available, consider hiding near an interior wall, in bushes or even in cabinets.
  • The smaller target you make yourself, the more difficulty the shooter will have zeroing in on you.
  • If you must exit the area, as there is no available shelter, always crouch down or run in a zigzag pattern, as this makes you – as a moving target – more difficult to hit.
  • Place as much distance as possible between you and the shooter. The Secret Service reports that hitting a moving target that is more than 45 feet away is slim.
  • If all else fails, rely on the standard bear protection technique, which involves playing dead. This has been attributed to saving more than one life in an emergency-shooting situation.

Statistics also show that most mass shooters either kill themselves or are disarmed by those around them. For people that have undergone attack-related training, these experts may consider thinking through an attack plan to disarm the shooter. Approximately 66-precent of shooters are disarmed by unarmed men and women. This is where numbers are more effective. Instead of a single person trying to tackle an armed shooter, if there is a group of people that can effectively sneak up on the shooter from behind and disarm him/her, it may be effective enough to stop the shooter in his/her tracks.

People, who find themselves in the midst of a shooting attack, may feel as though they can plead for their lives’, but the truth is that those pleas fall on deaf ears the majority of the time. Additionally, it should be kept in mind that people who go on shooting sprees are rarely in their right minds, which means the chances of rationalizing with him/her are slim to none. The chance people have to disengage a shooter is when he/she is changing equipment or reloading their weapons.

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Seven Deadly Handgun Sins

7/16/2013 9:15 PM

There are wrong and right ways to shoot a handgun. When shooting a weapon, it is of the utmost important that people follow strict safety recommendations. These recommendations include:

  • NEVER lean backwards when shooting a gun. Your shoulders should NEVER be behind your belt line. This greatly impairs someone’s vision and does not allow him/he to shoot well and is in fact, quite dangerous. Having this weak stance also increases the chances that the gun may indeed malfunction.
  • The Weaver Stance – This proper shooting stance is demonstrated by placing the feet length’s width apart, with the support foot just ahead of the shooting foot. The shooter should wrap both hands around the gun. The support hand should be able to pull back, while keeping the elbow slightly bent, which helps to create necessary isometric tension.
  • The Isosceles Stance – This is defined as both feet being parallel to the target, just shoulder width apart, both arms stretch forward to form a triangle.
  • Additional helpful shooting stance tips include:
    • Feet should be placed approximately shoulder width apart.
    • Some shooters feel more comfortable placing their non-dominant foot slightly forward.
    • Knees should be slightly flexed to avoid locked joints. This stance also provides excellent shock absorbance and helps to facilitate movement.
    • Bend slightly forward at the waist. The collarbone should be in alignment with the front of the abdomen or belt buckle.
    • Shoulders should be rolled inward and slightly down. This will help if the weapon recoils.
    • Shoulders should remain in front of the waist.

There is some debate with shooters about whether both eyes should remain open, or one eye should be closed. Studies show that people who have the same dominant eye as hand are more likely to be able to accurately shoot with their eyes open. However, for people that are cross-eye dominant, meaning the opposite eye is dominant from their dominant hand, shooting with both eyes opens creates a double imagine. This group of people finds that they need to close an eye so they can properly align the target within their sights. While some people report that shooting with one eye closed narrows the field of vision, while this is true, it is also impossible for most people who are cross-eye dominant to shoot with both eyes open.

Shooters should determine what is best for them and what helps them successfully achieve their goals – accurately hitting the targets. For people that do not know if they have a dominant dye, consider this exercise: slowly bring a triangle shape towards the face. Whatever eye gravitates towards the triangle is the dominant eye.

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Yes, you read that headline right. More states are starting to advocate placing guns in the hands of trained teachers and school staff members. In fact, many school staff members are planning on taking assailant classes this summer, helping to prepare themselves for self-defense measures.

The Buckeye Firearms Association, located in Ohio, has launched a specific program to help educate teachers on how to effectively disarm and take down gunmen. With an opening for 24 students, more than 1,400 school staff members applied.

In fact, from Texas to Ohio, several gun rights groups are sponsoring classes this summer for teachers. State legislatures in more than 30 states are proposing laws that would allow school staff and teachers to carry firearms on both primary and secondary campuses. While most of the bills have been met with rejection and failure, there are several states that permit school staff to carry weapons, including South Dakota, Arizona, Alabama, Texas and Kansas.

While some of the bills simply require a concealed-firearm permit, other bills require necessary training for staff members. South Dakota requires that teachers undergo law enforcement-approved training to ensure that they know how to react in a deadly situation and how to properly use force.

Proponents of this regulation cite statistics that 26 innocent lives could have potentially been saved in the Sandy Hook massacre, had teachers and school staff been permitted to conceal carry firearms.

For the last 12 years, Utah has permitted weapons to be inside schools, provided they are secured in a lockbox. These individuals must also possess concealed firearm permits and are not required to divulge to school officials or parents that they have a weapon in their possessions.

However, Ohio and Texas require staff to receive school district permission prior to bringing a concealed carry weapon on school grounds. In 2007, Texas planned to arm certain school staff members, while keeping their identities concealed from public knowledge. Texas’ reasoning is that potential shooters cannot target these specific individuals, giving these concealed-carry staff members a higher chance of taking out potential deadly threats on school grounds.

The primary concern in this debate is the safety of children in schools. If teachers were trained and permitted to carry concealed weapons on school grounds, advocates believe the wide spread tragedies associated with deadly shootings would decrease. As it is, if shooters feel that a school is unprotected, they have no reason to be discouraged from reeking havoc on innocent civilians.

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Securing a Concealed Weapon

7/10/2013 9:08 PM

Headlines dotting the news include negligent or accidental weapon discharges, which are always so unfortunate and sad. However, often times these can be prevented by simply exercising caution and taking precautionary measures. How can someone take precautionary measures when owning a handgun?

  • Holsters – While weapons need to be quickly accessible, having a holster is a necessary defense tool. A holster should keep a weapon securely and firmly attached to the body and should prevent a weapon from coming loose or interfering with daily activities. However, the more secure a weapon, the more difficult it can be access. A proper holster should provide fast access, while keeping a weapon safely secure. This type of holster will prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening, especially during a fall, embrace or collision. Instead of simply grabbing the first inexpensive holster on the market, it’s important that safety criteria be met. When shopping for a gun belt clip, consider Techna Clip, as they offer a variety of safe and convenient P238 belt clips, Ruger IC9 clips and Sig P238 belt clips.
  • Secure – Weapons should always be safely secured within the home. While many people feel safe and secure in their homes, they often return home to simply put their weapon on the counter or table. Even if people live alone, they should take precautionary efforts to put the weapon away, including locking it up in a gun safe or placing it in a cabinet. It’s important to always know where a weapon is and if it becomes a ritual of putting it away upon returning home, a gun owner will always know the location of his/her weapon. This is especially good during nighttime hours, especially in the event of a home invasion. However, if people have children, locking up the weapon is a must, helping limit access for children and helping keep children safe from unnecessary misfires and accidents.
  • Complacence – Complacence accompanies the most significant dangers when using a handgun. When someone becomes complacent with his/her weapon, it dramatically increases the potential for an accident. By simply exercising necessary safety precautions and paying close attention to weapon safety, gun owners can help prevent accidents.
  • Gun Safety – Taking a gun safety class is especially important if someone is concealed carrying. Familiarly and fluidity is vital when handling a potentially deadly weapon. Gun owners should feel comfortable handling and shooting their weapons. Even for experienced gun owners, it’s important to stay up-to-date with target practice, making sure one’s nerves aren’t frayed with rust, if the need ever arises to use a weapon in self defense or to save someone’s life.

In order to prevent accidents with children, it’s important they are familiar with weapons and parents go to great lengths to keep weapons under lock and key. Even if a child is familiar with shooting a weapon, it’s important these weapons not end up in the hands of children’s friends or home invaders. By simply implementing basic gun safety procedures, gun accidents can dramatically be reduced.

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With the political arena erupting with the latest IRS scandal and Benghazi, will President Obama’s gun control agenda be derailed? Vice President Joe Biden and four U.S. Senators are promising to revive gun regulation proposals.

With Capitol Hill being the subject of intense political fireworks and the revelation that the IRS was targeting Tea Party members, gun rights advocates predict the administration’s efforts will be forced on other damage control energies, subsequently putting the gun control issue on the back burner.

While some representatives believe that the IRS news was leaked to help deflect attention from the Benghazi scandal, administration supporters question this, asking why the administration would simply substitute one scandal for another.

Washington State’s governor, Jay Inslee, has stated that he will still propose gun control measures during the state’s legislative session. However, with reports published from Pew Research and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, highlighting the decrease in gun-related crimes and homicides, Inslee’s proposal may be met with some resistance.

The Obama administration, still recovering from their recent humiliation and defeat of the Senate’s expanded gun control measures, which included not renewing a ban on full-capacity magazines and assault weapons.

Gun advocates predict that the administration will spend the remainder of their three years deflecting other issues, helping take the wind out of their banned gun control sails.

However, reports also say that key GOP lawmakers may still try to improve the current system, helping to keep felons and those banned from owning guns from obtaining firearms, proposing restricted access. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System is required to be reauthorized before the end of 2013. This could allow the issue of restricting guns from those that are mentally ill to reprise.

Despite predictions, the upcoming months will reveal if the House and Senate will in fact tackle any gun control bills or measures, especially after the recent stinging defeat that the administration is reeling from.

While the demand for proper gun training grows with the U.S. public, especially those looking for self-protection with robberies and physical assaults increasing in certain areas of the country, it remains to be seen how the gun control debate will play out.

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This article highlights the U.S. states that are featured on The Center for American Progress’ study for highest gun violence rates. These rates are determined by a number of key factors, including:

  • The percentage of crimes committed with guns based on a relatively short period of “time to crime” in 2009.
  • Gun-related crime exports rates in 2009.
  • Aggravated assault crimes committed with a firearm in 2011.
  • Law-enforcement agents that were killed with a firearm in 2002 to 2011.
  • Firearm-related deaths among children from 2001 to 2010.
  • Firearm-related homicides among women from 2001 to 2010.
  • Firearm-related suicides in 2010.
  • Firearm-related homicides in 2010.
  • The number of firearm-related deaths in 2001 to 2010.
  • The overall number of firearm-related deaths in 2010.

The states that feature the highest gun violence per 100,000 people between the years 2001 to 2010 are as follows:

  1. Louisiana – Their overall firearm-related deaths were an astounding 18.9 per 100,000 people.
  2. Alaska – With a reported 17.84 firearm-related deaths, this state weighs in at number two.
  3. Alabama – At number three this state saw 16.62 firearm-related deaths.
  4. Arizona – With a rate of 15.48 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people, this desert state comes in at an astounding number four.
  5. Mississippi – With a rate of 16.98 per 100,000 people, Mississippi comes in at number five for overall firearm-related deaths in 2001 to 2010.
  6. South Carolina – At a rate of 13.82, this southern state weighs in at the number six most dangerous states based on a high level of gun violence.
  7. New Mexico – Bordering number four’s Arizona, this state saw a total of 15.07 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people.
  8. Missouri – With large metropolitan areas such as St. Louis, Missouri saw 12.94 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people in 2001 to 2010.
  9. Arkansas – This sleepy state, once the ultimate retreat for Chicago mob bosses in the Prohibition era, reported 15.32 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people.
  10. Georgia – Rounding out the list at number 10, this state saw 12.8 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people in 2001 to 2010.

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Recently, The Center for American Progress conducted a study that analyzed gun violence in all 50 U.S. states. Each state was ranked on several different key points, which included:

  • The number of overall firearm-related deaths in 2010.
  • The number of overall firearm-related deaths in 2001 to 2010.
  • The number of firearm-related homicides in 2010
  • The number of firearm-related suicides in 2010.
  • The total number of firearm-related homicides involving women from 2001 to 2010.
  • In 2001 to 2010, the total number of firearm-related deaths involving children.
  • Law enforcement agents that were killed with firearms from 2002 to 2011.
  • Aggravated assaults involving a firearm in 2011.
  • Crime gun-related export rates in 2009.
  • The percentage of crimes committed with a gun with a relatively short period of time in 2009.

What states have the lowest rates of gun violence per capita?

  1. Hawaii – This relaxed state has the lowest rate of gun violence in the entire nation. In fact, the overall firearm-related deaths from 2001 to 2010, at a rate of 100,000 people, were a mere 3.02. They had zero firearm-related homicides in 2010. The firearm-related suicide rate was 2.72 and in 2011, they had zero aggravated assaults with a firearm.
  2. Massachusetts – It’s hard to believe after the Boston Massacre, but Massachusetts boasts the second lowest gun violence rate in the entire nation. Their number of firearm-related deaths from 2001 to 2010, with a rate of 100,000 people, was 3.28. Their firearm-related homicides, per 100,000 people, was 1.92 in 2010. They only saw 2.11 firearm-related suicides in 2010, based on a rate of 100,000 people. They experienced 33.19 aggravated firearm-related assaults in 2011, also based on a rate of 100,000 people.
  3. Connecticut – With an average state ranking of 43.1, this state saw a total of 5 firearm-related deaths, per 100,000 people, from 2001 to 2010.
  4. New Jersey – Just slightly higher than Connecticut, the overall number of firearm-related deaths from 2001 to 2010, with a rate of 100,000 people, was 5.04.
  5. New York – Yes, New York is one of the safest states when examining firearm-related deaths. From 2001 to 2010, only 5.2 people died from a firearm-related incident, which is based on a rate of 100,000 people.
  6. Iowa – Full of responsible hunters and country outdoorsman, the great state of Iowa saw 6.63 firearm-related deaths from 2001 to 2010, based on a rate of 100,000 people.
  7. Rhode Island – Overall, this state saw 4.23 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people from 2001 to 2010.
  8. Minnesota – The land of 10,000 lakes reported 6.67 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people from the years 2001 to 2010.
  9. Maine – This northeasterly state saw 8.01 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people from 2001 to 2010.
  10. Nebraska – With an average of 7.83 firearm-related deaths per 100,000 people from 2001 to 2010, this country-laden outdoor state rounds out number 10 on this list.

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The long-awaited Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD® series offers the very first personal handgun protection that includes integrated lasers. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, this weapon is not only easily concealable for personal protection but is the most accurate of its type on the market. Super lightweight and easy to use, this weapon is ideal for both men and women.

Whether someone is looking for a weapon to carry daily or wants a weapon for survivalist situations, this go-to handgun is a must for any well-stocked personal arsenal. The trigger features a smooth release and additionally the hammer does not require pre-cocking by the slide. When using a handgun for defensive protection, this is a definite plus, as in many deadly situations a rapid response time is critical.

Additionally, this multi-faceted weapon can double as a blunt force weapon, easily striking an attacker’s groin, neck, knees, ankles and face. In fact, hitting someone at point blank range with the tip of this weapon’s barrel would likely cause more damage than a punch to the face, which makes it an ideal self-defense weapon for women.

With a built-in Insight Laser, the shooter can easily fire the weapon in low light conditions, which is ideal as most attacks often happen during this time. With its super compact size, this weapon is perfect for concealed carry.

In fact, Techna Clip offers a number of gun belt clips and is launching a gun belt clip for the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380. As an alternative to traditional holsters, this belt clip helps reduce weight and bulk, making it easy to conceal. Additionally, this design is extremely comfortable and can be worn by both genders. Allowing secure and fast removal of the weapon, this belt clip easily attaches to a pocket, waistband or belt. Made from only the highest quality carbon spring steel, the clip features a stunning classic black oxide plated finish. The best benefit is that the clip installs quickly and easily, requiring no gun modifications.

The Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD® 380 retails for approximately $419.00. As a .380 caliber automatic weapon, it can hold a capacity of six plus one additional round. With a barrel length of only 2.75 inches, this compact design features a double action with polymer grip. The front sight is made from high quality stainless steel and the rear sight offers drift adjustability. With a stainless steel finish in matte black, this weapon is only 5.25 inches overall and weighs in at an astounding lightweight of 11.85 ounces. It is the ideal personal protection weapon, especially for those looking to concealed carry. As always, Smith & Wesson offers a lifetime service policy and is made in the great U.S.A.

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Guide to Self-Defense Handguns

5/29/2013 6:15 PM

Whether someone is a long-time gun owner or a novice, this article highlights recommendations for self-defense handguns, including necessary terminology for first-time gun buyers.

  • Terminology – What’s the difference between a bullet, cartridge or caliber? It’s important for a gun buyer to be familiar with the differences.
    • Bullet – This is what shoots from a gun.
    • Cartridge – A cartridge is what is loaded into a gun.
    • Caliber – This refers to the case shape, case size and bullet diameter. Examples include .44 Magnum, 9 millimeter Luger and .38 Special.
    • Revolver – These have rotating cylinders that are visible. With one single pull, the cylinder deposits a new cartridge and fires the weapon. These types of weapons hold five or six cartridges.
    • Pistol – This semi-automatic weapon has an internal magazine. These can hold up to 18, and in some cases more, cartridges.
    • Round – Depending upon the context, a round can refer to a bullet or the cartridge.

Typically, most people recommend revolvers for self-defense weapons, as they are easy to operate and maintain. They are also very forgiving of neglect, making them perfect for first-time buyers, as they require little maintenance and cleaning. Campers, hunters and policemen, for necessary self-protection, carry revolvers. Pistols are typically for more advanced users, as they are more complicated and complex than traditional revolvers.

Recommended revolvers include short-barreled, concealed-hammer or spur-less models. Purchasing a high-quality weapon is worthwhile, as it will literally last a lifetime. Revolvers with barrels that are no longer than two-and-a-half inches are easier to conceal. As a predominately self defense gun, precision accuracy with aiming is unwarranted. These are designed for close contact situations when someone’s life is in danger.

Hammer spurs are not recommended, as in self-defense situations people rarely have time to cock the metal back to fire the weapon. Many gun manufacturers are making lightweight-style revolvers from aluminum alloys or titanium. These are smaller and lighter, making them ideal for self-defense options.

Experts recommend using jacketed hollowpoint bullets, which actually expand when they enter a person. First, this will help prevent the attack from doing more damage and helps prevent the bullet from passing through the person into an innocent bystander or victim. These types of bullets can easily penetrate minor obstacles, leather, thick clothing or body fat. While this may sound gruesome, in the case of self-defense, stopping an attacker as fast as possible is the ultimate priority.

In order to provide instant access to revolvers or handguns, experts also recommend wearing a holster. Techna Clip offers a selection of gun belt clips including those designed for the ICP clip and Sig Sauer gun clip.

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What Causes Violent Crime?

5/22/2013 6:10 PM

In a world where the news highlights bloodshed and brutality, many people debate the causes of violence. Is violence caused by environmental trends, biologic tendencies or the act of owning weapons? What is causing the nation’s trend towards violent crimes? In reality, the answer does not lie in gun ownership, but a severe and rapid decline in the morals of citizens throughout the U.S.

What does violence have to do with gun legislation? Can’t violent people act without guns, even with rocks, knives or running someone over with a vehicle in anger? Does the blunt force trauma of someone being beaten to death fall on deaf ears?

While many people only see what they want to, they focus on gun violence in the media. Our U.S. Constitution affords federal government rights, but assigns the majority of power to the states, not the executive and legislative branches of government. Additionally, when our forefathers specifically included the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights, they did not include any exceptions. There was no fine print highlighting who was and was not permitted to own weapons. It was simple: Americans had the right to defend their freedom and own arms, whether for self defense, hunting or purely recreational purposes.

Curiously enough, many gun control advocates have turned the unfortunate Boston Massacre instance, which included bombings, to advocate their anti-gun platform. What do bombings and guns have to do with one another? The Unibomber used bombs and not guns in his deadly mail rampages. The terrorist bombers that sought to inflict injury upon the masses in Boston did not attack crowds with guns, yet guns somehow come under fire in this violence debate. How are the two related? By the simple act of violence, not guns.

The root of most firearm rampages lies in killers having no morals or regard for human life. Perhaps that’s because our society is beginning to be void of its virtuous origins, with no one wanting to offend religious endeavors, but the bottom line is this: religion is founded on strong morals and virtuous honor. People can critique Christian-based religions, but if they truly understood the nature of the Ten Commandments, they would understand that “Though shalt not kill” is a requirement. While most people consider the act of killing a human being to be immoral, there are a select few people that have violent tendencies, as fueled by our morally declining society. Christian-based religions highlight a variety of illegal acts, proclaiming them to be immoral, including lying and stealing. The bottom line is that these ethics are necessary to instill in American society, whether they are religious or not, they offer a common sense approach to eliminating violence.

In fact, the real question posed is: when will people begin to take responsibility for society’s moral decline and downfall instead of simply looking for the easy scapegoat of guns? Instead of focusing on zero-tolerance gun legislation, perhaps America should transfer their energy into to zero-tolerance violence control. It would be a far more productive fight that would reap long-standing benefits, especially for today’s youth.

Techna Clip supporters responsible concealed carry. They offer a wide array of gun belt clips, including gun cleaning cloths for concealed carry holders.

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Do you ever wonder what the news is trying to say? Have you ever listened to legislators speak about gun legislation reform and wondered what their political lingo and terms really mean? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Techna Clip strives to help break down the political vocabulary barrier into simple layman’s terms.

  • Gun Show Loophole – The reality is that there are no gun show loopholes, as undercover agents and law enforcement officers swarm gun shows looking for law breakers.
  • Unlicensed Dealers – All dealers are required to obtain a Federal Firearms License, otherwise known as a FFL. While private owners are not dealers, they are permitted to seller their personal property – hence firearms – without any federal paperwork. Many gun control advocates promote a national gun registry, which would require all private sales to undergo extensive background checks.
  • Universal Background Check – The reality is that criminals always find ways to purchase illegal goods, including illegal weapons. Law abiding citizens are the ones who follow rules and submit to background checks. Criminals always find a way around the system and a Universal Background Check will not prevent illegal weapons from entering or exiting our country.
  • Assault Weapon – To label a gun as an assault weapon is to claim that all guns murder people. The hypocrisy is ridiculous.
  • Automatic Weapons – A fully automatic firearm is defined as one where, when the trigger is fully depressed and held, the weapon continues firing until the trigger releases. In contrast, a semi automatic firearm will only fire one round and will continue reloading until the magazine is empty.
  • Government Rights – This common misconception blatantly slanders our U.S. Constitution. Our forefathers’ intention was that the government only has the necessary power as granted by the general public. Today, this has turned into the government having extreme power instead of being delegated power by the people for the people. In fact, our country has delegated government powers that were never intended by the U.S. Constitution, which was designed to have three main branches: executive, legislative and judicial.
  • Illegal Guns – This term sounds bad and no one wants anything illegal, but how are “illegal guns” actually defined? Do illegal guns cause illegal acts? Or in fact, are people who commit the crimes acting illegally and the guns are simply caught in the crosshairs?
  • Machine Guns – Are these illegal? Actually, they are not illegal on a federal level, though some state and local laws have enacted their own regulations concerning machine gun use. If people are willing to pay the tax stamp fee, the reality is that most areas allow personal ownership of machine guns.

Techna Clip supports gun rights, including responsible concealed carry. They offer a wide variety of gun belt clips, including those specifically designed for popular handgun models, such as the ICP 380 belt clip an the SIG P238 belt clip.

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The Illinois Senate is proposing concealed carry changes for Cook County, which would add an additional layer of gun control scrutiny. The latest legislation strives to balance concealed carry permits while avoiding local laws that could prove confusing for many gun owners and law enforcement officers.

While Cook County includes the metropolis of Chicago, which has generated many attention-grabbing headlines for violent crimes in today’s news, the state faces a strict June 9, 2013, deadline. In April, the Illinois house defeated two proposed gun legislation bills, one supported by guns rights advocates and another by gun control supporters.

In an attempt to reach a common middle ground, legislators are striving to require concealed gun applicants note on their applications if they intend to concealed carry in Cook County or in Chicago. By simply checking these boxes, the government would be alerted to further review applicants, investigations that would be conducted by Illinois State Police, Cook law enforcement and the Chicago Police Department. If applicants do not intend to carry in Cook County, they would simply receive a gun permit that would be valid in the state of Illinois; however, it would not permissible in Cook County or the city of Chicago.

This proposition has raised many questions, including how people traveling through Cook County could legally transport a concealed weapon. Lawmakers say they are working on perfecting the bill, including exceptions that would allow travelers with final destinations to Indiana or Wisconsin to travel through Cook County, provided their gun is properly secured.

As lawmakers frantically scurry to add legislation to the books regarding concealed carry, the response has been solely in part to the federal appeals panel overruling Illinois’ ban on concealed carry in December 2012. Now, with a looming deadline, legislators are noting that Illinois is in fact, the only state in the U.S. that does not have a concealed weapons law.

Part of the gun controversy holdup is related to the legality involved in the wording, as gun rights advocates have clearly stated they want permits to be issued to applicants that meet the necessary criteria, while lawmakers want to include “may issue,” which would give authorities the right to determine who would or would not be issued permits, even if all applicable requirements are satisfactory met.

As Illinois continues their concealed carry battle, the next month will prove interesting in the history of Cook County politics.

Techna Clip is a proponent of responsible concealed carry laws and legislation. They support gun safety training, gun ownership and the right to bear arms. They carry a variety of gun clips, including those specifically designed for the ICP clip and Sig P238 gun clip.

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With all the gun rhetoric being thrown at people today, via the media, Internet and social outlets, how can one keep up? The basic breakdown is that Congress is still pondering whether to support an assault-weapons ban and universal background checks for gun owners.

In the meantime, several states are offering gun “buyback” programs to try to decrease the number of guns on the streets in their communities.

For example, New Jersey has held several of these community events, receiving a reported 2,600 guns, while only 700 were illegal. The local government claims most of these guns were destroyed. The program is fairly simple. Guns in good working condition were valued at $150 and nonworking condition granted $50 for the buyback program. The police are not required to run checks on the weapons or serial numbers; therefore, there is no way of knowing if these guns were stolen, used in crimes or are murder weapons. In fact, people can simply surrender their weapons without any questions and receive cash or a cash-type voucher. This program in New Jersey paid out $324,000 from a state criminal forfeiture-funding program, but ultimately they ran out of cash and had to issue more than $100,000 in vouchers.

These “no questions asked” programs are becoming more popular and sometimes, local governments will later check serial numbers to see if the gun was indeed stolen so it can be returned to the rightful owner.

These types of buyback programs can also be funded via public funds, individual donations, private foundations and even corporate gifts.

Other popular buyback programs have been held in Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Seattle, with gun owners submitting rocker launchers, rifles, shotguns and handguns in return for cold, hard cash. However, the National Rifle Association cites statistics that show that these programs are “complete failures and a waste of taxpayer dollars.” Additionally, they show that the average person who submits a weapon voluntarily for a buyback program is not a criminal and most firearms still remain in possession of criminals, who rely on them to feed their criminal lifestyles.

Supporters of buyback programs believe that it helps get guns off the streets, lowering crime rates and ultimately saving lives. Many people submit their guns after violent acts are reported in the media, for example, the Sandy Hook massacre, which saw a record number of guns being exchanged for money.

Techna Clip is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. They specialize in offering gun belt clips, including those for popular gun models such as the Sig Sauer gun clip and the ICP clip.

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While not all media outlets are liberal, and some are quite capable of presenting unbiased news with simply a basic presentation of the facts, there are others that have been caught with their greedy little hands in the cookie jar.

WSPA-TV, a CBS affiliate in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, recently reported on the Obama administration’s latest push for gun control measures. Instead of completing a non-partisan interview with the Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright, an overzealous reporter, inserting his own political opinions into the interview, suggested that the sheriff was partially, if not directly, to blame for the local increase in murders. Why? Because Sheriff Wright has been advising local citizens to apply for their concealed weapons permits and obtain the necessary training to utilize a weapon for personal safety and protection.

Again, Sheriff Wright never suggested anything illegal, but simply advised citizens to apply for a permit, which is a legal right to U.S. citizens. However, the reporter instead threw a dramatic spin – a liberal angle – that was simply a blow below the belt.

The station then proceeded to present a chart to Sheriff Wright suggesting that over the past three years, murders have increased, which is a direct correlation to Sheriff Wright issuing warnings and advice concerning concealed carry.

In fact, these numbers too were askew. Five of the 17 murders were ruled justifiable homicides, meaning that citizens drew their weapons to stop criminals who were engaging in violent criminal acts. These citizens were never charged with any crimes. Sheriff Wright, without missing a beat stated that he personally would be more than happy to take responsibility for the statistic that shows ordinary local citizens helped saved lives by using their concealed carry permits and concealed carry firearms.

The news station, without any scientific data to back up their blatantly liberal claims, was left unarmed, against a Sheriff who knew his facts. Additionally, Sheriff Wright believes the point of citizens carrying concealed weapons is to help protect themselves from becoming victims of violent crime, including assaults, rapes and home invasions.

The news station has a history of personally attacking Sheriff Wright’s concealed carry support views every time a weapon is used in self-defense. In fact, Sheriff Wright doesn’t flagrantly claim that everyone should own a weapon; he simply supports the privileges of citizens to exercise their personal rights for gun protection in the U.S.

Kudos to Sheriff Wright for his stance on personal protection and helping support America’s Second Amendment!

Techna Clip specializes in producing gun belt clips for popular handgun models, including the Sig Sauer gun clip and Ruger IC9 gun clip.

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Known mainly as a superb of the sprawling city of Seattle, Washington, Kirkland is mostly known for Costco’s signature “Kirkland” namesake brand.

However, Washington State, traditionally a liberal state by King, Snohomish and Pierce counties, the areas surrounding Seattleites’ environmental stronghold, has recently experienced their fair share of controversial gun control issues. 

This story isn’t your stereotypical farmer supporting gun rights, but one of a young man, aged 23 years who recently started a moving organization, known as the “2nd Enforcers.” Mr. Jacob Kukuk is the founder of this nonprofit group that focuses on the right to protect and bear arms.

In fact, the Kirkland Police Department reported a significant increase in the number of concealed pistol license applications within the last several years. In 2010, citizens submitted a mere 272 license applications; 2011 saw an increase to 489 and last year saw applications increase to an astounding 874. That’s a 221-percent increase over a mere three-year-period. Coincidence? We think not. The grassroots movement is beginning; one that pledges to uphold the Constitutional commitments are forefathers so gravely handed down centuries ago.

Kukuk, a self confessed “stock piler” admits that over the last two years he has begun to collect weapons, all legally obtained. Kukuk states his beliefs have relatively little, if nothing, to do with President Obama’s stance on gun control. Instead he states, “We will not have our arms infringed, we the people will not allow it.”

As a software developer, this young adult created the 2nd Enforcers so that this small conservative group could band and join with other pro-Second Amendment rights advocates across the country. In fact, more than 100 militias have been formed in the hope to help protect human rights from a destructive government tyranny.

Would our forefathers be proud of Kukuk? The answer would be a resounding “yes.” As our forefathers fought against injustice and tyranny, they would support and be proud of this young man who is making a critical stand at such a young age – one where most 20-somethings are consumed with considering what bar to frequent.

Instead, Kukuk has helped develop and organize a movement in the ever-blue Washington State that has certainly raised some liberal eyebrows and caused a slow bubbling brew under the surface of the local legislature in Olympia.

Techna Clip is a proponent of gun rights and the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. They offer a wide variety of gun belt clips, including those for popular weapons such as the Ruger IC9 belt clip.

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The President of the Colorado Senate, John Morse, recently unveiled a gun control bill that is aimed at assault weapon manufacturers, sellers and owners. His citations include that these military-style weapons have “no public benefit” and simply “no business on our streets or in our forests.”

This sweeping bill promotes legislation that would hold both manufacturers and sellers personally liable for any damages caused by these types of weapons. Citing that “the highest degree of care” must be observed to ensure weapons are not sold to potential, future criminals. Simply stated: this law makes owners of military-assault weapons responsible for every single shot and round fired outside their private residences.

Morse stated: “You fire this weapon, you own that bullet, whatever it does,” as the basis for his bill, which was introduced on February 27, 2013, in front of the Colorado Senate.

How does this bill define an assault rifle? In fact, it states an assault weapon is any firearm that is not a shotgun, handgun, lever-action or bolt-action rifle.

Suffocating the very life out of firearm owners, Morse continued his lengthy statement by declaring, “These guns are four times as powerful as handguns. … That means they’re more effective at killing, they’re more efficient at killing, and they do a lot more collateral damage when they’re used. … There are people who believe they have the right to own these guns, but we need to be better at making sure that we’ve articulated clearly the responsibility that goes long with these guns.”

The bill, however, does offer exemptions for people who use an assault weapon in a self-defense situation, police officers and also military personnel. Everyone else – from the manufacturer to the shooter – could essentially be nailed for civil damages related to discharging an assault weapon.

If the bill were indeed passed by Colorado’s Senate, an entirely new set of responsibilities would be placed on sellers, making them responsible for ensuring assault weapons are not being sold to potential criminals. However, a jury would ultimately make the decision whether the seller was indeed negligent and should have known or suspected the gun would be used in a crime. However, the requirements to determine if a buyer is fit to purchase an assault weapon are open to interpretation.

Placing the responsibility in the hands of gun sellers to determine mental health related issues and the potential for someone to commit a future crime, is not necessarily the best way to handle situations such as these. In fact, requiring more detailed background checks may, in fact, be even better enforcement, especially for determining potential buyers that suffer from mental illnesses. In fact, psychological experts even agree that people suffering from delusions and/or personality disorders may be professionals at hiding their illness from others – even educated mental health physicians. How are gun sellers supposed to determine the mental capacity of someone purchasing an assault weapon? Chances are, if this law does indeed pass the Senate, most assault weapon sellers will eventually stop selling these weapons altogether, simply because of the dangerous liability associated with firearms exchanging hands and the potential for future violence.

Techna Clip offers a wide range of gun belt clips, including a Ruger IC9 clip and Sig Sauer gun clips.

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Think the U.S. government is taking gun manufacturers for a ride? Think again. Just this past month, six gun manufacturers announced they would not sell their products to government agencies that limit and/or impose restrictions on the rights of private gun ownership.

A little backhanded? Perhaps. But, who can blame gun manufacturers, as they are at the front and center of this heated government debate – one that centers on the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. In response to the government’s overbearing and intrusive actions, gun manufacturers simply closed their doors to government purchases. In essence, these manufacturers are making a stand – one where they are refusing to provide aid that allows the government to essentially enforce inequality, creating two classes of people – the government “haves” and the citizen “have-nots.” Of course the “haves” are defined by those that are permitted to own guns and the “have-nots” as those that are restricted from freedoms granted by the U.S. Constitution.

Gun manufacturers that have joined this united stand include:

  • LaRue Tactical – They have limited government purchases to only what law-abiding citizens are permitted to purchase and possess. No longer will they help give the U.S. government an edge over its citizens.
  • Olympic Arms – Taking a far more forceful stand, Olympic Arms has announced that the State of New York, Law Enforcement Officers, Law Enforcement Departments, First Responders and any New York State government agency, employee or entity will no longer be served as customers. In effect, Olympic Arms has exercised their right to determine their customer base and the government of New York is no longer welcome as a client.
  • Extreme Firepower Inc., LLC – While law-enforcement agencies are exempt from firearm restrictions, Extreme Firepower does not see eye-to-eye with these government regulations. In fact, if they produce a product that is not legal for a citizen to own, they refuse to sell that same product to any law-enforcement agency.  Talk about leveling the playing field.
  • Templar Custom – Refusing to sell to the State of New York, which perceives itself as being better than their citizens, Templar Custom has also announced that any New York State entity, employee or government agency is no longer a customer of their corporation.
  • York Arms – With recent New York legislation passing that prohibits rifles and receivers being sold to New York residents, York Arms has decided to extend this provision to all government agencies associated with the State of New York. This has result in government agencies not being sold rifles, short-barreled shotguns, short-barreled rifles, silencers and machine guns.
  • Cheaper than Dirt – Company policy now states they will not sell to any government agency, county, city or municipality that restricts gun ownership.

Helping take a stand for America’s rights and in favor of our forefather’s U.S. Constitution, these six gun manufacturers deserve a standing ovation for fighting for citizens’ freedoms, especially in today’s government-controlled, lemming-ridden world.

Techna Clip is a proponent of responsible gun ownership. They specialize in making select gun belt clips, designed for personal safety, open carry and concealed weapons. They also offer gun cleaning cloths, as well as other gun-related accessories.

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Thrust into the middle of a debate they had no intention of fighting, it all started when java conglomerate Starbucks refused to ban guns from their stores this past winter. However, both sides have used Starbucks as a focal point for addressing pro-gun rights and pro-gun control stances. Finding themselves smack in the middle of this controversy, Starbucks is being pulled by both sides.

The issue originally began when the Brady Campaign requested that two California businesses – California Pizza Kitchen and Peet’s Coffee and Tea – ban guns in their stores. These two companies complied, and when the Brady Campaign decided to aim higher, Starbucks refused to join their cause. In response, many gun activists, including the organization Open Carry, have been frequenting and meeting in Starbucks stores nationwide to show their support for the coffee giant.

An online petition resulted with the Brady Campaign saying they were representing Starbucks customers, as they garnished 30,000 signatures that supported open carry restrictions. The group cites that Starbucks claims they promote ethical buying practices yet they are, in fact, being socially irresponsible by promoting open carry laws and regulations. They claim their company mission statement does not correspond with their current stance on open carry regulations in stores.

Starbucks simply says it is not getting involved in the issue and supports judicial laws related to open carry regulations and is not imposing their own store standards and requirements.

The Million Mom March, run by president Heidi Yewman, released a statement that accused Starbucks of violating customer and public trust by supporting open carry laws in their stores. She further stated this was a violation of employee and community trust.

However, Starbucks refuses to give into the controversy and hype surrounding the Brady Campaign’s efforts to bully them into changing their existing practices and endorsement of local laws.

In response, gun advocates held a “Starbucks Appreciation Day” in February, as a gesture of support towards Starbucks for supporting and defending the Second Amendment. Starbucks has earned the deep appreciation of gun-toting activists nationwide, being somewhat of a “safe house” for the gun support movement.

While Starbucks corporate statements say they “adhere closely to local, state and federal laws,” the true fact remains that many areas allow retail businesses to enforce their own gun policies. Starbucks, on the other hand, has made a stand that acknowledges citizens’ rights to open carry.

Techna Clip offers a wide range of gun belt clips, including the Sig Sauer belt clip and Ruger IC9 clip.

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Whether you agree, disagree or are neutral on the hot button topic that targets assault weapon ownership rights, no one can deny this blaring media issue resonates with most Americans nationwide.

Proponents who support the weapons ban cite evidence that the original Brady Bill Ban, enacted in 1994 and effective through 2004, helped decrease violent crime in the U.S. In fact, statistical studies completed by Mark Follman with Mother Jones suggests that once the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was put in place, less people were shot and killed by assault weapons. They state that since the gun ban expired in 2004, homicide related shootings have relatively doubled each year, and in fact, the number of victims has tripled. What this bill does take into effect is economic strife, times of peace, war, violence or other horrific events that have shaken the very foundation of our country, including 9/11. Some people question whether mental health regulations are, in fact, more lax than they were a decade ago and perhaps this allows mentally ill people to have easier access to guns and weaponry. Any way the evidence is dissected proponents of assault weapons bans believe that stronger gun regulations could have prevented tragedies such as the Colorado massacre by James Holmes and the recent Newtown, Connecticut tragedy.

While these tragic, gut-wrenching events rip into the hearts of Americans nationwide, there are people who oppose assault weapons bans, simply believing this is not the answer to creating a safer America for children to grow and flourish.

In fact, opponents cite their own credible sources about why the assault weapons ban would be futile. The Columbine Massacre, which happened when the Brady Bill was in effect, allowed shooter Eric Harris access to Assault Weapons Ban compliant weapons including 10-round magazines. He brought 13 magazines to school with him and fired a total of 96 rounds. Additionally, the Virginia Tech shooting, one of the deadliest shootings in the history of our country, allowed the shooter access to 19 magazines, which included a variety of ten-round and fifteen-round bullets. In all, the shooter was able to let off 170 rounds of ammunition.

People can manipulate statistical data for their own purposes, but many studies show fact-based evidence that more people are killed per year with blunt objects, including hammers, than by rifles. For example, in 2011 alone, 323 murders were attributed to rifles, 496 to hammers and/or blunt objects, 726 to people using their hands and feet to beat people to death, 1,694 due to knives and sharp objects and more than 9,878 deaths were related to drunk driving.

Techna clip is a gun belt clip manufacturer. They specialize in offering a wide variety of holsters and clips, including those designed for popular models such as the P238 gun clip, Rugers and other Sig Sauer models.

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Women’s Rights: Self-Defense

3/20/2013 1:53 PM

Recently, the self-defense civil liberties of women have fallen into the crossfire of gun rights. Anti-gun advocates cite The University of Colorado at Colorado Spring’s rather timid, anti-feminist protection guide and tips as the solution for women to defend themselves instead of carrying a handgun for protection. In fact, these preventative tips are downright mocking and disrespectful towards the female gender. Why you ask? Here’s a snippet from the guide:

  • Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself.
  • Your instinct may be to scream, go ahead! It may startle your attacker and give you an opportunity to run away.
  • Kick off your shoes if you have time and can’t run in them.
  • Don’t take time to look back; just get away.
  • If your life is in danger, passive resistance may be your best defense.
  • Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating.
  • Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone.
  • Yelling, hitting or biting may give you a chance to escape, do it!
  • Understand that some actions on your part might lead to more harm. Remember, every emergency situation is different. Only you can decide which action is most appropriate.

So essentially, this guide is recommending that women reason with their attackers and claim they have a disease and are menstruating as a deterrent. The last time I checked, most psychological studies show that violent attackers have little ability for reasoning skills, so why would any female who fears for her very life take the time to think about this sexist, government-ridden impasse list? I for one, would feel far safer carrying a concealed weapon that could easily make up for any advantage an attacker has based on my small stature and size.

In fact, as violent crime has increased with our downturned economy, concealed weapon permit applications and gun background checks have increased. Any woman, who has been robbed, raped or violated, never wants to relive that experience again. She will go to any measure to ensure the safety of herself and her family.

This leads many to wonder if The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs supports women’s rights to serve in the military as equals to men. Or rather, are women in combat supposed to urinate on their enemies and use assault whistles in an attempt to defend themselves? Hypocrisy of government officials is downright insulting to the female intelligence. Perhaps they should be reminded of the definition of hypocrisy as published by Merriam-Webster, “a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not.”

I challenge any woman leader who believes this guideline for female self-defense is valid to go up against an attacker by following only the advice outlined by The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I guarantee when faced with a life and death situation, these female politicians (and male politicians out there too!) would gladly defend and protect their lives with a handgun.

Techna Clip specializes in carrying gun belt clips, including those for the Sig P238 gun clip and IC9 gun clip.

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Guns: Rhetoric vs. Facts

3/13/2013 10:59 PM

As Americans turn on the nightly news, they are bombarded with political gun rhetoric. At the heart of today’s mainstream issues are gun control measures that are being proposed by the Obama administration.

This has lead many Americans to wonder what is indeed rhetoric and what is facts, especially when considering gun control measures. Techna Clip, a proponent of gun rights, seeks to help Americans understand the truth about firearms.

• With the highest rate of gun ownership worldwide, U.S. gun crime has been declining in recent years. Even while gun ownership increases, firearm murders are decreasing. In fact, here are some interesting statistics:
o The U.S. saw 11,078 gun murders in 2010, which equates to 3.59 per 100,000 people. This is the lowest gun violence murder rate since 1981.
o Aggravated assault with a firearm has decreased since 2004 and weighed in at 138,336 in 2011.
o Gun ownership has increased and an average of 88.8 people per 100 owned guns in 2007, up from only 84 per 100 in 2001.
o Nonfatal assault-related gun injuries are up since 2008, at 55,544 in 2011.
o Gun robberies have decreased since 2004 and statistics show there were 122,300 in 2011, or rather 45.8 per 100,000 people.
o Gun manufacturing within the U.S. has increased from 3,717,831 in 2007 to 6,107,512 in 2011.
o Gun suicides have increased to a high since 1998, with 19,392 in 2010.
• Many studies actually show that concealed carry laws coincide and result in fewer murders, rapes and aggravated assaults.
• A 1999 study shows that public shooting-related deaths decrease if right-to-carry concealed firearm gun laws are passed. While crime decreases in concealed-carry states, many speculate whether it is a direct result of more people concealed-carrying. As with most things in academia, a clear cause and effect is not known.
• The main issue for people with concealed carry can be summarized by the beliefs of two independent groups: one group that believes concealed carry actually decreases crime and the other group that cites that more violence is resolved by gun tragedy due to carrying a firearm.
• Yes, areas with higher firearm concentrations do experience higher homicide rates; however, a casual relationship cannot be correlated between the two. Perhaps the higher homicide rate is because, when looking at Chicago for example, gun violence is associated with gangs, many members who obtain weapons through illegal means.
• Even though gun ownership is increasing, gun related crimes are decreasing. While massacres and deadly shootings are, statistically speaking, relatively rare, the occurrence of these tragic events is not common.
• Surveys show that more people are reluctant to admit to owning a gun, though the reasons are not clear. Perhaps these individuals are afraid of common gun control advocates claims, or perhaps they do not want to advertise for fear of robberies, etc.

Techna Clip offers a wide variety of gun belt clips, including those designed for the Sig P238 belt clip and ICP gun clip.

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Gun control issues are striking a chord with Americans across the U.S. These issues are no longer simply national, but they are hitting into the heart of America’s small towns.

In fact, Oak Harbor, Washington has seen its fair share of nationwide publicity recently, with places on the east coast and even the “L.A. Times” taking an interest in small-town politics.

The story involves a disabled Veteran that spoke in favor of public concealed carry rights. Mr. Lucas Yonkman, who served our country in the Middle East, gave a poignant, moving speech in favor of reversing the ban on concealed carry firearms in public parks. His emotion was conveyed in heartfelt words that clearly showed, as a dedicated Veteran, he would indeed give his life to help provide public safety and protection in dangerous circumstances. In fact, America would be a safer place with more people like him in the world.

Unfortunately, one city council member, Mr. Rick Almberg, felt more threatened than moved by Mr. Yonkman’s touching speech. In fact, he requested Mayor Scott Dudley ask Mr. Yonkman if he was currently exercising his concealed gun carry rights. After deferring the question to the city’s attorney, Mr. Grant Weed, Mr. Yonkman voluntarily returned to the microphone and answered that he was indeed exercising his rights. This provoked Mr. Almberg into proposing a highly questionable, now YouTube gone viral moment, motion that requested those carrying concealed firearms turn them over to the police department or the Chief of Police before entering the City Council’s chambers. As the city’s chambers is not a gun-free zone, this motion was defeated and in a moment of political strife and unprofessionalism, Mr. Almberg matter-of-factly dismissed himself from the meeting, bluntly walking out.

While Mr. Almberg may not feel safe in a room with a Veteran who sacrificed his health and safety to protect American’s Second Amendment rights and the right to bear arms, most Oak Harbor citizens feel safer with someone like Mr. Yonkman on the streets. In fact, if Mr. Yonkman were present at a deadly shooting, such as Aurora, Colorado’s theatre massacre, he wouldn’t hesitate to use his concealed weapon. Such an act of heroism should be honored, as it saves people’s lives and ultimately is, in the words of many politicians, utilitarian – providing the greatest good for the greatest number.

Perhaps this would put an entirely new spin on Aldous Huxley’s time-honored, critiqued novel “Brave New World.” As William Shakespeare so poignantly posed in “The Tempest:”

O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in't.

Techna Clip, a proponent of concealed carry rights, would like to salute Mr. Yonkman for his bravery and service to our great nation.

Techna Clip carries a wide assortment of gun belt clips, including a Sig P238 gun clip, Ruger IC9 gun clip and ICP 380 holster.

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More Guns, Less Crime

3/1/2013 10:51 AM

Here is a really telling chart from the National Rifle Association about the purchase of new guns relative to the nation's violent crime rate.


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The fight over the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment has just begun, with President Barrack Obama calling for the largest U.S. gun-control ban in generations. He is stridently urging Congress to approve the gun ban, proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein, to help prevent massacres and large-scale shootings, such as the deadly shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun activists are preparing for a battle with President Obama’s proposed legislation. The White House is calling for stricter gun control bans and demands Congress act soon to enforce proposed legislation. However, the NRA highlights statistics that hold their steady weight to the opposition.

“Forbes” magazine’s latest poll shows the NRA is making a dramatic impact on Americans, ultimately winning the influence over this heating battle. Ironically, many Republican politicians are absent from the debate, making it a battle between NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and the Obama administration. Conversely, the article boldly shows that gun rights advocates seem to have more stamina when compared to gun control advocates. Perhaps this is because the NRA is strongly supported by more than four million Americans and is far better organized than the U.S. government, which seems to run amuck, drenched in chaos. 

The battle that is being waged is not simply against assault-style weapons, but against the Second Amendment and our forefather’s words that clearly state that Americans have the right to bear arms. While many people claim that this ban will not lead to further gun control and heavier regulations, proponents of gun ownership claim that the political arena is a slippery slope.

What is a slippery slope? The definition of a slippery slope is one where a course of action ultimately leads to unintended consequences, as a direct result of said action. Often used simultaneously within the political area, this term has a heavy weight and the consequences of such should be thoroughly analyzed.

The media reports that gun manufacturers back the NRA, and shouldn’t this be obvious? Their livelihood depends on pro-gun rights. Many rub their heads and wonder why this is indeed news, but isn’t the government also supported by anti-gun lobbyists? Perhaps this simply just levels the playing field into one that is more competitive.

All politicians and organizations bend the facts to fit their own crusades. This is not news and the media is also to blame. Reporting selective facts is just as big of an offense, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So while both sides continue mud slinging, the bottom line is determining what is best for the American people.

The forefathers of our great country, who understood first-hand oppressive British tyranny, clearly outlined the right to bear arms, foreseeing a need to defend our nation against a monarchial government. These great men clearly instituted a system of necessary checks and balances between the judicial, executive and legislative branches for an intended purpose – to help ensure that American’s rights would always be a priority.

However, one is left to wonder how much our country has evolved and with recent calls to eliminate portions of our U.S. Constitution to fit modern times, has our country indeed fallen away from our forefather’s intended definition of democracy or have our politicians simply fallen into a socialized trap that will engage Americans in a harmful cycle – one that Russia and other less fortunate nations have experienced firsthand?

Only time will tell; however, Americans should stand up and take advantage of our ever-coveted right to freedom of speech and voice their concerns to government officials. After all, what good is a voice unless someone speaks up and uses it?

Techna Clip offers a variety of gun belt clips, including a SIG P238 belt clip, Ruger IC9 belt clip and ICP 380 holster.

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Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democratic representative from California, introduced a new bill that would ban high-capacity magazines and assault-style weapons. However, this carefully crafted bill would literally cater to elitists, exempting 2,200 types of guns that are used by government officials.

The bill actually will stop the manufacture, importation and sale of 158 military-style firearms, which are specifically named in her bill, in addition to magazines that hold in excess of 10 rounds. Her bill also includes provisions for background checks.

Where does this leave the average American? The following types of weapons and imposed regulations would fall under the Feinstein gun control ban:

• Semiautomatic rifles that offer a detachable magazine and include at least one military feature, which includes: forward grip; pistol grip; detachable, folding or telescoping stock; rocket or grenade launchers; threaded barrel; or barrel shroud.
• Semiautomatic pistols that offer a detachable magazine and include at least one of the following military features: second pistol grip; threaded barrel; barrel shroud; semiautomatic version of a type of automatic firearm; or the ability to accept a detachable magazine outside of the weapon’s pistol grip.
• All semiautomatic handguns and rifles that feature a fixed magazine with 10 or more round capacities.
• All semiautomatic shotguns that offer a detachable, folding or telescoping stock; fixed magazine with five or more round capacity; pistol grip; accepts a detachable magazine; grenade or rocket launcher; forward grip; or a revolving cylinder.
• All ammunition feeding-style devices that accept more than 10 rounds, including strips, magazines and drums.
• The bill bans several after-market modifications, including slide or bump fire stocks, bullet buttons and thumbhole stocks.
• The bill specifically bans the importation of large-capacity magazines and assault weapons.
• A background check would be required for all transfers or sales, including grandfathered assault weapons. This check would be run through a state agency system or the FBI, depending upon states’ individual preferences.
• The transfer or sale of large-capacity ammunition weapons would be strictly prohibited.
• The states could utilize federal Byrne JAG grant funds to offer buy-back programs for grandfathered weapons.
• Grandfathered firearms would fall under a safe storage requirement.
• Any of the aforementioned weapons would require the date of manufacture and serial number to be engraved into the weapon.

Techna Clip offers a variety of gun belt clips, specifically those designed for the P238 belt clip, IC9 belt clip and ICP 380 holster. As gun rights advocates they believe in helping keep the public informed about potential gun legislation.

For a complete list of prohibited weapons included in the Feinstein bill, please see below:

Rifles: All AK types, including the following: AK, AK47, AK47S, AK–74, AKM, AKS, ARM, MAK90, MISR, NHM90, NHM91, Rock River Arms LAR–47, SA85, SA93, Vector Arms AK–47, VEPR, WASR–10, and WUM, IZHMASH Saiga AK, MAADI AK47 and ARM, Norinco 56S, 56S2, 84S, and 86S, Poly Technologies AK47 and AKS; All AR types, including the following: AR–10, AR–15, Armalite M15 22LR Carbine, Armalite M15–T, Barrett REC7, Beretta AR–70, Bushmaster ACR, Bushmaster Carbon 15, Bushmaster MOE series, Bushmaster XM15, Colt Match Target Rifles, DoubleStar AR rifles, DPMS Tactical Rifles, Heckler & Koch MR556, Olympic Arms, Remington R–15 rifles, Rock River Arms LAR–15, Sig Sauer SIG516 rifles, Smith & Wesson M&P15 Rifles, Stag Arms AR rifles, Sturm, Ruger & Co. SR556 rifles; Barrett M107A1; Barrett M82A1; Beretta CX4 Storm; Calico Liberty Series; CETME Sporter; Daewoo K–1, K–2, Max 1, Max 2, AR 100, and AR 110C; Fabrique Nationale/FN Herstal FAL, LAR, 22 FNC, 308 Match, L1A1 Sporter, PS90, SCAR, and FS2000; Feather Industries AT–9; Galil Model AR and Model ARM; Hi-Point Carbine; HK–91, HK–93, HK–94, HK–PSG–1 and HK USC; Kel-Tec Sub–2000, SU–16, and RFB; SIG AMT, SIG PE–57, Sig Sauer SG 550, and Sig Sauer SG 551; Springfield Armory SAR–48; Steyr AUG; Sturm, Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rife M–14/20CF; All Thompson rifles, including the following: Thompson M1SB, Thompson T1100D, Thompson T150D, Thompson T1B, Thompson T1B100D, Thompson T1B50D, Thompson T1BSB, Thompson T1–C, Thompson T1D, Thompson T1SB, Thompson T5, Thompson T5100D, Thompson TM1, Thompson TM1C; UMAREX UZI Rifle; UZI Mini Carbine, UZI Model A Carbine, and UZI Model B Carbine; Valmet M62S, M71S, and M78; Vector Arms UZI Type; Weaver Arms Nighthawk; Wilkinson Arms Linda Carbine.

Pistols: All AK–47 types, including the following: Centurion 39 AK pistol, Draco AK–47 pistol, HCR AK–47 pistol, IO Inc. Hellpup AK–47 pistol, Krinkov pistol, Mini Draco AK–47 pistol, Yugo Krebs Krink pistol; All AR–15 types, including the following: American Spirit AR–15 pistol, Bushmaster Carbon 15 pistol, DoubleStar Corporation AR pistol, DPMS AR–15 pistol, Olympic Arms AR–15 pistol, Rock River Arms LAR 15 pistol; Calico Liberty pistols; DSA SA58 PKP FAL pistol; Encom MP–9 and MP–45; Heckler & Koch model SP-89 pistol; Intratec AB–10, TEC–22 Scorpion, TEC–9, and TEC–DC9; Kel-Tec PLR 16 pistol; The following MAC types: MAC–10, MAC–11; Masterpiece Arms MPA A930 Mini Pistol, MPA460 Pistol, MPA Tactical Pistol, and MPA Mini Tactical Pistol; Military Armament Corp. Ingram M–11, Velocity Arms VMAC; Sig Sauer P556 pistol; Sites Spectre; All Thompson types, including the following: Thompson TA510D, Thompson TA5; All UZI types, including: Micro-UZI.

Shotguns: Franchi LAW–12 and SPAS 12; All IZHMASH Saiga 12 types, including the following: IZHMASH Saiga 12, IZHMASH Saiga 12S, IZHMASH Saiga 12S EXP–01, IZHMASH Saiga 12K, IZHMASH Saiga 12K–030, IZHMASH Saiga 12K–040 Taktika; Streetsweeper; Striker 12.

Belt-fed semiautomatic firearms: All belt-fed semiautomatic firearms including TNW M2HB.

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On Tuesday, February 19, Maine's governor signed an emergency measure that would prevent the media from accessing names and addresses of registered concealed carry holders.

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Here is a great story about a concealed carry holder defending himself and his 2-month old son from a robber. Great job!

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In the wake of the tragic New Town massacre, handgun rights are at the forefront of politics, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution being readily challenged by politicians, celebrities and anti-gun activists. However, the questions posed are:

  • Do guns cause violent acts?
  • Should America be looking to promote gun safety and challenge mental health regulations that allow legal and illegal firearms to fall into the hands of those that are mentally ill?
  • Are there more precautions that should be instituted by state and local governments to ensure that background checks red flag people suffering from mental disorders?

As a sea of questions surrounds the headline gripping tragedies involving recent violent acts, should Americans delve deeper into the source of this violence instead of assuming abolishment is the only solution?

This automatically poses the age-old question: Do guns kill people, or do people kill people? While the events of New Town are related to a young adult, mentally ill and disturbed with delusions, many people wonder if more stringent mental health regulations could have prevented this tragedy.

The very same week that New Town’s tragedy ripped into the hearts of Americans nationwide, China suffered a similar tragedy. In central China, a man entered an elementary school and stabbed 22 children and one adult. While none of the stabbings resulted in deaths, China has also experienced their unfortunate share of stabbing-related school attacks. In fact, in 2010 a man entered a Chinese kindergarten class and stabbed 28 children, a security guard and two adults.

Obviously,what these unfortunate stories have in common is one theme: mental illness. No mentally stable person enters a school and brings harm to innocent children.

While gun control advocates are touting stricter gun bans and more stringent regulations, statistics do confirm that the U.S. has the highest rate of gun ownership, per capita, in the entire world. Averaging nearly 88 gun owners out of 100 people, studies show that gun violence is not necessary linked to gun ownership. In fact, the Central American country of Honduras reports an astonishing 68.42 firearm deaths per 100,0000 people, although their gun ownership rate is a mere 6.2 per 100 people.

This poses an additional question: Is gun ownership linked to violence or is society’s acceptance of violence linked to gun bloodshed? While most violent crimes involve readily available weapons – albeit it legal or illegal – if more gun safety precautions were exercised, perhaps the debate to abolish the Second Amendment would be culled and gun control activists would be satisfied, while still adhering to the guidelines set forth by our country’s forefathers.

Many local state and government programs offer gun safety advice, including information about trigger locks, personalized locks, lockboxes, firearm locking devices, cable locks and gun vaults or safes.  

In fact, the U.S. currently has approximately 20,000 different gun laws and restrictions on the books, as cited by former President Ronald Reagan just 11 weeks after an assassination attempt that nearly took his life. President Reagan understood that gun violence is not necessarily related to gun ownership, but due to the mental illness that surrounds certain people, including those that may suffer from paranoid delusions. In fact, John Hinckley, Jr., the man responsible for the assassination attempt, was suffering from mental illness and was motivated, by his own claims, to be influenced by his obsession with the movie “Taxi Driver.”

In conclusion, perhaps there is a better answer to reducing gun violence, instead of making the rash decision to ban guns or institute more gun restrictions. Whatever the final solution, politicians, celebrities and lobbyists should not have the only say in whether the Second Amendment will remain part of our time honored Constitution. In fact, the American people – as the government was designed “for the people, by the people” – should have an equal say in determining the direction of our country and the rights of our citizens.

Techna Clip is a proud sponsor of gun safety and gun ownership. They strive to promote gun education, ensuring that their products are safe and effective. They specialize in selling Sig Sauer gun clips, Ruger IC9 clips and ICP 380 holsters.

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Top Handguns for 2012 and 2013

1/10/2013 4:37 PM

There are a number of handguns on the market and with firearm sales on the rise, finding the perfect weapon is a must for many Americans.

  • Glock-17 – This is a semi-automatic pistol produced by Austria’s Glock Ges.m.b.H. Boasting a polymer frame, this weapon is responsible for introducing ferritic nitrocarburizing into the firearms industry, permitting an anti-corrosion surface treatment that helps maintain metal gun parts and prevents rust.
  • FN Five-seveN – This semi-automatic pistol is manufactured in Belgium and boasts a 5.7-mm bullet diameter.
  • Walther P99 – This German semi-automatic pistol is ideal for security forces, law enforcement and civilian shooting and offers an excellent replacement for the Walther P88 and P5 models.
  • Beretta 92 – Designed in Italy, this semi-automatic pistol was originally introduced in 1972 and production, with several different calibers, continues today.
  • QSZ-92 – The People’s Liberation Army, beginning in the late 1990s, used this semi-automatic service pistol.
  • FN Herstal FNP – This semi-automatic pistol is manufactured in the U.S.A. Boasting a polymer frame it is available in .357 SIG, 9x19mm Parabellum, .45 ACP and .40 S&W cartridges.
  • Heckler & Koch Mark 23 – Boasting a match grade, this semi-automatic pistol offers a suppressor and a laser aiming module. Adopted by U.S. Special Operations Command units for covert operations in the 1990s, this popular weapon is still in use today.
  • HS 2000 – This Croatian pistol is a semi-automatic and offers striker firing and polymer framing. This product is marketed by Springfield Armory, Inc., in the U.S.
  • Heckler & Koch USP – This “universal self-loading pistol” is a German semi-automatic and replaced the P7 handgun series.
  • SIG Sauer P250 – This semi-automatic pistol is made in New Hampshire. Offering 9x19mm Parabellum, it was introduced in 2007 and subsequent models, including .357 SIG, .45ACP and .40 S&W are also available.

As with all handguns, Techna Clip recommends gun safety classes. The National Rifle Association has local chapters in each area that offer a number of gun courses and safety sets. Techna Clip specializes in offering gun belt clips, specifically those designed for IC9 gun clip, ICP 380 holster and Sig Sauer belt clips.

As an innovative company, Techna Clip is always striving to manufacture and produce the latest gun belt clips, designed specifically for people with concealed weapons permits. Techna Clip recommends individuals contact their local and/or state governments to ensure concealed handgun permit requirements are met.

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New California Gun Laws

1/3/2013 4:29 PM

As 2013 begins, so too do a number of new laws. California is the most populated state in the U.S., home to more than 37 million people. Governor Jerry Brown enacted three new California gun laws, all effective January 1, 2013.

  1. Long Gun Open Carry Ban – Known as AB 1527, this law strictly prohibits unloaded long guns from being in open carry possession in public areas. This includes shotguns and rifles. This rule is a follow up to 2012’s law that prohibits carrying unloaded handguns in public places (without a concealed weapon permit).
  2. Imitation Firearms – Known as SB 1315, this law is effective in Los Angeles County, providing stricter enforcement than state law pertaining to the sale, manufacture, possession or use of toy guns, BB devices, firearm replicas or any other device that is similar in appearance or color to a real firearm. If said imitation firearm can be perceived by a reasonable person to be a real firearm and the device expels projectiles that are 16 millimeters or less, this law is applicable.
  3. Deer, Archery Season and Concealed Firearms – Known as 1367, this gun law revises the former Fish and Game Code law to authorize a peace officer, either honorably retired or active, or a person who holds a valid concealed carry license to carry a firearm while hunting deer with a bow, but prohibits the person from discharging the weapon at deer.  


There are two new laws that are set to take effect next year in 2014.

  1. Long Gun Registration – AB 809 will require newly purchased long guns to be registered. Some critics claim this new law will violate the Second Amendment by requiring the registration of shotguns and rifles, permitting future government confiscation of firearms.
  2. Firearms Dealer Regulatory Reform – AB 1559 restricts the Department of Justice to charging one fee for every transaction that occurs on the same date and time when taking possession or title to any firearm(s). The law also species the process involving permits for short-barreled rifles that are used in motion pictures.


Last year, California standardized their concealed handgun permit application process, removing the mandate that required applicants to purchase liability insurance before receiving an approved permit. They also restricted the right to open carry unloaded handguns.


Techna Clip offers a wide array of gun belt clips for concealed weapon carry. They also offer gun cleaning cloths, P238 belt clips, Ruger IC9 clips and Sig Sauer gun clips. They strongly recommend each individual confirm local and state rules and regulations regarding concealed weapon permits.

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Some people cite President Obama’s re-election for the recent surge in gun sales; however, is the true culprit the innuendos of the Apocalypse and zombie fears that are stirring worries in the hearts of Americans nationwide?

As television shows bring Zombie Apocalypse fears into homes across America, stirring troubled minds and fueling fear, Washington State reports that gun advocates are citing Black Friday’s surge in gun sales as being directly related to the troublesome worries that zombies may indeed attack.

Interestingly, several ammunition companies have followed suit, introducing zombie cartridges that are designed to be powerful weapons against these brain-dead, potentially diseased human targets.

As zombie-themed merchandise becomes popular this holiday season, so does gun-ownership with an entirely new generation. Suddenly, instead of guns being associated with fathers and grandfathers, Generation X and Y are becoming gun owners, fearful of Apocalypse predictions.

The immense popularity of the hit show “Walking Dead” prophesizes that humans must prepare for this immanent zombie apocalypse and companies, such as REI, are even offering survival training with a zombie twist, gaining intense interest and rapidly selling out within minutes. Their survival class takes an environmental approach to tackling beastly zombies, including touting hydration packs, storm proof matches, a survival knife, tactical flashlight, utility cord, insulated vest, trail shoes, energy foods, mini playing cards, moleskin first aid kit, hand-crank radio, signal mirror and a utilitarian cast-iron skillet.

Colorful ammunition with bloody, oozy zombies on the box is a definite hit and most companies can’t even keep them stocked on the shelves. While zombie memorabilia is hotter than Satan’s left hand (sorry atheists), guns and weapons are the must have season accessory for this holiday season.

Techna Clip offers a wide variety of gun belt clips, specifically designed for popular handgun models, including the Ruger LCP 380 holster, Ruger LC9 gun clip and the SIG P238 gun clip.

Techna Clip knows that zombie memorabilia, even red-hot handgun holsters, is scorching the market and is more sought after than a six-month old eBay Twinkie!

Order holsters now in time for the December holidays, albeit it Human Rights Day, National Ding-a-Ling Day, Bill of Rights Day, National Roast Suckling Pig Day, Mayan Calendar Ends Day, Humbug Day, Festivus, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Card Playing Day or National Bicarbonate of Soda Day. At Techna Clip, we’ve got you covered!

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Gun Sales Increase

12/10/2012 4:22 PM

In the wake of President Obama’s recent election, gun sales have increased by an astounding 18.4-percent, an indicator that the American public is concerned about maintaining and keeping their rights to bear arms and personal weapons.

After President Obama’s first election in 2008, gun sales soared from 11.2 million the following year to 12.7 million. With background checks clearly on the rise, shares in Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. also have recently increased, reinforcing America’s Second Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms, with full force – but not absent from political uncertainty and the potential for injustice.

The unfortunate July 20, 2012, Aurora, Colorado massacre where James Holmes allegedly murdered 12 people and injured 58 while moviegoers watched the midnight premiere of Batman’s latest adventure “The Dark Night Rises,” reignited U.S. gun debates.

While President Obama stated in one of the Presidential Debates this last October that he was a proponent of reintroducing an assault weapons ban, the National Rifle Association and other gun proponents are clearly concerned that this ban may lead to restrictions being imposed upon the Second Amendment and creating a drastic slippery slope effect.

Former President Bill Clinton introduced a ban that severely limited the use of semi-automatic weapons in 1994. This ban expired in 2004 and has not been replaced. Clinton’s ban included weapons with threaded barrels, restrictions on magazines with more than 10 rounds and a pistol grip and bayonet ban.

However, with the country’s vast checks and balances system, President Obama would have to pass any gun restrictions before a Republican majority House of Representatives. Most gun owners fear that assault weapons will be the primary targets of a Democratic campaign to limit gun ownership, which is why some states have seen an increase in these types of weapons selling within the last several months.

Many small business owners who specialize in selling firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies worry about the government’s potential involvement in firearm restrictions, specifically its negative effects on the fragile U.S. economy. In addition, many businesses and hobbyists rely on the firearm industry, whether it is hunting, shooting, target practice, taxidermy, gun accessory companies, scouting and hunting excursion outfitters, ammunition manufacturers and even government licensing jurisdictions. Tourism is also a large component that could potentially be affected, as thousands of hunters converge on Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico each year to take home a coveted prize trophy. Without those valuable revenues, many local economies are bound to be negatively impacted and suffer.

Techna Clip supports gun ownership and the Second Amendment, believing that citizens have the right to bear arms and defend themselves. In doing so, they have created a high-quality line of gun belt clips and holsters, specifically a P238 gun clip, Ruger LC9 belt clip, Ruger 380 holster and the new S&W Bodyguard.

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New LC9 Finish!

11/30/2012 9:34 AM

We are always trying to improve our products and with that being said, we now offer a new sleek finish for our LC9 clips. The new finish is water resistant and has a beautiful even tone, and will not scratch the gun where the two come in contact. All of our clips will be coming with this new finish soon!

New LC9 Finish

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10/20/2012 5:36 PM

Once a hunter has his/her hunting license and/or necessary state permits in order, it’s time for him/her to start scouting prospective hunting areas. Whether looking for a bull elk or waterfowl, scouting helps increase a hunter’s chance of a successful hunt.

Why is scouting a vital part of successful hunting? Simply because it allows hunters to become familiar with hunting grounds, learn animal trails and see what types of animals frequent the area. Hard-core hunters begin scouting before hunting season even opens and continue scouting throughout the year to ensure they ultimately hunt in an area where wildlife frequently abounds.

Many hunters compare scouting to engaging a decisive military campaign. No military strategist recommends going into an area without first investigating and determining a resolute game plan. Additionally, hunters may want to consider leasing hunting rights from private landowners and exploring nearby public land options. Hunters need to understand their prey, where they frequent, terrain they are drawn to and their feeding grounds. For example, does the hunted prefer swamplands, riverbeds or grassy prairies? Does the prey prefer freezing temperatures or flooded areas? Knowing the answers to these questions can make the difference between a hunter coming home empty handed or with a prize trophy.

While equipment is not necessary for scouting, ATVs, 4-wheel-drive trucks, shallow-draft johnboats or long-shaft direct-drive motorboats are worthwhile exploring. A topographical map and binoculars are indispensable, allowing a hunter to view wildlife from afar, while understanding the slopped terrain. A GPS unit allows hunters to easily mark and flag areas where they see wildlife, making it easier to scout on return visits. For hunters with an unlimited budget, renting a small airplane is highly recommended, as surveying land from above provides invaluable information that could otherwise take days, if not weeks, on foot.

Additionally, in today’s high-tech world, many hunters participate in online chat forums, explore migration maps, view area refuges, obtain weather forecasts and monitor local river levels. While not all information online is credible, hunters will learn from reputable sources whom to trust with hunting information and which resources provide the most accurate advice.

Online resources also provide wind maps, monitoring potential wind shifts, which is excellent when hunting large game, aerial maps, road maps and even provide printable logbooks, making it easy for hunters to gather and record accurate data.

Techna Clip offers online information for hunters, including recommendations for gun safety and home protection. Specializing in offering gun belt clips, including LCP gun clip and the Sig Sauer gun clip, they work with customers to create comfortable, concealable holsters for handguns.

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Once someone decides to take up the adrenaline-fueled sport of hunting, he/she needs to become educated on the different types of hunting licenses and permits available. Each state’s Department of Natural Resources regulates this information, as state rules vary for residents and non-residents.

Below are some helpful tips to send hunters along their merry big game way.

  • Hunting Licenses – These are typically divided into several categories, including small game, large game, all game, fishing, migratory and/or game birds and waterfowl. Most states require a specific license for each type of hunting. Some states narrow hunting licenses into even more particular categories; for example Michigan has approximately 150 different licenses just related to hunting.
  • License Application – While many states are streamlining procedures and offer online applications via Internet sites, some states require in-person visits to the Department of Conservation or Natural Resources or that prospective hunters locate a license agent. All states require photo ID and/or a driver’s license when applying for a hunting license and some states require proof of satisfactory completion of a local hunter’s safety course.
  • Weapons – Many states restrict the use of certain weapons when hunting. Additionally, depending upon if someone uses a rifle, bow or muzzleloader, hunting seasons vary by date. Generally, bow-hunting season opens sooner, followed by rifle and then late-season muzzleloader.
  • Special Drawings – Many states offer special drawings. These include specific gender, points for big game and special hunting permits. For example, Washington State has special drawings, where hunters can submit their names for black bear, deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, sheep and turkey. While Washington State offers a deer hunting season, special permits for deer include antlerless deer, buck deer, deer for seniors (age 65 and over), deer for disabled hunters, deer master hunters, deer youth, multi-season deer, quality deer and second deer.
  • Raffles – Many states offer this type of program, which allows hunters to enter for a reasonable price and be selected randomly by a computer. In Washington State, raffles include deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, bighorn sheep and multi-species.
  • Information – Each state-hunting program is operated by a local chapter of the Department of Natural Resources. This information can easily be located online via the Internet or in local telephone books under the government section.

Hunting programs are strictly regulated by area and hunters should consult with state guidelines and regulations to ensure the area they are hunting in is acceptable, within permitted boundaries and open during the season. If not, a permit is invalid and arrest and seizure of firearms is permissible by police, game wardens and park rangers.

Techna Clip is a proponent of gun safety and gun rights. They offer a number of gun belt clip accessories, including the popular LCP 380 holster, Sig Sauer gun clips and affordable, long-lasting, high-quality gun cleaning products.

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A Hunting We Shall Go …

10/14/2012 5:27 PM

As fall’s hunting season descends on several U.S. states, many areas are open to trophy hunts, big game hunts and small game. An exciting, adrenaline fueled rush, hunters look forward to this season annually.

Each state has hunting regulation guides and rules, which are subject to change annually and/or without notice. It is recommended that hunters confirm with each individual state for precise and accurate information.

Below are popular hunting states and some examples of game that are currently in season.

  • Alaska – Residents of this state receive priority over non-resident hunters. Most hunting areas open for fall season in August and September.
  • Colorado – For the 2012 to 2013 hunting season the following types of hunting are permissible with an approved archery permit: deer, elk, plains deer, pronghorn bucks, pronghorn does, moose and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Muzzleloader season includes deer, elk, moose, plains deer and pronghorn antelope. Rifle deer, combined deer and elk and separate limited elk are also permissible. There is an option for rifle late elk, rifle plains deer, rifle late plains deer, rifle pronghorn, rifle moose and black bear.
  • Idaho – Deer season is open a number of different dates from September 15 through December 1. Archery season typically opens earlier. White-tailed deer is open between October 10 and December 9, depending upon the unit and area. Elk season varies by location and zone, however typically runs August through December. Pronghorn antelope controlled hunts are generally open September 25 through October 24. Black bear season varies depending upon the area and typically offers fall, winter, spring and summer hunts.
  • Montana – Antelope season runs between August 15 and November 11, bighorn sheep between September 5 and February 15, bison from November 15 through February 15, black bear between September 15 and November 25, deer and elk between September 1 and November 25, moose between September 15 and November 25, mountain goats between September 15 and November 15 and upland game birds between September 1 and January 1.

Every state offers precise information about permissible hunting areas, what type of weapon can be used during certain time periods and even when hunting with a dog is acceptable. Each state’s Department of Natural Resources regulates this information.

Techna Clip is a prominent of gun safety and hunters’ rights. They offer a number of gun belt clips, gun cleaning clothes and LCP Ruger accessories and strive to provide hunters and gun enthusiasts with the latest tips and helpful information.

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Popular Hunting Areas by State

10/11/2012 5:17 PM

As hunting season across the United States gets into full swing, each individual state has different hunting regulations. Managed by each state’s Department of Natural Resources, popular hunting states include:

  • Alaska – Home to a wide assortment of wildlife, Alaska is popular for bison, black bears, brown bears grizzly bears, caribou, dall sheep, deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, muskox, small game and waterfowl.
  • Colorado – This Rocky Mountain state offers big game hunting, elk, mountain goat, mountain lions, turkey, waterfowl and small game, which include Columbian sharp-tailed grouse, dusky grouse, greater prairie-chicken, greater sage-grouse and mourning dove.
  • Idaho – This remote state offers big game hunting, including deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, black bear, mountain lion and wolf. Their trophy species include moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat. The state also permits geese and duck hunting, including turkey, pheasant, grouse, chukar partridge, gray partridge, quail, rabbits, hares, American crow, falcons, hawks, eagles, owls, sandhill cranes, mourning doves, river otter, badger, beaver, fox, marten, mink, bobcat, muskrat and raccoon.
  • Montana – This Big Sky state is a hunter’s paradise. Featuring a wide variety of hunting, they permit antelope, beaver, bighorn sheep, bison, black bear, bobcat, common snipe, deer, elk, duck, coot, goose, grouse, marten, moose, mourning dove, mountain goat, mountain lion, otter, mink, muskrat, partridge, pheasant, sandhill crane, swan, swift fox, turkey, upland game bird, waterfowl, webless migratory bird, wolf and wolverine.
  • New Mexico – This state’s desert mountain terrain offers elk, wild turkey, deer, pronghorn antelope, band-tailed pigeon, sandhill crane, mule deer, cougar, bear, bighorn sheep, and elk hunting.
  • Utah – Offering a variety of big game, including black bear, cougar, falconry upland game and waterfowl hunting.
  • Washington – This state offers deer, elk, bear, cougar, duck, goose, pheasant, quail, grouse, partridge and dove.
  • Wyoming – This remote state issues permits for hunting bison, elk, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat, mountain lion, sage grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, pheasant, turkey, mourning dove, sandhill crane, waterfowl, cottontail rabbit, snowshoe hare and squirrel.

Most states require draws, permits and special licenses to hunt different species. Many hunters apply for a special trophy permit each year, only to be drawn once in their lifetime. Many states have certified outfitters who can help out-of-state residents locate big game, making for a productive hunting adventure.

Techna Clip offers excellent protection, including LCP Ruger accessories, SIG P238 belt clips and gun cleaning cloths. Carrying a pistol is advisable when on a big hunt, especially in vulnerable wilderness areas.

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A recently released video produced by the city of Houston, Texas has stirred up a lot of controversy. So far, the video which is posted on Youtube, has been viewed over 400,000 times. It is reported that city leaders and company owners across America are asking for permission to use the video to train their personnel.

Though it is definitely a bit depressing to think that society has come to this, it’s probably something we should have discussed right after the Columbine High School massacre of 1999. It’s not just important for adults either; it’s also something we should consider teaching school age children.

The video starts out ominously with eerie music playing as we watch a suspicious-looking man dressed in black, who is carrying a backpack, wearing sunglasses, and heading for a large office building. Inside the building, workers are going about their day in their usual manner and no one seems to notice when the suspicious guy enters the building. Next, he pulls a sawed-off shotgun from the backpack and begins to randomly shoot the workers.

Now we hear the narrator talking about the importance of having a solid plan in place if this should ever happen to you. The narrator outlines the Run, Hide, Fight approach and gives some detail about each plan.

Most of us have realized by now that the world has become a dangerous place and that we must protect ourselves if we are to survive. You can’t always count on the police getting there in time. Of course, this is a hot topic for gun owners and those who support Second Amendment rights. Sadly though, in most of the recent incidents where a shooter began randomly firing into a crowd, witnesses claimed that things happened so quickly within just a few moments, that no one really had time to react or even think about what they should do.

Each of us has a different reaction time, but most of us don’t expect a gunmen to begin firing at us when we are at a local store or theater. The shock of such an event takes time to process and our response time would be pretty slow unless someone in the crowd was in law enforcement.

The video says that if possible, workers should Run—quickly evacuate the building. If leaving is not an option, then they should Hide somewhere safe or barricade themselves inside a room. The last option, Fight, should only be used as a last resort. If there’s no other option, then fight for your life. Many gun advocates believe that if we are better armed and know how to use a weapon, then we have a better chance of surviving a tragedy like the Colorado theater shootings, but it’s hard to say how you would behave in a real shooting.

For those who do regularly carry a weapon, the Techna Clips gun belt clip is an indispensable aid in making it easy, comfortable and convenient to carry a hand gun. There are a variety of popular gun belt clips for many popular handguns. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard clip, the LCP 380 belt clip and the Ruger LC9 clip are just a few and most users are amazed at how quickly they can draw their weapon when necessary. No modifications are required to install gun belt clips. They are quick and easy to install, plus Techna Clip offers a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.  

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With the fall season well on its way, many state officials are now warning motorists to lookout for deer on roadways. Breeding season each year poses an additional risk for motorists because they traditionally move about a lot more when it’s time to find a mate. Every year, deer hunters all over the U.S. look forward to the beginning of deer season. Though it can be an exciting time of year for avid hunters, it does still come with a few dangers.

Each year the risk of hitting a deer on roadways increases from October through January. Deer are usually on the move more at dawn and dusk. Statistics show that the majority of accidents involving automobiles hitting a deer occur in November. Each year over a million motor accidents occur involving deer. Thousands of motorists are injured and about 200 of those die as a result of the crash.

These collisions can cause extensive damage to your vehicle as well. The department of public safety reports that most of the serious injuries and fatalities come as a result of the driver trying to take evasive action.

What to do if You Realize You’re About to Hit a Deer

Officials recommend not swerving if you see a deer in the road unless you’re certain there are no oncoming cars. Also, if you instantly realize that an accident is imminent and are able to swerve out of the way, be cautious of hitting trees and light poles or other objects along the roadside.

While it can be very dangerous to hit a deer going 60 miles an hour, try to remember that most fatalities occur when the driver swerves into oncoming traffic or cranks the wheel too hard and rolls the vehicle. These dangers are far more serious than actually just hitting the deer. Don’t slam on your brakes! Apply your brakes firmly and hold tightly to the steering wheel with both hands. Bring the car to a full stop in a safe location off the shoulder.

What Should You Do About The Dead Deer?

If you are certain that the deer is dead, then carefully remove it from the roadway if possible. Avoid touching the deer. If the creature is still alive, it can knock you down with its powerful legs. Authorities recommend calling 911 and telling them where it’s located and letting them take care of it. You will need to fill out a police report for your auto insurance carrier anyway.

Can you Keep the Deer Meat?

In most states, the answer is no. It’s against the law to claim the deer carcass without a permit. You can, however, ask the police officer for a permit to keep the deer meat if you like, but this up to the discretion of the law enforcement officer.

If you are an avid outdoorsman and own a few weapons, then you’ll love Techna Clips. Techna Clip gun belt clips make it easy, comfortable and convenient to carry a weapon. They make gun belt clips for a variety of popular handguns. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard clip, the LCP 380 belt clip and the Ruger LC9 clip are popular with gun owners. Most users are amazed at how quickly they can draw their weapon and no modifications are required to install gun belt clips. They are quick and easy to put on, plus Techna Clip offers a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.  

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Each year thousands of hunters all over the U.S. look forward to the beginning of hunting season. Though the actual start dates for each type of game can vary from one state to the next, one thing that Conservation Officers are most concerned with is safety.

As hunters by the thousands take to the woods this season, it’s important to first take a brief refresher on gun and hunting safety. This is especially true if you’re going out with new people that may not be experienced or taking a young person with you such as your teenage son. By going over some simple safety tips you can ensure that everyone will have a great time and get home safely.

Deer, rabbits, turkey, waterfowl, and game birds are some of the favorites among many hunters and experts are predicting a great hunting season.  You can minimize your risk of accident and injury by adding a very simple safety course for everyone to your preparation.

First, gather your hunting party in one central location and go over the general details of the trip. Let everyone know you’re serving hot wings and beer and you can be sure of a good turn out. Below are some topics to discuss:

  • Where are you going?
  • What will you be hunting?
  • What types of weapons will everyone be bringing along?
  • Does everyone have their license or other supplies ready?

During your meeting, you might also go over the three “commandments” of safe handling of firearms. These apply whether you are hunting, loading or unloading, cleaning, or showing a weapon to someone.

Commandment #1

Remember to point the muzzle in a safe direction at all times. Statistics show that accidental shootings occur mostly in the home with a victim who is only a few feet away from the shooter. This makes carelessness the primary cause of accidental shooting.

Commandment #2

Always keep your firearms unloaded but never assume that any firearm is unloaded. When a weapon is not in use, be sure to unload it and open the action so everyone can see that it is unloaded. If unsure, check it!

Commandment #3

Make sure that you have positively identified your target and everything beyond it. Never shoot at an object that “appears” to be an animal or bird. If you aren’t 100% sure, then don’t pull the trigger. Avoid shooting at movement in the brush, flashes of color, or any object that might have a structure or roadway behind it.

Today’s hunters enjoy their sport and many hold concealed carry licenses. They understand all the pros and cons of gun safety and take the necessary precautions that can save someone’s life. They also know how bulky and uncomfortable most holsters can be. For law enforcement officers who must carry a weapon 10 hours per day, this is especially true.

Techna Clip gun belt clips make it easy, comfortable and convenient to carry a weapon. They make gun belt clips for a variety of popular handguns. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard clip was released just recently and gun owners are raving about it.  The LCP 380 belt clip and the Ruger LC9 clip are also popular and most users are amazed at how quickly they can get to their weapon when they need it. The great part is that no modifications are required to install these gun belt clips. They are quick and easy to put on, plus Techna Clip offers a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

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SANDS is an organization that many people have not heard of but it is a grassroots program offered through your state’s Game and Parks Commission. The Sportsmen Assisting the Nation’s Disabled Sportsmen was created to help individuals with disabilities to be able to get outside and enjoy the sports they love.

The program helps men, women and children by giving them opportunities to get involved in hunting, fishing, camping, boating or astronomy. The benefits of getting out in the wide open spaces and enjoying a beautiful day with friends are so amazing that a group of sportsmen got together to form SANDS. Their goal is to ensure that all Americans can enjoy a recreational day of hunting, fishing or boating regardless of their physical disabilities.

Every year SANDS works to connect sportsmen with the disabled who wish to get out and go fishing, boating etc. The program simply facilitates that connection between those who are planning an upcoming boating, hunting, camping, astronomy or fishing trip with a disabled individual who would enjoy an exciting day in the great outdoors.

The program is funded by your state, along with hunters and fishermen who believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the sports they love. It’s open even to younger people and is completely voluntary. No one tells you when or where to go. It’s up to the individuals themselves to plan an event and make all the arrangements. It offers those who love sports and can spend some time mentoring a younger or less experienced disabled person a rich opportunity. Mentors who volunteer often say they are the ones who truly benefited by the activity and that the idea of turning someone’s dream into a reality is amazing.

Besides planning the event, hosts may also need to provide minimal support for the disabled individual such as carrying their equipment or helping out if a wheelchair gets stuck in a rut or hole. It can be an unforgettable day of fun for everyone and such a morality boost for those who must live with a disability.

SANDS is affiliated with many state wildlife, game and parks departments as well as sports clubs. The program has a web site where you can go and read up or sign up for an upcoming event. The website also provides education on fishing, hunting, boating and other outdoor sports.

Many of today’s hunters also hold concealed carry licenses and enjoy the convenience of Techna Clip gun belt clips. Now you get a gun belt clip for a variety of popular handguns. Recently, the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard clip was released to excited gun owners everywhere. The LCP gun clip and the Ruger LC9 clip are very popular and users are always amazed at how quickly they can get to the weapon when they need it. Techna Clip offers a 100% money back guarantee and no modifications are required to install the gun belt clips.

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Techna Clip

9/28/2012 10:18 AM

Techna Clip for Ruger LCP

Techna Clip custom designs each clip for a perfect fit against the gun. This allows for a comfortable, concealable way to carry. No bulky holsters needed!

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Wanted to share this news story about a 71-year old concealed carry holder who defended himself and 3 women after being robbed at gunpoint. Good job!

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Remembering 9/11

9/11/2012 10:00 AM


Remembering 9/11 and honoring all those who work hard for the safety, freedom, and liberty we enjoy in this great country. We will never forget how that day changed our country and the world.

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Gun Ranges, Events and Classes

8/18/2012 3:42 AM

Techna Clip offers gun belt clips for handguns. Their gun belt clip inventory includes ICP Ruger accessories, P238 gun clips and Sig Sauer gun clips.

Techna Clip supports advanced gun education and firearm classes. Additionally, they advise handgun and firearm owners to regularly practice firing their weapons in the safety of a gun range. Being fluent with a weapon helps increase gun safety and decreases the likelihood of an unfortunate accident. If someone has a concealed carry permit, he/she should be fluent with the firearm he/she carries. There are a number of gun ranges across the U.S. Shooters can consult with local area National Rifle Association (NRA) chapters, hunting clubs and public military ranges.

Most states sponsor a variety of firearm events and classes. The NRA offers a number of education and training courses throughout the country. Their basic courses include NRA Range Safety Office Course, NRA Home Firearm Safety Course, NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation, NRA FIRST Steps Rifle Orientation, NRA FIRST Steps Shotgun Orientation, NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course, NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course, NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course, NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course, NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home Course, NRA-NMLRA Basic Muzzleloading Pistol Shooting Course, NRA-NMLRA Basic Muzzleloading Rifle Shooting Course, NRA-NMLRA Basic Muzzleloading Shotgun Shooting Course, NRA Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading Course, NRA Basic Shotgun Shell Reloading Course, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminars and the NRA Defensive Pistol Course.

The NRA and other local shooting chapters offer a variety of informative publications related to self-defense, the latest gun reviews, safety information, legislation, accessory reviews and much more.

Some of these articles address home self-defense options. The first choice is generally a shotgun, valued not only for its ability to disarm people within close range, but also instilling fear in the hearts of intruders. The second choice is typically a handgun, which is easier for people to aim and shoot. Since handguns have much less recoil than larger weapons, such as shotguns and rifles, it is easy to defend oneself in a small area due to its size. Handguns typically penetrate walls, but cause far less damage than rifles. Handguns also come in a variety of calibers, including .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .45 GAP, 9mm, .357 Sig and .32 ACP. Additionally, many sites also review important handgun accessories, including tactical lights, extra magazines and handgun safes.

Joining shooting clubs also has the added benefit of members joining to discuss local events and opine their own personal firearm favorites.

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Techna Clip supports the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which states, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

As proponents of the U.S. Constitution and the right to conceal carry, Techna Clip offers a number of gun belt clips, including the P238 belt clip, Sig Sauer gun clip and the Ruger IC9 clip. Techna Clip is also proponents of gun safety, gun education and self-defense.

While each U.S. state defines self-defense, especially in the conceal carry capacity, it is important for people to always properly obtain a concealed weapon permit via individual state requirements.

In general, self-defense laws are defined by the National Rifle Association’s sponsorship of the Castle Doctrine. This law is designed to protect a person’s home, or in some cases, his/her place of work and/or vehicle. When faced with defending his/her life against an intruder, the person has the right to employ deadly force, if faced with imminent deathly peril or seriously bodily injury or harm. Interestingly, this law dates back to English times when rules stated, “An Englishman’s home is his castle.”

There are of course conditions of use, when applied to the Castle Doctrine. Each state’s specific definition of home, attempted retreat requirements and non-deadly resistance are contributing factors to determining if the Castle Doctrine applies to self-defense situations. Typical conditions that may apply include:

  • An intruder attempts to unlawfully enter an occupied residence, vehicle or business.
  • A condition for the Castle Doctrine is that the intruder must be acting illegally.
  • The homeowner/resident must believe that the intruder intends serious bodily harm or death.
  • The homeowner/resident must not be responsible for provoking the intruder to break into the home or have initiated or threatened deadly harm.
  • The homeowner/resident must legally be permitted to occupy the residence, vehicle or business. Additionally, the person must not be a fugitive.

The Castle Doctrine also helps protect someone in a self-defense situation from a civil lawsuit. In absence of this, an intruder could legally sue for disability, pain, medical bills, property damage and suffering from injuries inflicted during the self-defense altercation.

Interestingly, statistics released several years ago have shown that since the Castle Doctrine has been instituted, murders rates have reduced by nine-percent and violent crimes by an astounding 11-percent. However, it is important to note these figures were published prior to the recent Great Recession, which has caused unemployment numbers to soar and crime statistics to thereby increase.  

All citizens should know their self-defense rights and are advised to consult individual state law enforcement agencies.

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Repeatedly, the newspaper and Internet headlines that appear in bold print proclaim that home burglaries are on the rise. Every city has been hit – Detroit, Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, Miami, San Antonio and Denver, to name a few. If you think this only affects metropolitan cities, think again. Today’s home robberies are occurring in broad daylight, in small cities and in rural areas.

As the unemployment rate continues to soar, even President Obama compares today’s current Great Recession to the Great Depression of the 1930’s. More than 80 years ago, as Wall Street took an unfathomable dive, the gangsters of Chicago and New York dominated the streets. During bad economic times, it is no wonder citizens turn to crime. Without a high employment rate, the proverb “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” begins to take on a completely new meaning.

The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that every 15 seconds, a home in the U.S. is broken into. A typical homeowner averages a loss of $2,000, as thieves typically want to gain entry, grab valuable goods and leave the premises as soon as possible. However, many homeowners have damage upwards of this amount, as entry is often gained breaking down doors or shattering windows.

How can you protect your home from wayward burglaries? Consider the following valuable tips:

  • Trim landscaping, including shrubs, trees and bushes, so that the home is visible from the road. This helps detour robbers as they do not favor being out in the open for passersby to witness their break-ins.  
  • Draw shades, close drapes and install window treatments to keep valuable items out of sight. This prevents thieves from “window-shopping” and helps make a home a more difficult target.
  • Homeowners should be careful what they recycle or throw in the trash. Announcing to the world that you just purchased a brand new flat screen TV is not advisable. This is essentially a free advertisement for burglars: “Look at what is valuable in my home.”
  • Keep homes well lit at night and consider installing a motion-sensor light or security system.
  • Consider setting indoor light timers, as this makes robbers think the home is occupied or someone is at home.
  • More than 60-percent of burglars gain entry through ground floor windows and doors. Consider reinforcing these areas by including steel-wrapped wood-core doors or solid wood doors that are not easy to kick in.
  • It is recommended that homeowners, who have windows near doors, install thin Plexiglas over the existing glass. This helps prevent a thief from breaking the window and simply reaching in to unlock the door.
  • Always install deadbolts to outdoor entry doors. This helps detour thieves and makes gaining entry more dubious.
  • Always use common sense! Make sure that windows are closed, locked, the home is securely locked, garage doors remain closed, etc.

Techna Clip offers gun belt clips for people who prefer to conceal carry handguns. They offer several clips, including the IC9 belt clip, P238 belt clip and the Ruger ICP clip. Safety is always Techna Clip’s ultimate priority so detouring burglars is highly advisable!

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Techna Clip specializes in carrying gun belt clips for several handguns, including the ICP 380 belt clip, Sig P238 belt clip and the Ruger IC9 gun clip.

Techna Clip strives to provide their customers with valuable information. This article highlights the best general-purpose handguns for survival-type situations.

  • Sig Sauer P226 – Often carried by the military and police, this 9mm handgun can hold up to 15 rounds of ammunition and weighs a mere 34 ounces when loaded with a full magazine. It is available in both .40 and .357 calibers and retails for approximately $800 to $900.
  • Glock 36 – This ultra compact weapon’s nickname is the “Baby Glock.” Firing a .45 caliber, this weapon packs a dramatic punch. The pistol itself is slim, making it an idea handgun for concealed carry. Weighing only 27 ounces with a full magazine, this lightweight composite handgun sells for approximately $500.
  • Glock 17 – Larger than the Glock 36, this 9mm weapon is popular among law enforcement. Weighing 32 ounces with a fully loaded 17-round magazine, this weapon is ideal for novice shooters. The Glock 17 retails for approximately $440.
  • Springfield XD Service Model – This weapon boasts a beveled magazine to allow for quick 16-round reloadings. At only four inches, this weapon is precise and uses the popular Federal M882 124-grain FMJ ammunition. Average
  • Smith & Wesson .40 M&P – This comfortable weapon has a light recoil and holds 15 rounds of ammunition, making it an extremely popular choice. The Smith & Wesson retails for approximately $600.
  • Taurus Judge – This revolver is capable of shooting both .45 Long Colt and .410 ammunitions. It has a devastating effect up close and is often known as the “snake gun.” Not ideal for concealed carry, this weapon weighs 37 ounces and is nine-and-a-half inches long. It retails for approximately $600.
  • Smith & Wesson Airlite – This .357 Magnum revolver is exceptionally lightweight and perfect for concealed carry. Weighing only 12 ounces when unloaded, its alloy frame and Titanium cylinder make this one of the lightest and strongest handguns on the market. The Airlite holds five rounds and retails for approximately $800.
  • Ruger RedHawk – This .44 Magnum revolver is a powerhouse weapon, capable of handling nearly any type of situation. Ideal for a backup weapon and self-defense, this weapon holds six rounds and retails for approximately $990 to $1,050.


This list is not comprehensive, as weapons are subject to a number of personal tastes and reviews. This list simply highlights popular handguns that dominate the U.S. gun market.

When purchasing a weapon, always consider the feel and weight of the weapon, the recoil and caliber. If someone desires a self-defense handgun, it is important that comfort and accuracy with the weapon be the topmost priority.

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Techna Clip offers a number of gun belt clips for people who have concealed weapon permits. Their specific gun belt clips include the Ruger LC9 belt clip, SIG P238 belt clip and the LCP 380 holster.

Before someone carries a concealed weapon, he/she should check individual state requirements. Every state that allows concealed weapons requires the government to issue a concealed weapons license or permit. Each state’s requirements differ; however, below are some highlights to consider.

  • The following states will only issue to state residents: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
  • The following states will issue to both residents and non-residents alike: Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington.
  • The following states have the authority to issue to residents only (if determined appropriate): Alabama, California, Delaware, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.
  • The following states have the authority to issue to residents and non-residents only: Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.
  • The following states deny all concealed weapon rights: Illinois, American Samoa and North Mariana Islands.
  • Wisconsin will accept Virginia non-resident concealed weapons permits only.
  • Non-residents of South Carolina are required to own property to receive a concealed weapons permit.
  • Additionally, some states have state reciprocity laws. For example, some states will accept another state’s concealed weapon permit. This should be confirmed with each state’s concealed weapon’s licensing department.
  • Some states require background checks and fingerprints be submitted before a concealed weapon’s permit is issued. Other states simply require an application be completed and submitted.

Assumptions about concealed weapons permits laws should never be made. Individuals should check each state’s regulations and requirements. For example, most states consider the following to be general rules when carrying a concealed weapon:

  • A concealed weapon should only be used to protect someone’s life.
  • The person carrying a concealed weapon should know when it is appropriate to use the weapon.
  • If a confrontation can be avoided, always walk or run away.
  • Some states consider openly displaying a weapon to be a form of intimidation.
  • Never let emotions take hold. Always react calmly and rationally.
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In today’s modern world, people wear holster clips to fasten their smart phones to their belts and pockets. If people go to great lengths to protect their phones, it does not take any additional effort to protect a weapon.

Introducing Techna Clip’s convenient gun belt clip … this unique design makes concealing a handgun easier than ever! It not only eliminates extra weight and added bulk, it is also easy to install and requires no handgun modifications. Easily clipped to a belt, waistband, pocket or interior purse pocket, these streamline gun clips are the ideal solution for people who have their concealed weapon permits.

These comfortable belt clips making drawing a weapon simple. Techna Clip sells a number of specific belt clips including the Sig Sauer P238 (right side), Ruger LC9 clip (right side), LCP 380 belt clip (right side) and the 380 Ruger LCP (left side). Additionally, Techna Clip offers gun-cleaning cloths, including metal care gun cloths, silicone gun cloths, LC9 binding post and screw replacement and LCP 380 binding post and screw replacement.

Techna Clip’s gun belt clips are made from high quality heat-treated carbon spring steel and are finished with black oxide. All gun belt clips include a small metal post and screw, which replaces that in the gun. This ensures that the clip is safely attached to the weapon at all times, eliminating accidents and slippage. Techna Clip releases several new gun clip models each year, since each gun clip is specifically designed to accommodate a certain handgun manufacturer and model. The Ruger LCP 380 gun clip is compatible with the Crimson Trace laser, a common accessory for this weapon.

Techna Clip stands behind their product 100-percent. If a customer is not satisfied with his/her purchase, he/she may return the product for a full refund (minus shipping and handling charges) within 30 days of purchase. All products are proudly made in the U.S.A.!

These inexpensive gun clips are designed to safely conceal a weapon, with nothing more than a clip showing. Most people would likely assume the clip belongs to a cell phone or a pocketknife. These gun clips can be installed within a few minutes.

Techna Clip has a loyal customer base. With a number of positive reviews on their website and on social media sites, both men and women prefer this simple, yet effective gun clip. Whether someone is young and just received their concealed weapon’s permit or is older, the gun clips offered by Techna Clip make a great must-have accessory for any handgun owner.

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Techna Clip offers a number of popular gun belt clips, including those specifically designed for the Ruger ICP clip, Sig Sauer belt clip and ICP 360 holsters. As a proponent of gun safety, Techna Clip supports gun education and training.

The National Rifle Association offers a number of educational and training programs for gun users. Whether someone is an experienced gun owner, a prospective gun owner or a hunter desiring advanced training, shooters of all levels of expertise can participate in local gun training.

The National Rifle Association offers a number of local classes, which may include:

  • Training Classes – Ranging from classes that specialize in teaching beginners, intermediate or advanced shooters, the National Rifle Association works with more than 65,000 instructors, 3,800 coaches and 1,700 training counselors to ensure that gun safety measures are proactively taught. Advanced shooters can also receive special training for shooting and rifle competitions that include high school and collegiate, as well as national competitions.
  • Hunting Services – The United States has more than 2.3 million hunters. The National Rifle Association offers a number of programs, including those designed for youth hunters, advanced hunting skills training and even wildlife conservation skills. They believe that humankind should be good land stewards and promote not only safe gun handling practices, but also preserving hunting traditions for further generations. They also offer focused classes that teach young hunters different research techniques and tactical methods.
  • Women’s Programs – The National Rifle Association offers a number of programs designed specifically for women. Whether a woman desires personal safety classes, gun safety, marksmanship lessons, hunting lessons, advanced gun knowledge, competitive shooting classes or recreational shooting lessons, there are a number of programs for all skill levels. They offer the following programs for women:
    • Improve Personal Safety Strategies
    • Learn to Shoot
    • Hunt with the Women of NRA
    • Attend NRA’s Women’s Wilderness Escape
    • Marksmanship Skills
    • Attend NRA’s Women’s Outdoor Adventure
    • Learn NRA’s Gun Safety Rules
    • Find a Place to Shoot
    • Take a NRA Course
    • Explore Competitive Shooting
    • Women’s Scholarships
    • NRA Women’s Network
  • Youth Training – The National Rifle Association works with a number of national youth organizations, helping set up shooting programs, gun safety training and recreational shooting opportunities, as well as competitive shooting events.
  • Gunsmithing – The National Rifle Association offers gunsmithing schools and courses that teach gunsmithing, checkering, bluing, stockmaking, parkerizing and engraving. They also offer courses that specialize in the AR-15 rifle, Cold Model 1911 pistol, English gunsmithing, law enforcement classes and tuning revolvers and long guns.
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Techna Clip: Gun Safety

7/26/2012 4:50 PM

Techna Clip is a proponent of gun safety. While Techna Clip specializes in carrying a variety of gun belt clips, including those designed for Sig Sauer gun clip and Ruger IC9 clip, they strongly believe that all gun owners should fluently practice gun safety.

The National Rife Association publishes fundamental rules for how to safely handle guns. These include:

  1. Always keep guns pointed in a secure direction, away from people. As the most important gun safety rule, a gun should never point at someone in case it accidentally fires. The front end of the weapon should always face the safest direction, which may vary depending upon specific circumstances.
  2. The trigger remains untouched until the weapon is ready to shoot. Whether a gun’s safety is on, it should never be relied upon. Fingers should always remain off the trigger until the shooter is ready to fire the weapon.
  3. Guns should remain unloaded until ready to use. Always engage the weapon’s safety device and if the gun is loaded, remove the bullets and/or magazine, confirming the chamber is also clear.
  4. A shooter should always know his/her surroundings. Not only should the shooter have a clear target, but also he/she should know what lies beyond the target. This means that a shooter should analyze the area, making sure homes and/or people do not lie past the target.
  5. Knowing how to operate a weapon is necessary before shooting a gun. Understanding the weapon’s basic parts, how to open and close the gun’s action and remove all ammunition from the chamber and magazine are necessary security components to proper gun safety.
  6. Confirm the weapon is safe to operate. Some old weapons, or those that have not received regular cleaning and/or maintenance, can easily misfire and are not safe to shoot. If ever in doubt of a weapon’s safety, the owner should take it to a gun expert before shooting the weapon.
  7. The proper ammunition for the weapon should always be used. Most modern weapons have the necessary ammunition stamped on the weapon. Improper ammunition can cause the weapon to explode or misfire.
  8. Eye and ear protection is very important when shooting a weapon. Weapons are extremely loud when fired and ear protection helps limit hearing damage and loss. Weapons also emit hot gas and other debris can that can cause eye injuries.
  9. A shooter who is impaired, either by prescription medications or by alcohol, should never use weapons. Mental impairment, combined with shooting weapons, can result in deadly accidents.
  10. Weapons should be safely stored away from children and unauthorized people. Locking devices are preferable, such as gun safes and storage devices.
  11. Some types of specialized weapons require additional safety precautions.
  12. Weapons should receive regular cleanings in order to ensure proper operation. Weapons should be cleaned before shooting and cleaned afterwards, to prevent moisture and dirt from accumulating.
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Techna Clip for Sig P238

7/17/2012 10:21 AM

Sig P238 with Techna Clip

Techna Clip for the Sig P238 being carried. Our belt clips make it truly comfortable to conceal carry!

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LC9 with Techna Clip

7/9/2012 9:47 AM

LC9 with Techna Clip

The Ruger LC9 is a great choice for concealed carry. Ruger & Company, Inc. announced in August 2011 that their LC9 was named the 2011 Handgun of the Year by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. With Techna Clip, this popular handgun is easier and more comfortable to carry. We offer a right-sided version you can purchase from our "gun belt clips" tab on our website:

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The Basics of Gun Safety

6/21/2012 7:04 PM

Whether someone carries a handgun or is an avid hunter, there are basic universal firearm safety rules that must be cautiously exercised. These include:

  • Never point the muzzle or barrel directly at someone or anything that you are not prepared to shoot.
  • Fingers should remain off the trigger until the gun handler is ready to fire the weapon.
  • Weapons should be unloaded with the action open until a handler is prepared to fire the weapon.
  • All weapons should be treated as if they are presumed to be loaded, as this dramatically reduces unfortunate accidents.
  • The gun’s cylinder or action should be open and the weapon unloaded before passing it to another person.
  • Gun safety rules should be followed and actively practiced before handling a weapon; the handler should understand the weapon’s operation.
  • A gun’s mechanical safety device should never be solely relied upon.
  • Always think twice before shooting as fatal mistakes cannot be undone!
  • Wrestling and playing around are never a good combination when handling a weapon.
  • Alcohol and drugs should never be used when handling a weapon. Additionally, if someone is cold, drowsy or feels impaired, never handle a gun.
  • If someone suffers from sleepwalking, restless sleep or vivid nightmares, it is best not to keep a loaded gun in the nightstand.
  • It is extremely important to wear both ear and eye protection when shooting a weapon. This helps limit risk of flying objects or inhaling inorganic gun cleaning products.
  • Always say something if you witness misuse of a weapon!
  • Before shooting a weapon, consider taking a gun safety course.
  • Always confirm what is behind a target before shooting. Is there a house in the distance? If firing in the air, are you in a flight pattern?
  • Never shoot at water or a hard surface, as ricochets can cause severe, if not fatal injuries.
  • Never shoot across a roadway. Not only is it hazardous, it can kill someone.
  • A weapon should be in good mechanical condition before being fired. Always check a weapon for cracks, uneven wear or erosion. If the weapon does not appear to be in tip-top shape, take it to a gunsmith.
  • If a weapon has an obstructed or partially obstructed barrel, never fire the weapon.
  • If a firearm has been modified, ensure and verify that these modifications do not impede or interfere with the weapon’s safety features.
  • All holsters and gun belt clips should be compatible with the weapon.
  • A firearm should always be secured and never placed within arms’ reach of children. Techna Clip’s form-fitting body hugging gun belt clip is an excellent way to keep a weapon at your side.
  • Never carry a weapon with a round in the chamber unless the weapon has a feature such as an inertial firing pin or an automatic firing-pin block.
  • Avoid carrying a cocked weapon and when de-cocking a weapon, use extreme caution.
  • Always drop the weapon’s magazine instead of unloading the weapon round by round.
  • Do not use a firearm’s scope as a general purpose spotting scope. This often leads to unforeseen accidental hunting injuries.
  • Always confirm that the ammunition and gun are compatible. Never use ammunition that is not recommended by the gun’s manufacturer, especially those that exceed stand pressure specifications.
  • A holster should allow the handler to be able to securely grip his/her weapon.
  • Always store a gun safely, which helps reduce theft and accidental misuse by children.

By following these necessary gun safety rules, you will ensure a safe environment for you and those around you.

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Gun Care and Cleaning Guide

6/18/2012 6:58 PM

Handguns and pistols are expensive, often considered an investment by purchasers and gun owners. In order to preserve the investment, gun owners need to be familiar with how to properly care for and clean their weapons.

Regular gun maintenance helps handguns properly function and accurately perform. When cleaning a gun, the gun’s handler must always:

  1. Point a gun in a safe direction, never at someone!
  2. Never attempt to clean a loaded gun. Check, double check and confirm the weapon is unloaded before cleaning.
  3. Keep fingers away from the trigger. Fingers should only meet the trigger, if the gun handler is prepared to fire the weapon.
  4. Someone should have complete and total awareness of his/her surroundings when handling a firearm.

Some gun owners religiously clean their weapons after using or handling them. However, the best rule is that a gun should be cleaned after every dozen rounds fired. Every time a gun fires, powder residue is deposited into the barrel. Over time, ammunition also leaves minute metal deposits in the barrel. Moisture can easily collect in guns, which is why weapons should be kept in more controlled temperatures – meaning not exposed to extreme heat and cold within the same day. Rust can begin to form in as little as 24 hours, which is why guns should be thoroughly dried after each use, whether the weapon has been fired or simply stored in compromising conditions.

New guns arrive in stores with a protective oil coating, which should be removed before the gun is fired. If the coating is not removed, it will increase debris and dust, causing them to stick to the oil.

Gun cleaning kits are an excellent investment. Often, this includes a rod that is fitted with a wire brush, gun cleaning cloths, gun oil and solvent. The best method to clean a gun is as follows:

  1. Soak a piece of clean cloth in solvent or lubricant, pushing it through the gun’s barrel. This helps wet the bore and remove powder residue. It is important this process be repeated until the cloth is no longer black and all residue has been removed.
  2. The solvent should be allowed to sit for between five to 10 minutes before it is removed with clean cloths. Protect the scopes while cleaning the weapon, as these should not be exposed to solvent or oil.
  3. A wire brush should be pushed through the barrel and out the muzzle. This should be followed by more clean cloths through the weapon. Use both wet and dry cloths to ensure the weapon does not have any moisture.
  4. Once the cloths are clean, remove the bore guide and swab the gun’s chamber to remove excess solvent and dirt.
  5. The bolt lug should be cleaned. A toothbrush or small cleaning brush is often helpful removing excess debris.
  6. Finally, a small amount of gun oil should be applied to each bolt lugs. The trigger mechanism should never be lubricated.

Additionally, safely storing handguns, especially in gun belt clips is an excellent way to detract future dirt and debris, though this should never serve as a substitute for cleaning a weapon. Techna Clip offers an assortment of gun accessories, including gun cleaning cloths.

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Concealed Weapons Permit

6/15/2012 6:47 PM

In the U.S., state laws vary about carrying concealed weapons. Several states require concealed weapons permits. They include: Alabama, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Hawaii, Missouri, New Jersey, Montana, Guam, North Dakota, Idaho, Kansas and the Virgin Islands.

Additionally, most states require some type of weapon carrying identification card. These include Arizona Concealed Carry Permit, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Las Vegas Nevada, New Hampshire Non-Resident, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Virginia Non-Resident, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Other states have interesting laws. Consider the following:

  • The following states will only issue concealed weapons to residents: Wyoming, Alaska, Wisconsin, Arkansas, West Virginia, Colorado, Vermont, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, South Dakota, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Mississippi, New Mexico, Missouri and Montana.
  • The following states will issue to both residents and non-residents alike: Arizona, Washington, Florida, Virginia, Idaho, Utah, Indiana, Texas, Iowa, South Carolina, Maine, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Oregon, New Hampshire and North Dakota.
  • The following states have the option of issuing to residents only (meaning that the government has full discretion who does or does not receive a permit, even if all applicable licensing requirements are met satisfactorily): Alabama, District of Columbia, California, Virgin Islands, Delaware, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam.
  • The following states may issue to residents and non-residents alike: Connecticut, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
  • The following states do not allow concealed weapon permits and handgun carrying rights are denied: Illinois, North Mariana Islands and American Samoa.

Additionally, some states offer reciprocity, meaning that one state’s carrying permit is valid in another state’s jurisdiction.

Once someone determines his/her state of residency (or non-residency if applicable), it is important to follow these steps to obtain a concealed weapons permit:

  1. Research each state’s issuing authority. This information is typically available online via state government websites.
  2. Some states require a firearm safety course before issuing a concealed weapons permit. Locate authorized safety course experts, if necessary.
  3. If someone lives in a “may issue” state, it is important to provide the required and necessary explanation to obtain a proper license.
  4. Each state’s government requires a detailed application and required fees, in addition to possible photos, fingerprints and a background check.
  5. Consider qualifying as a state resident, as fees are typically lower.
  6. Always renew a permit before its expiration date, as some states require an expired license not be renewed until a new gun course is satisfactorily completed.

Most importantly, people that desire to carry a concealed weapon should be comfortable with their holster or clip of choice. Techna Clip offers several gun belt clips for a variety of weapons, including the popular Ruger IC9 Gun Clip and LCP clips.

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Bodyguard 380 with Techna Clip

Our clip for the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard is currently in production and should be available in July! If you would like to be notified as soon as it's available, please fill out the contact form in the provided link.


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What is a Techna Clip?

6/12/2012 9:52 AM

A Techna Clip is the modern solution to carrying a concealed handgun. No longer are bulky leather holsters the only wearable weapon accessory. Today’s modern gun belt clips are sleek, comfortable and barely visible.

Traditional gun belt clips were uncomfortable, bulky and bear a prominent outline under clothing. They essentially made the term “concealed weapon” a contradictory statement– there was nothing easily concealable about these traditional holsters. Often times, many people leave their holsters and weapons behind, especially if they are going out and wearing clothes that cannot afford extra bulk.

Techna Clip is designed to make handguns easily accessible – a requirement for those who carry concealed weapons. Not only does Techna Clip guarantee their product, but also they stand behind it 100%. They guarantee their gun clip not only is more comfortable than a traditional holster, they have an innovative design that makes a quick draw something fast and easy. Fumbling around to pull a handgun from a holster will never cost valuable, precious seconds again. Instead, those that carry concealed weapons, including police personnel and government officials can be guaranteed the vital life saving seconds they need.

 Techna Clip is extremely durable, boasting heat-treated high carbon steel. It is featured in a black oxide finish, making sure it is easily concealable and comfortable. Techna Clip is easy to install – simply insert a small metal post and screw into a currently existing screw on the weapon. No gunsmiths or gun experts are required to install this precious accessory.

Compatible with a number of gun models, Techna Clip currently offers models that are specifically designed to accommodate the following guns: Sig Sauer P238, LC9 Ruger, 380 Ruger LCP (right side), 380 Ruger LCP clip (left side) and are currently working on developing gun clips for several additional guns.

Techna Clip also features online installation videos and ensures that belt clips are compatible with Crimson Trace lasers. With all their products made in the United States, Techna Clip supports American industry and the right for consumers to carry concealed weapon permits (for those that indeed have a state concealed weapon’s license).

Techna Clip also accepts dealer inquiries – those companies that are interested need only to fill out a simple online email and an authorized Techna Clip representative will be in touch shortly to provide information and administer company intake questionnaires.

Techna Clip also offers metal care gun clothes, ensuring that weapons are in the ultimate tip-top shape. They also offer alternative silicone gun cloths, as well as binding post and screw replacement.

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Even though we just shared a picture of the Ruger LCP with Techna Clip, this one is worth posting as well. One of our customers had their gunsmith modify a Hogue grip to be used with the Ruger LCP, Techna Clip, and Crimson Trace laser. It turned out great!



LCP with Techna Clip, Hogue Grip, and Crimson Trace

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Techna Clip for the Ruger LCP

5/31/2012 12:13 PM

The Ruger LCP works great with both a Techna Clip and Crimson Trace Laser. There are no compatibility issues, so you can use both accessories easily. We offer both right-sided and left-sided clips for this popular Ruger handgun.




LCP with a Techna Clip and Crimson Trace Laser

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Another news story about a person defending himself. After being shot in the back of the head by his passenger, the cab driver returned fire and killed the assailant. We wish the cab driver a speedy recovery and thank him and everyone else who carries in order to protect themselves and others.

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Oklahoma is now an open-carry state! They join 24 other states already allowing open-carry (some of those states require a permit to do so). Techna Clip gun belt clips work great to comfortably conceal or open-carry!

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Conceal Carry All Year Long!

5/7/2012 11:54 AM

With much of the South already in the 80's and summer fast approaching, it's a perfect time to use Techna Clip! Bulky holsters are hot, uncomfortable, and hard to conceal with light-weight clothing. Our belt clips are virtually weightless and add no bulk! Techna Clip allows you to comfortably conceal carry no matter the time of year!


Techna Clip

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Wanted to share this news story about a concealed carry holder who prevented further violence. He was prepared at the right time to stop the attacker. A big thank you to this gentlemen and all those out there willing to do likewise!

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We are excited to announce the latest product from Techna Clip!

TheSig P238 belt clip is currently available with a black finish for the right-side.


Since its debut in 2009, the Sig Sauer P238 handgun has been popular among Concealed Carry Holders. With a length of just 5.5 inches, a height of just less than 4 inches, and weighing just 15.2 ounces, the Sig Sauer P238 is a small but powerful concealed pistol. This mini 1911 pistol works great with our belt clip to make it even more comfortable to conceal carry.

Sig P238 with Techna Clip           Sig P238 with Techna Clip

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Bodyguard Clip Coming Soon

4/4/2012 10:13 AM

With the enormous spike in concealed carry permits, one of the most desired selection of guns on market today are the small light weight carry pistols in the .380 caliber. Smith & Wesson the first on the .380 market with their Sigma SW380 was ahead of the times in 1995 and soon became short lived. Since then, pistols chambered in the .380 caliber have stormed the market and have become a rising favorite among Concealed Carry Holders because of their small light weight sizes. These small pistols benefit Carry Holders by reducing bulk, weight and thus making it easier to conceal the gun. With less bulk and weight the pistol are more realistic to carry in this busy active world. Smith & Wesson has once again joined the ranks and with their new .380 pistol called the Bodyguard. The Bodyguard has grown in popularity over the past year and so have the requests for us to create a Belt Clip the Bodyguard. Techna Clip would like to introduce a new Belt Clip for the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard. We are anticipating the release of the Bodyguard clip in June.


Bodyguard Belt Clip

Bodyguard Belt Clip

Bodyguard Belt Clip

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Dear Customer,

The Techna Clip for the LC9 and Left Handed Clip for the Ruger LCP is NOW AVAILABLE while supplies last. Thank you for patience and support.

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Clip Updates

3/1/2012 7:28 AM

We know that many of you are anticipating the release of the new Techna Clip for the Ruger LC9. The LC9 clips are currently being heat treated and should be available next week or the begin of  following week.  

The Techna Clip for the Sig P238 is being sent to be plated and heat treated early next week. We are also waiting for another component of the clip to arrive; we anticipate this to come in next week.

The Left-Side clip for the Ruger LCP was sent to be heat treated and plated earlier this week; we expect to see back in a few weeks.

Please understand that theses release dates are only estimates and that if our shops encounter a problem that the release date may be pushed back. Thanks Techna Clip

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We're excited for the release of our new carry clip for the Sig P238. The clip is scheduled to be released the end of February or first part of March 2012. If you would like to reserve a clip for your Sig P238  click on the Clip Request tab, once you are there you can fill out your contact info so that we can notify you when it's available. The clip will be available in back or stainless steel.

The Techna Clip for the Ruger LC9 is scheduled to be released the same time as the Sig clip or even sooner.

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We're asked quit often if our clips are interchangeable with the left side and
right side of the gun and vice versa? Our clips are side specific and so be
sure to order a clip for the side that you'll need. If you have a clip for the
right side and you want it to fit on the left side you'll need to order a left
clip, a right clip will not work. This is because of how the clip
attaches to the gun, and other factors like the eternal safety and slide lock.

Techna Clip for Ruger LCP
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Techna Clip

Welcome to the new Techna Clip website!

We have integrated our site with Facebook, this will give the visitors of our site a place to go and communicate with others who share the same interest. You can “Like” our Facebook page by clicking the “Like” button in the Facebook box.

The Techna Clip for the Ruger LCP and the Sig P238 are very close to being completed they should be available to general public the February or March, 2012.

Many of you have asked if we will be creating a clip for the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard? The answer is yes. We started the clip a few months ago and are scheduled to release it sometime in March, 2012.

We also are excited to announce that we will be creating a carry clip for all the Glock models, we currently do not have a release date. Please check the Blog or our Facebook page for further updates regarding the release of these clips.

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Sig P238 Update

12/8/2011 12:28 AM

Customers, we are pleased to announce that Techna Clip for the Sig P238 is nearing completion and should be available towards the end of February 2012. Thank you for your patience and your support!

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New! LC9 Belt Clip

11/21/2011 5:24 AM

We would like to thank those that stopped by our booth at the Salt Lake City Gun Show last weekend. At the show, we introduced the highly anticipated Techna Clip for the Ruger LC9. Gun enthusiasts ranted and raved over the new clip and look forward to the release of the LC9 Belt Clip in February 2012. It is no small wonder that people are excited about this announcement. Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced in August 2011 that their LC9 was named the 2011 Handgun of the Year by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. Techna Clip anticipates high demand for the LC9 Techna Clip once it is released. The Ruger LC9 design is optimized for concealed carry use. All of the gun’s edges are smooth “melted” to make it easier to conceal, carry, and draw. With a Techna Clip installed, we are confident that concealed carriers will never leave home without their Techna Clipped LC9, and we encourage all of our customers to reserve their LC9 Techna Clip now!

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Ruger LCP 380 With Crimson Trace Laser

We get a lot of people asking if the TechnaClip for the Ruger LCP is compatible when a Crimson Trace Laser is installed on the gun. Here is a Ruger LCP 380 with a Crimson Trace Laser and a Techna Clip installed simultaneously. As you can see, there are absolutely no compatibility issues. We have received no complaints, or have needed to correct any design problems with the current setup. If you have thought about installing a Techna Clip on your Ruger LCP 380 but are nervous about possible compatibility issues, rest assured that you will be fully satisfied with LCP 380 Techna Clip. Your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed!

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The Sig P238 Techna Clip turned out great! We made a few minor design changes to the clip to help it compliment the design of the P238, so the clip and the gun look really good together. The section of the clip that secures the gun to your person has also been changed. It previously angled up toward the slide from the grip plate as seen in the pictures that were posted. Now, the clip runs parallel with the slide. We are still on track to release the Sig P238 Belt Clips in late November 2011.
Click Here to add your name to our Pre Order List.

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Here is a quick look at the new Sig P238 Techna Clip. The clip is on track to be released in early February 2012. This, of course, depends on the production shop. If we do not experience any hiccups during production, we are on track. A few minor adjustments have been made to the design since these pictures were taken.
Drop us a line and let us know what you think! Leave a comment, use the Contact Us page, or call us directly at (801) 216-4790.



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A new shipment of Ruger LCP Techna Clips has just come in. Supplies are selling fast, so get yours NOW while they last! If you miss out on this shipment, more will be available soon. As always, thank you for patience.

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New Techna Clip

7/27/2011 9:42 PM

Dear Customer, The Techna Clip for the Ruger LCP is now available while supplies last. We appreciate you patience and you interest in our products. We have recently started working on a left hand version for the LCP, the clip which should be out February of next year. We are also currently working a Techna Clip for the Sig P238 which should be out in February as well.

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Clips and Manufacturers

7/21/2011 5:44 AM

Early next week, all available Techna Clip models will be available for purchase on our website. Please understand that we have no control over the date the clips actual become available for shipment from the manufacturer after they are purchased. An estimated shipping date will be given to you at the time of purchase, but this date is only an estimate and is not set in stone. The final release date has been pushed several times back due to issues the manufacture encountered during the production process. Once these issues are finally resolved, we will be able to easily keep up with demand, which means — no more waiting. We can still produce clips with these issues, but the actual production rate will be slower than is desirable. After talking with the manufacture and seeing where they have made improvements to the production process, we are confident the Techna Clips will be ready for shipment next week.
Did you experience any problems? Please leave a comment below.

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Clip Update

7/3/2011 5:45 AM

Finally! More Techna Clips should be ready and available for purchase and shipment sometime next week. We are currently waiting for them to get back from being heat-treated and coated. We'll send out an e-mail as soon as they become available. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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